How To Style Your Bar Cart For St. Patrick’s Day

Candie Anderson shares simple tips on how to decorate your bar cart for St. Patrick's Day.
Candie Anderson shares simple tips on how to decorate your bar cart for St. Patrick’s Day.


One of the resolutions I set on January 1, 2018 was to make time to be creative. Over the years I feel like this is something I’ve lost. I have been rebranding my site, going through old posts from 2009 and 2010, and couldn’t believe how much I was creating back then! I shared photography, gardening, quotes, holiday decor and my pets. I can’t tell you joyful it made me looking through everything! I feel like I relearned so much about myself, my family and how much I enjoy decorating for the holidays and sporting events. In February, I shared photos of my Valentine’s Day bar cart. I loved it so much that I’m going to try my best to decorate my lovely cart for every season and holiday! With St. Patrick’s Day a little over a week away, I’m excited to share tips on how you can decorate your St. Patrick’s Day bar cart!

One of the things I’ve loved most about decorating my bar cart is getting my mom involved. She loves baking, so we’ve been collaborating. She makes the desserts while I decorate. She even let me use one of her beautiful jadeite vases.

When it comes to decorating a bar cart, I love incorporating fresh flowers (if possible), trendy glassware, desserts, fun decor items and a great banner. I bought a cute burlap banner with four leaf clovers a few weeks ago, and absolutely adore it! With it being St. Patrick’s Day inspired, I tried incorporating as much green as possible. I couldn’t neglect my love and adoration for millennial pink, though!


I love experimenting with different decor items! Can you tell I love the color gold? ūüėČ

Candie Anderson decorated her St. Patrick's Day bar cart with a four leaf shamrock burlap banner, glasses, fresh ranunculus, a West Elm gold lacquer tray and cupcakes!


Can you believe this Shamrock burlap banner is less than $10? I absolutely love it!

Closeup of Candie Anderson's shamrock burlap banner for St. Patrick's Day


A St. Patrick’s Day Banner Is A Must!

When shopping for banners and garlands, I tend to shop Amazon and Etsy. Not only are their banners cute and affordable, they’re unique! Amazon had quite a few St. Patrick’s Day banners to choose from, but I went with a burlap four leaf clover banner. It was so affordable, and makes the perfect rustic glam statement! I knew I wanted to incorporate fresh flowers in a vintage inspired vase, so this fit the look I was going for.

If you’re shopping for a new St. Paddy’s Day banner, you’re in luck! Today, I’m sharing a few favorites you will love. Not only are the perfect for bar carts, but they will look great on your back patio at your party on March 17th, hanging from your mantel, in your office and more.


BESTOYARD Shamrock Burlap Banners St Patricks Day Banner st. patricks day bar cart
Shamrock Burlap Banner


Shop St. Patrick’s Day Banners



Candie Anderson's antique gold bar cart adorned with a Shamrock burlap banner and pink Italian ranunculus.


Trendy Antique Gold Bar Carts

I had this gorgeous iron bar cart in antique gold on my wishlist (and featured in my chic bar cart post) for nearly three years. I finally bought it and I’m obsessed! It reminds me so much of the vintage bar cart/tea cart my aunt has had (and I’ve been coveting) for years. One of the things I love about this bar cart is that it has rollers, so I can roll it into different rooms when entertaining guests. It’s great to serve appetizers on or you can fill it with signature drinks.

I found the Dessau Home iron bar cart in antique gold for 15% off (or free shipping) for the time being. I also found the Constantine bar cart (same bar cart/different name) in silver, but it isn’t on sale there. I made sure and featured this bar cart (and a few others!) in the Shop The Post widget below in case you’re interested.

Bar carts are not only great for storing your favorite drinks, but are a must for desserts, a hot cocoa bar, Sunday brunch, storing hair supplies, beauty products and more.


Dessau Home Iron Bamboo Bar Cart with Wheels in Antique Gold Finish st patricks day bar cart
Dessau Home Iron Bamboo Bar Cart with Wheels in Antique Gold Finish


Here are a few gorgeous antique gold bar carts to choose from in a variety of prices.

Shop Antique Gold Bar Carts


A closeup of lifestyle expert Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson shares a closeup of her antique gold bar cart by Dessau Home.


Obsessed With Decorating With Fresh Flowers

My mom and I have a flower farm here in Northern California called RoseCandi Flower Farm. We grow David Austin roses, English roses, dahlias and hydrangeas. Unfortunately we don’t have many flowers to choose from during these chilly winter months – just a few daffodils and tulips that we plant in honor of my grandma. I don’t cut those, I leave them in her garden so she has something pretty to look at from heaven. ūüôā

This weekend we found the prettiest pink Italian Cloony ranunculus at Trader Joe’s. I have always loved them in photos I’ve seen on the Internet, but believe it or not, these are the first pink and green ranunculus I’ve ever had. I love using fresh flowers in all of my posts if possible, and with them being pink and green, I thought they were perfect for St. Paddy’s Day!

Candace Rose of the website Candie Anderson shares images of her pink Italian Cloony ranunculus.


It doesn’t get much better than these pink Italian Cloony ranunculus! I’m beyond obsessed.

