Journalist, blogger and fur-mom Candace Rose Anderson of the blog Candie Anderson has the scoop on the top health tips, trends and gift ideas for dogs, cats and pet owners in general.

As a dog-mom, cat-mom, and now a duck-mom, Candace knows the ins and outs of everything pet related! She has conducted countless interviews with the top veterinarians in the country, and shares their wealth of information. What sets her blog apart from others is she doesn’t just share health related tips without going to her trusted resources. Instead of telling you about how scary it was when her dog almost died from bloat, she contacted one of the most trusted veterinarians in the country who discussed prevention tips, treatment options and a preventative surgery.

You won’t just find health related tips in the pet section, Candace recently discussed her passion for pet adoption, interviewed Tuna Melts My Heart, and shared gift ideas for dog moms.

Candie Anderson