25 Best Summer Wreaths To Adorn Your Front Door In Every Style and Price Range


Lifestyle expert, journalist and interior design blogger Candie Anderson of candieanderson.com has the scoop on 25 of the best summer wreaths in a variety of popular styles, trends and materials!


My love for wreaths started many moons ago! I have always adored them. I feel like a beautiful wreath on your front door has the power to make any house a home. They’re warm, inviting and really showcase your style and personality even before your guest walks in the door. With the weather heating up, the struggle to find the perfect summer wreath (or summer wreaths since I can’t make up my mind!) is on.

As a flower farmer, there is nothing I enjoy more than being outdoors! During the spring and summer months, you can find me working outside tending to our garden roses and spending time with our lovely clients. In the winter when it slows down, I absolutely love working on crafts, especially making wreaths out of pine. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to DIY spring and summer wreaths this time of the year, I am much too busy! It’s a struggle even finding the time to blog and post on social media. Sometimes I wish there were two of me. I know many of you can relate! You wish you had the time to DIY something instead of shopping. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Now that Mother’s Day is over and the hustle and bustle of wedding season doesn’t start for a few weeks, I finally have a bit of time to shop for fun spring and summer decor. I’ve been having fun shopping for fabulous summer wreaths. There are so many different styles to choose from – you have cottage, farmhouse, contemporary, glam and that’s just the beginning!

This season I’m having the hardest time deciding on a cute wreath for my front door, I want them all. My heart is currently set on a beautiful wreath with lemons, but that could soon change! I found beautiful summer wreaths with peonies, garden roses, billy buttons and that’s just the beginning.

If you’re in the same boat I am in, and searching for a trendy new wreath for summer, you’re in luck! Today, I’m excited to share 25 of the best summer wreaths in every style and price. They will look absolutely amazing adorning the front door of your gorgeous abode. You will have to let me know which one is your favorite!


Gorgeous Live Summer Wreaths


Like many of you, I absolutely adore hydrangeas! Unfortunately, they can be difficult to grow, they love cool climates and lots of shade. This amazing Pottery Barn Live Willow and Hydrangea Wreath in lovely shades of green is breathtakingly beautiful. It is made of fresh salal leaves, dried hydrangeas, reindeer moss, and curly willow. It’ll be perfect for indoor use or a covered outdoor area (“protected outdoor use”). It’s less than $90 and absolutely amazing!

Pottery Barn LIVE WILLOW & HYDRANGEA WREATH summer wreaths



Fresh Greenery Wreaths Are A Must


This stunning Pottery Barn Live Fresh Olive Wreath is taking me back to the house my grandparents had in an existing olive orchard when I was a kid.  They had about 10 trees and can still remember helping my grandpa and grandma sweep up the back patio. I must say olives are an absolute mess, especially on a concrete patio! As much as I love eating olives, it was then and there I decided, I would never have olive trees. 😉 I do love a great non-messy faux olive tree, though!

One thing is definitely for sure, I can’t get enough of this wreath, especially since it reminds me of spending time with my grandpa! I absolutely love everything about it, especially the white satin ribbon bow which adorns it. This handcrafted wreath is under $90 and is perfect for indoor and “outside sheltered area” use.

Pottery Barn LIVE FRESH OLIVE WREATH summer wreaths




It’s no secret, eucalyptus is the “it” filler for wedding season! Greenery is one of the hottest decor trends this season as well. This West Elm Mixed Eucalyptus wreath is made of spiral eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, and knife blade eucalyptus. It is absolutely gorgeous and is destined to smell amazing as well. You can hang it on your front door or above your mantel.

West Elm Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath summer wreaths
West Elm Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath




Silver dollar eucalyptus is extremely popular! We just bought a small plant a few weeks ago and we are going to try our hand at growing it. It’s very popular for bouquets, centerpieces, weddings, and home decor. If you’re looking for a beautiful silver dollar eucalyptus wreath for your front door or to use as wedding decor, I believe I have found it! It was “grown without herbicides and pesticides” and is under $70!

Williams Sonoma Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Wreath summer wreaths
Williams Sonoma Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Wreath




Bright and Beautiful Live Floral Wreaths For Summer

My mom just started growing Billy Button flowers. Hers have yet to bloom, and I’m growing impatient! These adorable yellow flowers are a floral lover’s dream. This Olive Billy Button Wreath is made of fresh eucalyptus, olive leaves, air-dried strawflowers, Billy Buttons, globe amaranth, and statice. According to Williams-Sonoma, “all botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides.” This is so great to hear! This wreath would make a great engagement gift, is a must for a housewarming party, and more! My birthday is in June, so if you’d like to gift me this wreath, I will be thrilled! 😉

Williams-Sonoma Olive Billy Button Wreath summer wreaths
Williams-Sonoma Olive Billy Button Wreath




Zinnias have my heart! Every summer we plant beautiful zinnias along the end of our lawn in memory of my beautiful grandmother. They bring me joy every time I see them and know she would have loved them. When I spotted this hand-arranged Williams-Sonoma Zinnia wreath, I quickly fell in love. I absolutely love the “dried zinnias, dried savory, dried statice, dried lavender, dried gypsophila and salal leaves” and the beautiful bright colors.

