23 Sephora VIB Rouge Sale Beauty Must Haves!

Beauty journalist and blogger, Candie Anderson has the scoop on 23 must haves at the 2019 spring Sephora VIB Rouge Sale happening in April and May.


The biannual Sephora VIB Rouge Sale kicked off this morning and it’s beyond amazing! The sale happens annually right before Mother’s Day, and in November shortly before Christmas. As a self described beauty junkie, I love stocking up on my favorite moisturizers, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, mascaras and lipglosses! 

The best thing is if you’re a Sephora VIB Rouge member you can use their discount code multiple times throughout the sale. VIB Rouge members save a whopping 20%, which is unheard of for designer makeup products by the likes of Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Guerlain, Fresh, Lancome and more.

Since my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day is in May, she gives me a list of what she wants and I try to surprise her with extra gifts as well. When it comes to myself, I like shopping for my tried and true favorites as well as a few new products! 

With that being said, today, I’m excited to share a few must have beauty products and hair essentials that you’ll adore at the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale happening now for a limited time! In the boutique widget below, I’ve featured my favorites and a few products that I’ve added to my shopping cart for the first time. You’ll have to let me know if you’ve tried them! PS: The sale will be happening soon for VIB members too. 


Eyeshadow Palettes Are A Must

When it comes to makeup, I’m a sucker for a great eyeshadow palette! I have three favorites: Urban Decay, YSL and Tarte. As someone with sensitive skin, it can be hard to find makeup products that won’t irritate it. I have found that these three eyeshadow products have the best staying power, have great consistency, are ideal for my sensitive skin and make any eye color pop. 


Shop The Best Eyeshadow Palettes



My Favorite Waterproof Eyeliners

When it comes to eyeliner, I have two favorites: Marc Jacobs fineliner in the color “Blacquer” and Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner in the color zero. When I want a daytime look, I tend to go with the Marc Jacobs. When it comes to evening or when I want to have a smoky eye, I’ll go with the Urban Decay! Both are equally as fantastic, I just find that they provide different looks.


Shop My Favorite Waterproof Eyeliners




The Best Mascaras For Lush Lashes At Discounted Prices

I’m a huge fan of Guerlain mascaras and Hourglass mascaras! I find that they provide the perfect amount of volume and length. My aunt swears by It Cosmetics mascara, and can’t wait to buy that during the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale!


Shop My Favorite Mascaras For Long Voluminous Eyelashes


Lipsticks and Lipglosses are a Must

Tom Ford, and YSL are just a few of my favorite brands in the world of makeup. I have quite a few of their products and use them all the time, especially their lip glosses and lipsticks! I’m a huge fan of a nude colored lip and find they have the best lip products. They never go on sale, except for during the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale!


Shop Fabulous Lipglosses and Lipsticks for Summer


Obsessed With My Tom Ford Bronzer Brush and Bronzer

If you follow beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers online, I guarantee you’ve heard about Tom Ford Bronzer. If you’ve checked out my beauty posts, you’ve read how much I adore their bronzer! Well, I finally bought the Tom Ford bronzer brush during the last sale, and let me tell you the hype is real. This brush is beyond amazing. It has the power to take you from drab to fab (or at least I think it does for me 😉 ). These two products are my absolute favorite! I’ve used brushes from makeup brands online that have irritated my sensitive skin, but thankfully Tom Ford’s have not. I will definitely be adding to my growing collection during this sale as Tom Ford never goes on sale!


Shop The Best Bronzer and Tom Ford Bronzer Brush




My Favorite Moisturizers for Dry Sensitive Skin 

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I have rosacea. My grandmother has it and always told me growing up that she hoped none of her grandkids would get it. A few years ago I noticed I’d get small acne-like bumps on my face when I’d use certain products or didn’t wear sunscreen when I was outside. Thankfully I found out about Fresh moisturizer and Creme Ancienne! I use Creme Ancienne at night and the Fresh moisturizer during the day. They’re both absolutely amazing for dry sensitive skin. PS: Be sure to check out my review on the best sensitive skincare essentials. 

When it comes to eye cream, I’m loving Lancome’s Renergie eye cream! My mom had a sample and I decided to give it a go about a week ago. I know it’s still too early to tell BUT it hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin, which is a plus!


Shop My Favorite Skincare Essentials for Dry Sensitive Skin



In Love with Dr. Jart Cicapair For Summer!

For those who don’t know I have a flower farm and spend much of my time outside from April to November when the garden roses are in bloom. Since I do suffer from acne-like rosacea, my skin will redden and I will get small acne-like bumps in no time. Thankfully I heard about Dr. Jart’s Cicapair which I absolutely adore. I typically don’t wear it during the winter since my rosacea isn’t bad during that time of the year! I usually just wear Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, my Becca Highlighter  and Becca eye brightener when the weather is good and I don’t have to worry about this skin condition that I absolutely despise! Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment is green in color and is SPF 30. Let me tell you, a little goes a long way! In the spring and summer when it’s pretty warm, I put a little on my cheeks, my nose, chin and forehead. Once it dries, I put my bronzer on and I’m set. It gets rid of the redness, acts like a foundation and is beyond amazing! I highly, highly recommend it.


My Favorite Sunscreen/Concealer For Sensitive Skin


Hair Care Must Haves For Thick Hair

A few years ago I shared my holy grail hair product review for long thick hair! I must say, I’m still obsessed with DryBar hair products three years later. I have not changed my routine at all whatsoever. I just wish that I’d had these products my entire life as I hated my unruly thick hair up until recently. My hair never had movement because it was so weighed down with product! If I didn’t add tons of product to my hair it was just a frizzy, large thick mess! My only hope is that Drybar never gets rid of their Sake Bomb shampoo and Mudslide Mask!

Drybar Sake Bomb shampoo is very moisturizing and great for all hair types. 

Drybar Mudslide Mask is very moisturizing and conditions your hair extremely well! I don’t wash my hair very often since it’s so time consuming and my hair is naturally dry since it’s wavy and frizzy! I use it every time I wash.

Hot Toddy is the best heat protectant! I use it before I blow-dry my hair and curl it!

Be sure to check out the boutique widget below where I featured even more hair products that were in my recent hair review and in my Sephora Sale post!


Shop My Favorite Shampoo, Conditioner/Mask and Heat Protectant On Sale



Amazing Hair Tools At The Sephora VIB Rouge Sale

There are three hair tools I use the most, and they are my T3 blowdryer, my T3 Curling Wand Trio, and my DryBar flat iron! I’ve had them for years and absolutely adore them.

I don’t think T3 makes the Proi blowdryer anymore, but I highly recommend T3! It’s such an amazing brand. I use it with or without the attachments! 

My DryBar Tress Press Styling Iron/Flat Iron is beyond amazing! I use it to flat iron or curl my hair. It’s beyond phenomenal! I’ve had it for years and use it all the time.

The T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Curling Wand is a fashion and beauty blogger must. I bought mine three years ago and it’s still going strong. When my hair is long I typically use the 1 inch and the 1.5 inch. The curls last forever and your hair looks amazing for days! 

Shop My Favorite Hair Tools At The Sephora VIB Rouge Sale



These are just a few of my favorite Sephora VIB Rouge Sale favorites! Be sure to check out the Boutique widget below for even more must haves and few items I’m looking to buy and review on the blog soon.

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