Obsessed with Valentino Rockstud Flip Flops Sandals for Summer (Review)


Fashion blogger Candace Rose Anderson shares a review of her Valentino Rockstud Flip Flops Sandals in Poudre Blush candieanderson blog heart garden roses pink.
I’m in love with my Valentino Rockstud flip flops!



I love anything and everything Valentino Rockstud related! I bought my first pair of Rockstud ballerina flats last fall, and I have been hooked ever since. Last winter I fell in love with these Valentino Rockstud flip flops and quickly became obsessed. If I had known how often they’d sell out this year, I would have ordered them immediately. Sadly, at that time I couldn’t fathom shopping for sandals, especially since we were experiencing the coldest, wettest, rainiest winter California had seen in decades.

After months of shopping online, I finally stumbled on them in all sizes in mid-July. I had read all the reviews and made sure I went up a size. I have a very narrow foot, so I was very tempted to buy my normal size, and then order another pair just in case. I said a prayer, hoped for the best, and bought a pair in a larger size. I’m so glad I did, they fit perfectly! They are so pretty and add the perfect statement to any summer outfit.

My Valentino Rockstud flip flops in poudre (blush) are the perfect accessory! I love pairing them with my favorite peplum top and distressed denim jeans; with a cute denim skirt, and statement shirt; off the shoulder dresses for summer, and more!

If the Valentino Rockstud flip flops sandals have been on your wish list, and spending $295 on a pair of sandals that you will wear countless times won’t break the bank, I say go for it. I’m really glad I did! I love them and always get compliments on them. If you’d like to follow THIS LINK this will take you to the shop that has them in all sizes (as of Sunday, May 1st). I made sure and linked up to other retailers in the Shop the post widget below just in case these sell out or you’re searching for a different color. Happy summer!

Obsessed with my Valentino Rockstud Flip Flops in Poudre for Summer!


Valentino Rockstuds and Moroccan inspired wedding blankets are my favorite!

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Candace Rose Anderson shares a style review of her Valentino Rockstud flip flops sandals for summer. The color is poudre blush.




Here’s a closeup of my pretty studded Valentino Rockstud flip flops! I just love them. They’re incredibly comfy. I have gotten them wet in the garden, and nothing happened to them – thank goodness.

Fashion blogger Candace Rose Anderson shares a closeup of her Valentino Rockstud flip flops sandals for summer. The color is poudre which is blush Candieanderson blog.



Here is a picture I shared on my Instagram account when they arrived a few weeks ago. Right after I bought them, they sold out of nearly every size (only the smallest sizes were available). I’m sure they’ll sell out right away again!


Valentino Rockstud flip flops in Poudre. Candace Rose Anderson shared this image on her instagram account instagram.com/candieanderson. The pink roses are from RoseCandi flower farm in California.



My “photo shoots” are the perfect excuse to cut pink garden roses! My mom grows them, and I cut them! haha

I feature roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, etc. all the time on our Instagram account RoseCandi! PS: If you’re interested in growing roses, I dished on our Eden rose on the blog!

In love with these garden roses and Valentino Rockstud flip flops in the color poudre. The flowers are from my flower farm RoseCandi in Northern California.



Update: I originally shared this post in 2017 when I first purchased the sandals. Here we are five years later in 2022, and I’m still obsessed with them. They are in amazing condition and still look new. I have been wearing them quite a bit to the farmers market, in the garden, and when running errands. They’re the perfect sandal!

Pink garden roses from RoseCandi flower farm in the shape of a heart around Candace Rose Anderson's Valentino Rockstud flip flops sandals Candieanderson blog.


Here are a few different ways I’ve paired my Valentino Rockstud flip flops for every day! They’ll make a great gift for yourself, your mom, sister, daughter or the woman in your life!


My favorite AG legging ankle jeans, my must have lace peplum top (it’s on sale and under $50), and my favorite Valentino sandals!

white lace peplum top valentino rockstud flip flops ag legging ankle distressed jeans candace rose anderson candieanderson fashion blogger blog summer 2017



I love my Madewell modern tie-front top! It’s the best shirt ever! I still wear it years later. I am obsessed with my AG legging ankle jeans, my Gucci GG Marmont bag in black, and Valentino Rockstud sandals! This is the perfect everyday outfit for spring, summer, and fall, especially here in Northern California.


madewell modern tie front shirts tops valentino rockstud flip flops sandals ag jeans distressed denim legging ankle gucci marmount matelasse black bag candace rose anderson candieanderson blog flat lay




 Since these Valentino Rockstud sandals are so popular, I made sure and shared links to various retailers in case they sell out! I have worn mine time and time again for over four years and I still adore them.


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