Williams-Sonoma Zinnia Wreath summer wreaths
Williams-Sonoma Zinnia Wreath




Is it just me or is this Williams-Sonoma Floral Garden Wreath breathtaking? As a huge fan of bouquets with little greenery (I’m a floral lover, what can I say?) I can’t get enough of this lovely wreath which is “handcrafted from dried, California-grown safflowers, strawflowers, statice, sage and larkspur on a natural twig base.” Dried flowers are a very hot trend for 2019, this is one wreath you can’t go wrong with!

Williams-Sonoma Floral Garden Wreath summer wreaths dried flowers
Williams-Sonoma Floral Garden Wreath




Blush is one of the hottest color trends in the world of fashion, home decor, and weddings. This shade is extremely popular, especially for summer! This beautiful blush pink/light pink Williams-Sonoma Pink Rose Garden Wreath with purple accents is a favorite! Some of the materials used include: “mingling freeze-dried pink roses with air-dried larkspur, lavender, statice, globe amaranth and pepperberries, Fresh bay leaves, dried sage, marjoram and savory.”

Williams-Sonoma Pink Rose Garden Wreath summer wreaths
Williams-Sonoma Pink Rose Garden Wreath




This stunning handmade Farmers Market Herb Wreath must smell heavenly! It’s made of “blue lavender, purple Mexican sage, creamy achilla of the pearl, golden yarrow and orange safflowers.” Some of the herbs used include “marjoram, thyme, sage, fresh bay leaves, and delicate pepperberries.” Don’t you just love the bright, vibrant colors? I do, too! PS: It’s available in three different sizes. You can hang it on your front door, inside your kitchen, above your mantel and more.

Williams-Sonoma Farmers' Market Herb Wreath summer wreaths
Williams-Sonoma Farmers’ Market Herb Wreath




Cozy Farmhouse Summer Wreaths For Your Front Door Or Inside Your Home

I live in a rural area, so farmhouse inspired decor is the norm to me! Mason jars, rustic decor, and cozy living spaces are a must. If you’re searching for a cozy farmhouse inspired summer wreath, I’m excited to share quite a few with. The first one is this faux cotton ball wreath. I bought one a few years ago from a different company and use it quite a bit throughout the year. This Pottery Barn faux cotton ball wreath is perfect for indoor use and “covered protected outdoor locations.”

Pottery Barn FAUX COTTON BALL WREATH summer wreaths




Eucalyptus is extremely popular! As a flower grower, we are always asked by florists if we grow eucalyptus – it’s that popular. Eucalyptus is frequently used as a filler in bouquets and in wreaths. This season you can’t go wrong with this faux eucalyptus mixed fern and berry wreath! It will look amazing on your front door or can be used as decoration at your wedding.

Eucalyptus Mixed Fern and Berry Greenery 26" Polyester Wreath summer wreaths
Eucalyptus Mixed Fern and Berry Greenery 26″ Polyester Wreath




Boxwood is another favorite! We just started growing it, and absolutely adore it. It looks beautiful as a hedge, as a filler in bouquets, and as a wreath. We currently have a similar small faux boxwood wreath hanging on the inside of our side door. I love that the one I have has faded a bit, so it looks very natural. This preserved boxwood wreath has many amazing reviews! It is destined to be a favorite of yours this season and beyond.

Gracie Oaks Preserved Boxwood Wreath summer wreaths
Gracie Oaks Preserved Boxwood Wreath




Coastal Inspired Summer Wreaths

My love for coastal inspired decor started years ago when I was sitting in the waiting room with my grandma at her ophthalmologist appointment. This doctor was known for overbooking and we typically sat there for over two hours at a time waiting to see him. I always dreaded her appointments until the day I was seated next to a pile of Coastal Living magazines. Let me tell you, that two hour wait went by so fast! I think I could have sat there the whole day reading magazines if he would have let me. I bought myself a subscription, and the rest you can say is history!

This season I can’t get enough of this Pottery Barn Faux Shell Wreath. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is perfect for the coastal lover, your beach house or for fans of summer vacation season. This wreath is less than $90 and is absolute perfection. According to the website it’s “made of resin white knobby starfish, starfish, sand dollars and clam shells” and tied with a burlap ribbon. Isn’t it beautiful? I adore it!

Pottery Barn FAUX SHELL WREATH summer wreaths




Etsy has so many gorgeous coastal inspired wreaths for summer, it’s unbelievable. I think I may have to do another post on gorgeous coastal wreaths as I can’t get enough of them! This Seashell wreath includes many different types of shells! I love everything about it, especially the starfish, silver abalone and clam shells. You can feature it inside your home or a “covered entryway.”

UniqueCoastalDesigns Seashell Wreath Twigs summer wreaths
UniqueCoastalDesigns Seashell Wreath




Obsessed With Fruit Wreaths For Summer!

