Vintage Inspired Easter Dessert Cart and Decor!

Lifestyle expert, Candie Anderson shares the secret to decorating your vintage inspired Easter dessert cart with baskets, Easter eggs, vintage cake stands and desserts.


Easter has long been one of my favorite holidays. Picking out the perfect Easter dress, and celebrating with family and friends was always a highlight growing up. When I was a kid we always decorated the most for Christmas, but now that I’m adult, I thoroughly enjoy decorating for every holiday, especially Easter. Buying my bar cart (and promising to decorate it for every season and holiday!) has been very inspiring. It’s gotten me to not only decorate the cart in fun and decorative ways, but to decorate the entire house. A few weeks ago I shared my St. Patrick’s Day bar cart, and mentioned how it’s gotten my mom more inspired to decorate and bake too! It’s been fun working with her on these projects. Being the indecisive person that I am, I decided to do things a little different for Easter 2018! Today, I decorated my vintage inspired Easter dessert cart with delicious homemade cookies and cute Easter baskets.

The first thing I bought for the cart was a burlap Easter banner, which I thought was a little too long. I didn’t know if I was going to use it or not, but thanks to a little improvising, I made it work. My mom (who I consider the queen of Michaels and Hobby Lobby) bought the cutest carrot garland, which I absolutely adore! I decided to add it to the bar cart too. I kid you not, the bar cart sat like this for at least two or three weeks while I brainstormed what I was going to do next.

Thanks to migraines, I don’t drink. My bar cart is usually just a cute place for me to put my favorite home decor items! Since my mom loves baking, she made really cute sugar cookies and decorated them with fondant.

If you’re looking for a last minute way to decorate your bar cart with items you already own or are looking to shop for a few Easter decor items, you’re in luck! Today, I am sharing a few simple ways you can decorate your Easter dessert cart just in time for Sunday, April 1, 2018.


My bar cart with one Easter banner and carrot garland:

Candie Anderson shares her vintage inspired Easter dessert cart.


Closeup of Candie Anderson's Easter dessert cart with a vintage jadeite cake stand, cookies, Easter baskets and Easter eggs.


Lifestyle blogger and journalist, Candie Anderson shares the secret to decorating an antique gold bar cart with vintage Easter decorations


I still haven’t decided if I like it with both banners or just one? That’s the beauty of decorating, you can add and subtract items as often as you’d like!

Blogger Candie Anderson's antique gold faux bamboo bar cart with a burlap Easter banner and cute vintage inspired decor items.


Two Tier Bar Cart

Shopping for the perfect bar cart can be fun, but can also be very stressful, especially if you want to decorate it. I LOVE my two tier bar cart. It’s wide enough and tall enough to decorate with my favorite desserts, cake stands, Easter baskets, and trendy decor items.

If you’re looking to decorate your cart with banners or garlands, you’ll love this faux bamboo Dessau Home Constantine bar cart that I own. It’s made of iron, very sturdy and has glass shelves. Here are the dimensions: H:32″, L:31.5″, W:17.5″.

It comes in antique gold and in silver! It’s even more gorgeous in person! I love that is has rollers so I can wheel it into different rooms.


Lifestyle blogger, Candie Anderson of shares her antique gold Dessau Home faux bamboo bar cart which she decorated with vintage and vintage inspired decor for Easter.


Here it is in antique gold:

Iron Bamboo Bar Cart with Wheels in Antique Gold Finish
Iron Bamboo Bar Cart with Wheels in Antique Gold Finish


You may remember that I featured this bar cart years ago in one of my popular chic bar carts posts. Isn’t it stunning?! You really can’t go wrong with it in antique gold or silver.


Constantine Bar Cart Silver
Constantine Bar Cart Silver


Shop My Trend Two Tier Bar Cart


Vintage Inspired Easter Banner

Before I start decorating my tea cart/dessert cart/bar cart I make sure and pick out my banner or garland. Once I find the perfect banner, it helps me decide how I’m going to decorate it! I love so many different styles (I blame it on being a gemini!) sometimes I’m a traditionalist, at times I’m all about glam, while other days I’m obsessed with contemporary and modern decor. When I first decorated my bar cart last year, I tried incorporating my favorite styles and it looked absolutely ridiculous (hence why I never featured an Easter bar cart in 2017)! I’ve learned it’s imperative to stick with one style, and you’ll be much happier.

This year I fell in love with the burlap banner (shown above; under $8!) that spells Easter in pastels. It’s no secret that pastels are incredibly popular for spring, especially in 2018! This is definitely one of the hottest color trends this year. I also fell in love with the carrot garland that my mom bought at a local home decor store. As you can see in some of the images, I featured both banners. I honestly can’t get enough of them!

If you’re looking for a great last minute vintage inspired Easter banner for your Easter dessert cart or bar cart, here are a few that will arrive this week just in time for your celebrations with family and friends.


I simply adore the burlap banner and carrot garland!

Closeup of lifestyle expert and blogger Candie Anderson's gold bar cart with an Easter banner and orange carrot garland.


Shop Trendy And Super Affordable Easter Banners and Garland


Decorating With Cute Easter Baskets

Closeup of Candie Anderson of Easter baskets! See the pretty milk glass basket filled with Easter picks, a woven carrot basket and a raffia bunny basket.


