11 Summer Gardening Outfit Ideas

Summer Gardening Outfit Ideas

Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes. Deadheading roses, weeding and using gardening tools at my family’s flower farm in Northern California is relaxing, calming, and a great way to spend time in nature. I recently planted pumpkins and sunflowers for fun and am impatiently waiting for them to start producing! One thing is for sure, Summer 2023 sure has been a hot one, and while I love sunny weather and getting my hands dirty in my garden, I always stay inside during the hottest part of the day! The mornings and evenings are best for me, especially since it has been over 100 degrees this month. One way I stay cool is by wearing clothing made of moisture-wicking fabric and a wide-brim hat/gardening hat.

My workout shorts, skort, and workout dresses are my favorite, especially those with pockets so I can place my phone and Airpod case in them. If you’re searching for a new gardening outfit that you can also wear to work out and run errands in, you’re in luck! Today, I’m excited to share a roundup of 11 summer gardening outfits you’ll love! I also shared a few sun hats that are trendy and will also protect your face from the sun.

11 Summer Gardening Outfit Ideas

The Best Workout Dress With Pockets & Sneakers For Summer Gardening

Alo Real Tennis Dress outfit

I have purchased a few workout dresses over the years, and the Alo Yoga Airbrush Real Tennis Dress is my absolute favorite! One thing about workout dresses is they can be hard to “climb into” since they have shorts built-in. The Alo Airbrush Real Tennis Dress is made of the brand’s signature Airbrush fabric which is high-stretch and easy to climb into or put on.

This high-stretch dress is flattering, well made and ideal for working out, playing tennis, or gardening! It has a built-in bra and built-in shorts underneath, which I love. The shorts have pockets, which are perfect for holding your smartphone, AirPods or earphones when gardening. Another great thing about the built-in shorts is the coverage they provide when bending and squatting. The dress fits true-to-size, and is petite-friendly! I am shy of 5’3”, and it is the perfect length. It is available in a few colors including white, black, and athletic heather grey.

I wear this trendy dress with my comfortable On CloudNova sneakers and Zella no-show socks that are well made, perfect for exercising (including gardening) and are currently deeply discounted at the Nordstrom Sale!

This dress can also be accessorized with other shoes when running errands or out to lunch with friends!

I always wear sunscreen and a sun hat during the day to protect my face. This outfit looks great with a floppy wide brim hat or this popular straw hat! I just purchased this Alo baseball cap, which I will definitely wear often in the evening when I deadhead roses.

The Best Tennis Dress For Summer Gardening

Alo Yoga Charmed Tennis Dress

I have had this Alo Charmed Tennis Dress on my wish list for months and finally splurged on it a few weeks ago. I’m officially head over heels in love with it! This dress is made of Alo Yoga’s signature high-stretch Airbrush material, which is flattering and ideal for hot summer days and various activities! With polo collars as popular as ever, this dress is a must for summer and fall 2023! While it doesn’t have shorts underneath, the length is long enough that I don’t worry when bending over. It comes in black and white and is available in all sizes – from XXS to large.

This dress is just as perfect for gardening as it is for playing tennis, working out, playing golf, running errands, and a coffee date with friends, and that is just the beginning! I am obsessed with this dress. It isn’t every day you stumble on a chic workout dress!

It looks great with my On Cloudnova sneakers, trademark Zella no-show socks (which are the best!), and my trusty Stanley Cup because I am always hydrated, especially in this heat!

My Favorite Workout Skort For Gardening & Working Out

Workout Skort Summer Gardening Outfit

I purchased this Madewell MWL Flex Fitness Skort last summer, and I am obsessed with it! This skort is made of a polyester elastane blend fabric that is comfortable, cool, and ideal for summer. I love that it has lightweight stretchy shorts built into it. The shorts have one seamless pocket which fits a smartphone, AirPods or earbuds. The skort has an elastic waistband and is easy to throw on and take off. I love that it’s machine washable/tumble dry low and is easy to launder! This skort is available in black and in white and pairs well with everything! It is also available at a different retailer in this pretty rose pink/mauve shade, which I adore.

One thing is for sure, I wear this skort all the time during the warm summer months. I have no problem bending or squatting to pull weeds in it. It’s also great for running errands or working out. Today, I styled it with my favorite Alo Cover Tank! This cropped faux wrap/twist front tank top is made of a rayon/spandex blend, which is very comfortable. It is very flattering and can be worn with workout clothing, denim jeans, shorts, or your favorite skirt!

