Glam Football Dessert Cart To Kick Off The NFL Season


Journalist, sports fan and blogger, Candie Anderson has the scoop on how she created a glam gold football dessert cart just in time for NFL kickoff! Learn how you can create your own!
Journalist, sports fan and blogger, Candie Anderson has the scoop on how she created a glam gold football dessert cart just in time for NFL kickoff! Learn how you can create your own!



Have you thought about purchasing a bar cart but aren’t sure you’d actually use it? I’ve long been a fan of bar carts, and finally purchased mine nearly three years ago. I have never regretted my purchase, in fact it’s sparked a newfound creativity I didn’t know I had! I love decorating mine for every holiday and event – from the Masters Golf Tournament to the Kentucky Derby, the Super Bowl, fall, Christmas and more! With the NFL 100th season kicking off today, I knew I wanted to do a feminine dessert cart to kick off football season!

I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan for life, and while I know the Packers are one of their biggest rivals, I’m rooting for them to beat the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football! A few years ago a local television station from Chicago contacted me after they found a picture of my dog Fred in my brother’s Brett Favre jersey.  They wanted to use it for a friendly competition they were having! Fred was going up against a cute cat in a Chicago Bears jersey! We all know Chicagoans love their Bears and believe it or not, Fred won by one point in the last few seconds! Tonight, Fred and I are Packers fans, but the rest of the year we bleed blue and silver!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I absolutely love sports! I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some of the greatest athletes ever – from NFL Hall of Famers Mike Haynes and Deacon Jones to gold medal winning Olympians Summer Sanders, Jamie Anderson, Julie Foudy and that’s just the beginning. I love home decor items and decorating in blush pink as much as I love sports, so I had to go with a ladylike football theme! 

Today, I’m excited to dish on my girly glam blush pink and gold football dessert cart! It was a fun project for my mom and I to work on. In the “bloopers” at the bottom of the post, you’ll see how much my Weimaraner Fred wanted to be a part of our dessert cart theme!



Lifestyle expert Candie Anderson has the scoop on how she created her glam gold football dessert cart in time for the NFL season.



How To Decorate A Glam Fall Dessert Cart


Lifestyle expert and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the blog Candie Anderson has the scoop on how to decorate a glam blush pink and gold football dessert cart with delicious homemade caramel apples and chocolate covered football shape sugar cookies.



Gold Bar Cart

Nothing says glam quite like a pretty gold bar cart. There are so many different styles to choose from! I love my two tier bar cart, but sometimes I wish I had a three tier cart, so I could fill more decor items on it. All in all, I absolutely love this bar cart and thankful I bought this faux bamboo cart! It’s vintage inspired, has glass shelves and is perfect for holding drinks, appetizers, desserts, home decor items or beauty products! There are so many options.

Here are a few of my favorite gold bar carts. If there’s a cart you like, all you have to do is click on the corresponding image and it will take you directly to the retailer!




Football Decor Items


Lifestyle expert, Candie Anderson has the scoop on how she decorated her glam gold bar cart with football inspired decor!



I bought my rustic football banner on Etsy. I love it! It’s so cute and it’s so versatile that I can use it at the beginning of football season, Thanksgiving (go Cowboys!), college football, the NFL playoffs and even the Super Bowl.

Anthropologie used to carry these glam ivory and gold trophy measuring cups which I now incorporate into all my sports bar cart/dessert cart themes!

My trusty wishbone is a must! I love my gold wishbone. I bought it years ago because my grandpa used to save the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey for my brother and I. That was the highlight of Turkey Day for us! 😉 Can anyone else relate? My grandpa and I used to watch football games together from time to time, so this wishbone was the perfect addition.



Lifestyle expert, journalist and blogger Candie Anderson has the scoop on how to decorate your bar cart with desserts for football tailgate season, kickoff, and Super Bowl.