For my Easter dessert cart, I included three baskets on the bottom. I’m lucky that my mom is a collector. Over the years she has collected numerous Easter baskets in a variety of styles. One of my favorite baskets that she owns is a vintage raffia bunny. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Anthropologie carries a similar but larger basket. Woven baskets are definitely making a comeback!

I love, love, love milk glass, so I made sure and included a milk glass basket! We put an antique flower frog on the bottom, and added Easter eggs that are attached to sticks! That is the closest we’re getting to a floral arrangement this year since the flowers haven’t started blooming on our flower farm yet. Thanks Mother Nature! 😉

Shop A Similar Milk Glass Basket, Easter Picks And A Vintage Flower Frog

The other Easter basket that I included was a raffia carrot basket. It’s the cutest and absolutely perfect for Easter and spring in general. You can fill it with party favors or Easter eggs.

You can’t go wrong with any Easter basket you own! It’s so fun decorating with them. Here are a few favorites, if you’re on the hunt for a new one!

Shop Must Have Easter Baskets!



Festive Easter Eggs


Lifestyle blogger, Candie Anderson's vintage inspired Easter display filled with Easter eggs, a Happy Easter sign and a wind-up chick toy.


I have yet to decorate Easter eggs this year. I absolutely love doing so, though! I found a few really cute decorating ideas on Pinterest and have them bookmarked. I really want to make these marble Easter eggs! Aren’t they cute?

Years ago my mom bought an Easter egg making kit for my grandma. For those who are new to the blog, my grandma had Alzheimer’s and we took care of her until she passed away in October of 2015. She was always a crafter, and made the most beautiful embroidered pillows! Unfortunately due to dementia/ALZ she was no longer able to sew. My mom bought a great kit which allowed her to create! She decorated the Easter eggs with stickers and embellishments, which she absolutely loved doing! I love that we have these Easter eggs that she decorated. We put them out every year. It makes my Easter cart even more special since my grandma is involved. 🙂

I also decorated the Easter dessert cart with festive Easter eggs that we have had for years and a few newbies.

Here are a few fun Easter eggs that are still available. These will be great because you can set them out year after year. I love the sequins, the golden eggs, and the vibrant prints. Aren’t they amazing?

Shop Trendy Easter Eggs



Candie Anderson's grandmother Margarita who suffered from Alzheimer's decorated these pretty embellished Easter eggs! This is a great craft for families.
I love these sequin Easter eggs and the cute Easter eggs that my grandma DIY’d years ago. They hold a special place in my heart.


PS: I was able to find a few cute Easter egg decorating kits if you’re looking to craft with your family. You’ll love looking at them years down the road!

Shop Easter Crafts and DIY Kits



Fabulous Cake Stands


Lifestyle expert and blogger, Candie Anderson shares her Easter decor! Love the jadeite cake stand, DIY decorated Easter eggs, wind-up chick and cute vintage inspired Easter bunny sign.


I’m a sucker for a great cake stand! In fact, cake stands are my absolute weakness. Last month I bought a white and gold polka dot cake stand at the Shopbop Sale. I can’t get enough of it. It’s super inexpensive and absolutely stunning in person. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases! I use it all the time, especially when decorating the bar cart.

For my Easter dessert cart, I only included one plate of cookies because I have two bratty dogs (seen below) that try to sneak cookies! You can use as many cake stands as you’d like for your cart. I was just trying to be safe! haha

Lifestyle expert, Candie Anderson's Yorkshire Terrier, Francesca trying to sneak cookies off of her Easter dessert cart.
It probably wasn’t the best idea to have a chair right next to my bar cart! My Yorkie, Francesca thought she was in prime position to steal some cookies.


Not only are cake stands great for desserts. I love using them as decor items. My mom has a gorgeous jadeite cake stand which we used to store Easter eggs, an Easter sign and a cute little wind-up little chick toy.

Shop Fab Cake Stands



Delicious Sugar Cookies


Candie Anderson shares delicious sugar cookies frosted with fondant for Easter!


Lastly, you can’t go wrong with fabulous desserts! I was in charge of finding a great sugar cookie recipe, and boy did I! I made sure and linked up to it here in case you’re interested. My mom loves to bake, so she made the dough, used the cookie cutters, and frosted them with fondant. I wish I had her baking skills, but unfortunately I don’t. She enjoys baking, and it’s a great way for she and I to work on a project together. We’re already planning our Mother’s Day bar cart which should include tons of flowers (if Mother Nature is kind to us)!

Shop Easter cookie cutters


I hope you enjoyed this Easter dessert cart post. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter! xo

Candie Anderson's Easter inspired antique gold bar cart filled with milk glass, jadeite, a burlap and pastel Easter banner, raffia basket, delicious sugar cookies cut into Easter inspired shapes and more.


My Weimaraner Fred LOVES when I work on bar cart posts! He thinks he can steal cookies. Not a chance, buddy! 😉

Candie Anderson's Easter inspired antique gold bar cart filled with milk glass, jadeite, a burlap and pastel Easter banner, raffia basket, delicious sugar cookies cut into Easter inspired shapes and more.



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