This outfit looks great with On Cloudnova sneakers and Zella no-show socks. In the early morning hours and evening, I wear it with a baseball cap; and wear it with either my floppy hat or straw hat when deadheading roses, watering my vegetables, using gardening tools or pulling weeds during the day.

Must Have Leopard Print Workout Shorts For Gardening

Leopard Print Workout Shorts

I love Nike’s Dri Fit running shorts. I have practically lived in them every summer for years. In addition, I own them in a few different prints including this fun leopard print! This color combination is sold out, but I found the shorts in pink leopard print, which is fun for summer, especially since “Barbiecore” (and pink in general!) is more popular than ever. While I wish the shorts had pockets, I love the great coverage they provide. The shorts have built-in briefs, so you don’t have to worry about bending over to weed your garden or plant bulbs this fall.

The shorts are made of Nike’s signature “dri fit fabric” which will keep you dry when working out or gardening this summer. I have had this pair for years and they’re still in great condition. They are machine washable and easy to launder, which is an added bonus!

I styled the shorts with my favorite Alo crop cover tank top! I love everything about it, especially the twist front detailing. This length is perfect for high waisted shorts, leggings or pants!

I am wearing my On Cloudnova sneakers in this photo and absolutely adore them. I am also a fan of the Nike Air Max 270 Sneakers, which I adore as well! They are very comfortable and ideal for long days gardening or a quick run!

In the photo I am holding my Brixton Joanna Hat, which is a must! I love the wide brim, which protects my face while working in the garden. My mom loves hers too! I purchased her one, and it is ideal when she is weedeating, deadheading roses, watering or planting at our family’s flower farm!

High Waisted Workout Shorts For Summer Gardening

Summer Gardening Outfit and Workout outfit

I purchased the Free People FP Movement The Way Home Shorts last month and I am obsessed with them. These high-waisted workout shorts are a celebrity and influencer essential and are worth the hype! I love the flattering wide waistband and trendy dolphin hem! The shorts look great with boxy shirts and crop tank tops, such as the Alo Cover Tank, which I adore. While I wish they had pockets for my iPhone and AirPod case, I typically leave my phone on my outdoor dining table in the shade, so it’s not a problem!

The shorts are made 100% polyamide, which is lightweight and perfect for hot summer days like what many have been experiencing across the country this summer! I wear them all the time with sandals, my On Cloudnova sneakers, and signature Zella no-show socks which are the best no-show socks I have ever found! They are constantly selling out at Nordstrom because they are well made, launder well, and are the absolute best!

I can’t forget about my trusty Stanley 40 oz cup! I always stay hydrated, especially while gardening as it burns a lot of calories.

Bike Shorts and Cotton Tee for Summer Gardening

Bike Shorts and Cotton Tee

I purchased these high waisted Zella bike shorts years ago at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and absolutely love them! They are made of moisture-wicking fabric and are so comfortable! I love the flattering high waist, and the pocket on the side, which fits my smartphone and Airpods.

These bike shorts are ideal for a long day of deadheading in the garden, planting, watering or pulling weeds since they are so comfortable! They are also perfect for running errands or working out. The best part is they are currently on sale and are 60% off (under $20) with free shipping for a limited time!

I typically wear these shorts with a t-shirt (and a cozy sweatshirt on cool summer nights). I love my vintage inspired band tees and my Anine Bing shirts, which are made of organic cotton. They are heavy duty and provide great coverage. Anine Bing shirts look great with bike shorts, leggings, denim cutoff shorts, denim skirts and jeans!

I paired the shorts and shirt with my white no-show socks from Zella and my extremely comfortable On CloudNova sneakers, which have quickly become a staple in my garden/workout and errand running wardrobe!

Leggings and Cotton Tee For Cool Summer Gardening

Leggings and Cotton Tee

I am impatiently waiting for the weather to cool down so I can wear my favorite Zella leggings, cozy sweatshirts and cotton tees when deadheading roses and gardening in general! If the weather is cooler where you live (or you’re looking for a great pair of leggings for gardening, running errands or working out), I highly recommend the Zella Luxe High Waist Pocket Leggings. Zella leggings are my favorite! They are made of a moisture wicking fabric that is soft, comfortable and flattering! The leggings provide great coverage and have a pocket for your smartphone, AirPods or earbuds!