Shop My Favorite Football Inspired Decor



Football Inspired Plates, Napkins, Straws Are A Must For My Football Dessert Cart

Lifestyle expert, sports blogger and journalist Candie Anderson has the scoop on how to decorate her football dessert cart.


I love to buy plates, napkins, and straws that match my bar cart/dessert cart theme! I was so happy when I stumbled on those fun plastic straws. Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I absolutely adore them! They’re fairly heavy and fell over quite a bit, so I had to put them in a heavier football cup so they didn’t fall over!

I placed the homemade caramel apples my mom and I made on the small dessert plates! They’re the perfect size.

I bought a plastic football tray years ago which would be great filled with chips, if you were doing a chip and dip bar or with cupcakes! I filled it with homemade sugar cookies which were frosted to look like footballs.

Here are a few football inspired utensils and plates that are perfect for game day or tailgate season!


Homemade Desserts

Lifestyle expert and journalist Candie Anderson shares her cute football shape sugar cookies and homemade caramel apples on her football tailgate inspired bar cart/dessert cart.


Lifestyle expert, journalist and blogger Candie Anderson has the scoop on the delicious caramel apples she and her mom made for her football dessert cart.


I planned on creating this dessert cart on Monday, but things didn’t go according to plan! Making homemade caramel is a lot of work, so I started looking for ways I could corners. I found a slow cooker recipe that stated all you have to do is put a can of sweetened condensed milk in a crockpot for eight hours. I did that, and while the caramel tasted absolutely amazing, the consistency does not work for caramel apples. It was a mess! With that being said, we made caramel on the stovetop yesterday. My mom and I took turns stirring because it takes at least 45 minutes to prepare! The caramel apples turned out gorgeous.

We also made sugar cookies with a pre-made sugar cookie mix. I bought a football cookie cutter set years ago which includes a jersey, helmet, a number one and football. We decided to just use the football cookie cutter, decorated them with chocolate frosting and used white thin frosting for the laces. They turned out so cute!


Lifestyle expert, foodie, blogger and sports fan Candie Anderson has the scoop on how she created these cute football shaped sugar cookies which she frosted with chocolate and white frosting.


The Best Football Cookie Cutters


Glam Accessories


Lifestyle expert, journalist, home decor and sports fan Candie Anderson has the scoop on how she created her blush pink and gold football dessert cart to kick off the NFL season. This cart will be perfect the entire season! You'll love it for the playoffs, NCAA football, and the NFL Super Bowl. Season 100 is going to be amazing!


As I mentioned above, I love sports, but I also love feminine glam gold decor! My gold bar cart is the perfect display piece. I adorned it with brand new my blush pink lacquered tray with gold handles. I love this tray! I’ve used it so much since I bought it for my vintage chic coffee bar a few weeks ago. Today, I set my favorite white and gold honeycomb vase on top of it. I filled it with pretty homegrown RoseCandi dahlias and roses. Last but definitely not least, I filled it with paper cups, straws, and my clear gold flamingo pitcher! Since this is a kid-friendly dessert cart and it is during the middle of the week, I put lemonade in it. You can fill it with your favorite alcoholic beverage if you’d like! My personal favorite is this cotton candy punch.


Blush Pink and Gold Glam Accessories



Lifestyle expert, blogger and journalist Candie Anderson has the scoop on how to create a fun and festive football dessert cart with party decor and glam accessories.



My Dog Fred Loves His Football Dessert Cart!

Here are a few bloopers or outtakes of Mr. Fred licking his lips at our glam football dessert cart! He is the cutest ever, but there’s no way I’m sharing my dessert. Sorry, Fred! 😉


My dog, Fred was eyeing my glam gold bar cart which was decorated with desserts for the NFL football season.



Blogger Candie Anderson's Weimaraner Fred is checking out the glam gold dessert cart for NFL football season.


Lifestyle expert, journalist and sports fan Candie Anderson has a dog named Fred who loves checking out her football inspired dessert cart.




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