5 Must Have Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Sports



TV personality Lance Smith joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to share five must have Father's Day gifts for the dad who loves sports and the great outdoors.
TV personality Lance Smith joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to share five must have Father’s Day gifts for the dad who loves sports and the great outdoors. Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash


Shopping for gifts for my parents is incredibly difficult! We just celebrated Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday, and I kid you not, I had the most difficult time buying gifts for my mom. She is definitely one of those who has everything. Shopping for my dad is hard too. He is a great golfer, and I don’t know much about golf, so I frequently ask my brother for ideas. This year for Father’s Day, I was thinking of just getting him his usual gift card until I interviewed Lance Smith on the best Father’s Day gifts for dads who love sports and the great outdoors. I’m now feeling inspired!

Lance shared five must have gifts for dads who enjoy relaxing outdoors, Major League Baseball, playing golf, and that’s just the beginning. Please be sure to watch the video below for the scoop on the best Father’s Day gifts for athletes and sports enthusiasts. I featured the items he mentioned in the interview and linked up to them below, so you can shop for them easily and effortlessly. PS: You’ll also want details on how you can save 25% on Nike apparel! This is great for Father’s Day, summer, and back to school. With my birthday in just two weeks, I’m going to take advantage of this great sale and buy a few things for myself. I need some new running shorts and sneakers.


Watch Lance Smith Share The Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Sports

Watch journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson interview TV personality Lance Smith! He shared the five must have Father’s Day gifts for dads who love sports and/or are outdoorsmen.


What Lance Smith Wants For Father’s Day

Candie Anderson: With Father’s Day just a few weeks away, what are you hoping your family buys you this year?

Lance Smith: “I’m dropping all kinds of hints. I want to spend time with them obviously, but I need to get outside. I need to fix some things around the house. I’m dropping hints and hoping they pick up on one of them.”


How To Buy Dad The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Candie Anderson: What if the dads in our lives aren’t quite as good at dropping hints, how can we buy them gifts they’ll love?

Lance Smith: “Dads maybe aren’t as vocal about it, not dropping all the hints but you’ve just got to listen. Listen to dad when he’s complaining about something. Maybe dad could stand to drop a few pounds so if you buy him some running shoes, that’s a hint back to him, right?

Just listen to him. What does he like to do? Ultimately, Father’s Day (at least for me speaking from experience as a Father) it’s just about spending time together as a family. Maybe the thing you buy dad for Father’s Day is something that’s going to bring you together just a little bit.”


The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Are Athletic Or Love The Outdoors

Candie Anderson: What are some of the must have items that we should be on the lookout for this year? 

Lance Smith: “I’ve got some great items I’m looking at. As a father I would love any number of these things. Please watch the video above for details! I’ve listed and linked up to the items/Father’s Day gifts that Lance featured in his segment. 


Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Love The Outdoors

YETI. Yeti Coolers are fantastic. They really do the job. The YETI Roadie 20 I’m looking at right here in a really cool reef color.

Hammock. Maybe dad likes a hammock. Maybe dad wants to take a nap and get away from it – a lot of screaming kids around the house. A hammock is the perfect gift! I’ve got an ENO hammock here. It’s very comfortable. It packs up nice and tight, it’s easy to set up.


Father’s Day Gifts For The Golfer

Golf. You cannot go wrong with golf. Most dads are golfers of some sort or maybe they just want to look like it. I’ve got a Nike polo (shirt) here. He can look like Tiger even if he can’t play like him. 

I’ve got a Callaway Epic Flash Driver, Maxfli Tour golf balls.


Father’s Day Gifts For The Major League Baseball Loving Dad

Baseball. Finally Major League Baseball (MLB) is back in full swing. If you go online to dicks.com they have over 1800 styles available to choose from. You are going to find a hat that dad is going to like there.


The Best Father’s Day Gift For The Dad Who Has Everything

Finally because he’s dad and he doesn’t drop hints and hard to shop for, go with a gift card. You cannot go wrong with a gift card. As a dad if I get a gift card, it’s perfect. I love all gift cards.”


How To Save 25% On NIKE Apparel

Candie Anderson: How can we buy items at one place and save money while doing so?

Lance Smith: “You want to save some money? June 8th through the 15th, there’s 25% off select NIKE apparel. If you need to save time, you can buy what you want online at dicks.com. Find what you want and then an hour later it’s available at your local store for pickup – run in, run out and you’re done.”


Where To Go For More Information

Candie Anderson: Fantastic! Where can we go for more information on everything you mentioned?

Lance Smith: “For everything I mentioned here and more, just head to dicks.com. It’s that easy.” 


Lance Smith Bio

Lance Smith does it all in the entertainment industry. In addition to being an actor, an acting coach and children’s book author, Lance was the face of CMT for a decade hosting numerous weekly shows and specials before taking on co-host duties for The Daily Buzz from 2012-2014 and its new launch in 2017. This avid Tennessee Titans fan can be found at most home games broadcasting highlights on the jumbotron. Still, with all of this, Lance’s newest job is the closest to his heart, being dad to his beautiful baby girl.         



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