I paired the leggings with my new On CloudNova sneakers and heavy duty organic cotton t-shirt by Anine Bing! In fact, I love wearing Anine Bing shirts because they are so well made and launder well, which is essential after a day of gardening!

I wore these pants when I rototilled and planted my pumpkins and sunflowers last month! PS: If you’re searching for new garden tools, I highly recommend this Sun Joe Cultivator and this Corona extended reach hoe/cultivator. They are both easy to use and have helped me amend my soil!

Comfortable Wide Leg Pants For Summer Gardening

summer gardening outfits including these wide leg linen pants in green and a block boxy shirt!

A few months ago, I blogged about the phenomenal Caslon wide-leg linen pants I purchased at Nordstrom! Those pants are my lifeline on cool summer days! I wear them 24/7! They’re perfect for gardening, when giving tours of the garden, and running errands, and are so chic and comfortable. I’m obsessed with them! They look great paired with tank tops, boxy t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and more!

These pants are available in regular and petite, and are currently on sale! They look great with sneakers, and sandals and can also be worn with wedges for dressier occasions than gardening! 😀

I paired the pants with my favorite Open Edit boxy crop t-shirt, which is very comfortable, and comes in various colors. This shirt is less than $20 with free shipping and is an absolute must! Not only is it perfect with these pants, but it also looks great with denim jeans, joggers, leggings, shorts, and skirts! I highly recommend it.

I paired these pants and this top with my Golden Goose sneakers, which I have had for years! This outfit is ideal for watering, deadheading, or planting! If you will do a lot of walking in the garden, I would wear the pants with the On Cloudnova sneakers!

PS: In April I shared a photo of the pants with a blank long-sleeve top on LTK and thought I would share it in case you would like to see how it looks with a long-sleeve top and different shoes! I wore this outfit when I gave a florist a tour of our farm.

Comfortable Little Black Dress For Summer Gardening

Michael Lauren Gilly dress in black, white Golden Goose sneakers | Summer Gardening Outfit

I purchased this Michael Lauren Sleeveless Gilly Dress in black a few years ago, and it is a staple in my wardrobe. It is made of lightweight jersey fabric and is so cozy. This dress is ideal for an afternoon of gardening, lounging around the house, or running errands. I wear this dress with sneakers and sandals throughout the warm summer months!

I paired this dress with my trusty white Golden Goose sneakers and typically wear it with a baseball cap, my wide brim Brixton Joanna straw hat, or a floppy hat in the summer!

Cool Midi Dress for Summer Gardening

summer gardening outfit including a black Amazon tent dress and Golden Goose sneakers.

A few years ago, there was an Amazon dress that was trending that every influencer was featuring. It was so popular that it took a month or so for delivery! I don’t typically have the best luck when shopping for clothing on Amazon (or I’d share my picks more often), so I took a chance on the highly coveted Amazon dress and fell in love with it! This comfortable and lightweight Kirundo Sleeveless Ruffled Babydoll Dress is a must for the gal looking for a tent dress that is just as perfect for gardening as it is for a backyard barbecue or running errands. It is technically a mini dress, but as a petite, the hemline hits at my knees.

It doesn’t have pockets unfortunately, but it is still a favorite! I love the length and that I can be comfortable planting, deadheading or weeding. The best part is this dress is currently on sale (and is over 43% off with an additional coupon) for a limited time! It comes in various colors, which is an added bonus.

I paired this dress with my white Golden Goose sneakers, but I also wear it with my Nikes, On Cloud sneakers and sandals.

Maxi Dress and a Floppy Hat for Summer Gardening

black maxi dress and white Golden Goose sneakers while gardening in the summer.

If there’s one dress I wear for nearly every occasion (or just with open toe slippers on my back porch in the morning!), it’s my black Seafolly Faithful Midi Dress! It may be a midi dress, but it fits me like a maxi. I featured this chic dress last week on the blog, and I adore it. It’s so popular there is only one size left (this dress is very similar). I love the elastic straps, the smocked bodice, and the fact that it is lined and has pockets!

I paired this dress with my Golden Goose sneakers and floppy hat! But I purchased this hat from Nordstrom a few years ago, and this hat is very similar to it!

It is chic and perfect for gardening, outdoor brunch, or any activity where you’d like to protect your face during the spring, summer, and fall months! It’s also ideal for keeping my long hair out of my face when bent over weeding, deadheading, fixing drippers, and more.

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