Millennial pink Italian ranunculus.


And one of more photo, because I’m so in love with these pretty ranunculus!

Pretty in pink Italian Cloony ranunculus in a vintage jadeite vase.


If fresh flowers are hard to come by, you can always use fake flowers. It can be hard to find fake flowers that look lifelike, without spending a little more. Pottery Barn has tons of pretty fake flowers to choose from! They have faux roses, Monique Lhuillier faux peonies and more!

Shop Faux Flowers For Spring



Cute Cake Stands For Desserts


Shamrock sugar cookies covered in green fondant on a white and gold polka dot cake stand.



Cute St. Patrick's Day inspired cookies on a white and gold polka dot cake stand and Champagne please bar cart bell.


As someone who loves cookies, cakes, pies and nearly every dessert on the planet, I thoroughly enjoy featuring cute desserts on my bar cart! Not only is it fun to decorate my cart with sweets, it’s also a great way to try new things like using fondant, cookie cutters, fun cupcake liners, delicious icings and more.

I bought a pretty gold and white polka dot cake stand during the Shopbop Sale last week. I absolutely adore it! We adorned it with green frosted cupcakes and fondant covered shamrock shape cookies this time, but plan on making a cake for Easter! This cake stand will definitely come in handy for family bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, weekend brunch with friends and more.

Since I adore cake stands so much, today, I’m sharing a few that are not only perfect for your bar cart, but will look great on your dining table, birthday parties, family celebrations etc.

8 Oak Lane Dot Cake Stand Gold White Polka Dot
8 Oak Lane Dot Cake Stand Gold White Polka Dot


Shop Cute Cake Stands


Fab Pitchers For Signature Drinks

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years interviewing renowned chefs and lifestyle experts, it’s the importance of having a signature drink or signature cocktail to share with your guests as they walk in the door! I’ve shared tons of drinks in my Food and Drink section on the blog, and there are also tons to choose from on the Internet. I’ve shared many from the top chefs and food bloggers on this Pinterest board.

Once you have the recipe picked out, you want a great pitcher to pour the drinks (or have your guests pour)! I bought a flamingo pitcher and highball glass set last year, and can’t get enough of it. Sadly it sold out, but there are quite a few to choose from on the Internet! I shared a few below that you’ll like!


Shop Chic Pitchers For Signature Drinks


Closeup photo of Candie Anderson St. Patrick's Day bar cart with a glam flamingo pitcher, highball glasses, desserts, and pink ranunculus.



Fun Glasses For Your Favorite Drinks

I love adorning my bar cart with wine glasses, champagne glasses, highballs and juice glasses. I bought a great set of clear highball glasses with gold flamingos last year, and have them on my bar cart 12 months out of the year! I’d wanted them for a few years and was so finally to finally purchase them. They’re so glam! Since I love the color pink so much, I decided to buy cute juice glasses with pink and gold accents to pair them with. I’ve officially become obsessed with glasses! I just think they add the perfect statement. Guests love them too. Not only are they great to look at, but your friends and family will love them too!

I’m so happy to see that the flamingo highball glasses I bought are currently on sale! They’re so gorgeous.

Rosanna Patio Party 12 oz. Flamingo Highball Glass Set Of 4 Gold
Rosanna Patio Party 12 oz. Flamingo Highball Glass Set Of 4 Gold


Shop These Fab Highball Glasses



Love these juice glasses! They come in a few different colors. I bought mine in fuchsia.

Halden Juice Glass Fuchsia
Halden Juice Glass Fuchsia


Shop Trendy Juice Glasses



I love these chic statement worthy wine glasses and champagne glasses. I bought the Yay! champagne flute last year, and just bought the Cheers! wine glass. Love them so much! They’re perfect for a celebration or if you feel like having a glass of wine or champagne after a hard day’s work. You deserve to celebrate!

Shop Glam Champagne Flutes



Shop Fab Wine Glasses


Candie Anderson's Weimaraner Fred in a cone posing next to her St. Patrick's Day bar cart.


Since I ALWAYS feature a photo of Fred next to my bar cart (check this one out from the Super Bowl), I had to share this one of him. You may be wondering why he is wearing a cone? We’ve had quite a week in the Anderson household. A week ago Tuesday, Fred ate dinner as he normally does and within minutes we noticed something was wrong. He quickly became lethargic, panicky, and was trying to vomit but was unable to. Long story short, he had bloat and almost died. We’re so thankful to his vets who saved his life. Fred is now without a spleen, which we found out yesterday was not cancerous – thank God.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my dogs are my life! They are featured in my style posts, decor posts and really make our house a home! Fred has so many fans on Instagram, it’s unbelievable. I received so many nice messages on Insta and on Twitter, I can’t begin to thank you all enough. You really eased my worries during this stressful time. I’m hoping to have a new Easter bar cart post up within the next week or so. Hopefully Fred will be without a cone. One thing is for sure, you wonderful people will kindly embrace him no matter what, and I can’t begin to thank you enough. xoxo


Happy St. Paddy’s Day! PS: You’ll definitely want to make this St. Patrick’s Day Irish bread as seen originally on The Chew! It’s been a reader favorite for years.

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