I first fell in love with fruit wreaths when I was a kid. My aunt made beautiful wreaths at that time, and always wanted a wreath with fruit! The other day I was perusing Etsy when all of a sudden I stumbled on quite a few lemon wreaths. I fell in love with one, then I stumbled on another, and another, etc. I am having the hardest time narrowing it down! The first one on my list is this gorgeous Taste of Summer Lemon Wreath by TwoInspireYou. I love everything about it, especially the lemons and blue and white stripe ribbon. It’s classy, chic, trendy and absolutely beautiful.

TwoInspireYou Taste of Summer Boxwood and Lemons Wreath summer wreaths
TwoInspireYou Taste of Summer Boxwood and Lemons Wreath




This beautiful lemon wreath by FiveStarFloralnGifts doesn’t have as many blue accents, but it’s just as beautiful! It’s perfect in every way and will make quite the statement on your front door.

Lemon Wreath by FiveStarFloralnGifts summer wreaths
Lemon Wreath by FiveStarFloralnGifts




If you love lemons and crabapples, this lemon and crabapple wreath is the one for you! I adore the yellow, red, and blue accents. This wreath will be perfect all summer long and into fall too. One thing that is definitely for sure, I can’t get enough of the blue and white stripe ribbon. It is the perfect accent piece!

Lemons and Crabapple Wreath by TwoInspireYou Etsy summer wreaths
Lemons and Crabapple Wreath by TwoInspireYou 




You don’t have to be a Georgia peach to love this wreath! 😉 I’m a Californian and absolutely adore it. I personally can’t wait for peach season! I adore peach pie, homemade peach ice cream like my grandpa used to make, and this faux peach wreath. It’s one of TwoInspireYou’s best selling wreaths, and rightfully so – it’s absolutely stunning.

TwoInspireYou Georgia Peaches Wreath summer wreaths
TwoInspireYou Georgia Peaches Wreath




Beautiful Faux Floral Inspired Summer Wreaths

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers on the planet. They’re absolutely gorgeous and come in a variety of colors. The only thing I don’t like about them is they only bloom once a year. Thankfully there are quite a few peony wreaths that are not only beautiful but look real! This spring peony wreath in pink and green is one of my favorites. I love everything about it, especially the black and white striped ribbon tied into a bow.

TwoInspireYou Pink Peony Wreath summer wreaths
TwoInspireYou Pink Peony Wreath




This bright and beautiful pink peony wreath will look lovely on your front door or as a centerpiece on your dinner table this summer! The best part is it is under $45! It will be perfect on your door or in your home. This wreath will also make a phenomenal hostess gift.

Ophelia and Co Peony 24" Polyester Wreath summer wreaths
Ophelia and Co Peony 24″ Polyester Wreath




Tom Petty said it best “You belong among the wildflowers.” If you can’t be among the wildflowers, you should have them hanging from your front door! This gorgeous and very colorful mixed floral wreath will look absolutely beautiful adorning your door. I can also see having two of them on your white or stained French doors.

August Grove Mixed Floral 22.5" Polyester Wreath summer wreaths wildflowers
August Grove Mixed Floral 22.5″ Polyester Wreath




This lovely August Grove 24″ peony wreath is everything! I absolutely adore the gorgeous pastel color palette with hints of bright pink, the pretty peonies, green hydrangeas (or viburnum) and lovely blooms which also adorn it. Isn’t it beautiful? I had my heart set on a fruit inspired wreath, but I may have just changed my mind! It’s currently on sale at 15% off.

August Grove 24" Peony Wreath summer wreaths
August Grove 24″ Peony Wreath




My love for this Lark Manor 20″ Pink Rose Wreath is strong! If you follow my RoseCandi floral farm on Instagram or on Facebook, you know how much we adore pink garden roses. While I wish I could hang them on a wreath and gaze at them all summer, it’s not possible! Thankfully this faux pink rose wreath will do the trick.

Lark Manor 20" Pink Rose Wreath summer wreaths
Lark Manor 20″ Pink Rose Wreath




Patriotic Summer Wreaths For The 4th Of July

It’s no secret that the next few months are going to fly by! Before you know it the 4th of July will be upon us. If you love decorating your home for Independence Day, I urge you to order the perfect red, white and blue wreath before they sell out. There was one that I wanted from Pottery Barn last summer, and it sold out before Memorial Day! They are extremely popular and rightfully so. They’re well made, gorgeous, and affordable too. What’s not to love? This Pottery Barn Americana galvanized metal star wreath in red and blue is a favorite. It will look great hanging on your front door, and you can also feature it on your back patio. This patriotic wreath will be perfect for your 4th of July barbecue or pool party with family and friends. This wreath retails for $39.50.




Pottery Barn AMERICANA GALVANIZED METAL STAR WREATH summer wreaths backyard patio




Burlap is very popular in the world of home decor, especially wreaths! This summer I am obsessing over this Pottery Barn Liberty Burlap Wreath in red, white and blue stars and stripes. It’s only $29.50 and is sure to get many compliments from family, friends, and your neighbors. The best part is it’s so inexpensive that you can afford to buy quite a few and hang them on your door just like this! I can also see decorating your French doors with them as well. There are so many options!


Pottery Barn LIBERTY BURLAP WREATH summer wreaths




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