20 Best Birch Christmas Trees In Every Style & Height!

Faux birch Christmas trees are a hot holiday decor trend! Lifestyle expert, journalist and interior design blogger Candie Anderson of candieanderson.com has the scoop on 16 of the best artificial birch Christmas trees in a variety of styles, trends and price ranges.

Birch trees hold special meaning to me, and I couldn’t be happier that they’re gaining popularity for both indoor and outdoor use this holiday season. My lovely great aunt who lived in the forest in Minnesota created the most beautiful handmade cards for birthdays, the holidays, and “just because” out of paper she made from birch trees. They were beautiful and heartwarming just as she was! This season it melted my heart when I noticed just how popular artificial birch Christmas trees are. Did you know that the birch tree holds spiritual meanings? According to reports, it is “a sacred tree within the mythology of the Celts and is thought to have very protective influences” and “on Midsummer’s Eve, branches from the tree would be hung around doors of dwellings in hopes to bring good luck and guard against any evil misfortune?” No wonder birch Christmas trees are so popular! 

A gorgeous faux birch Christmas tree is a must for every style of home! They’ll look great paired with your modern console in your living room, in your traditional dining room, or on your rustic front porch. A beautiful birch tree can be adorned with ornaments, but will also look amazing with its gorgeous twinkling lights. I love that they are available in a wide array of styles and sizes – from 18” to 3 ft and some tower at 7 feet tall. The 18” will look amazing adorning your dining table or on your desk in your home office!

If you’re searching for the perfect minimalistic Christmas tree for your home or porch, you’re in luck! Today, I’m excited to share 16 of the best birch Christmas trees in a wide array of styles and sizes! I hope you love them as much as I do. 🙂 

Updated December 12, 2022

Tabletop Birch Christmas Trees

If you live in a small space or do a lot of entertaining, you can’t go wrong with a tabletop tree! The birch Christmas tree is one of the hottest holiday decor trends, and thankfully there are a few tabletop birch Christmas trees to choose from. First on my list is this beautiful LED Battery Operated Birch Tree. It is “2FT tall, has 24 LED lights, has up to a 25,000-hour bulb life.” This gorgeous tree is under $20 and is available on Amazon Prime. It will look beautiful on your mantel, as the centerpiece on your minimalistic holiday table, and is also perfect for a winter wedding!

It’s no secret that Christmas trees with sparse branches are more popular than ever! I can’t get enough of this sparse Crate&Barrel LED 18″ Birch Tree! I love how they adorned it with silver ornaments. I think it will look phenomenal with vintage Christmas ornaments as well.

This beauty has fantastic 4.5 out of 5 star reviews with reviewers stating that it is beautiful and versatile! They love that it is battery operated and that is can be left out/used throughout the year. That’s one of the great things about birch trees! You can decorate them throughout the year with Christmas ornaments, Valentine’s Day decor, Easter eggs, flowers to signal spring, fall acorns and more!

They will look great undecorated as well for a modern minimalistic look.

3 Foot Tall Birch Christmas Trees

I fell in love with this Mr. Christmas 3-Ft. Decorative LED Birch Tree as soon as I spotted it. Macy’s has some of the best faux Christmas trees I’ve ever seen (I bought my flocked pink tree there last year) and I’m obsessing over this beauty! One of my favorite things about this modern minimalist tree is the “60 clear faceted warm white LED bulbs” on the tips of the branches. It’s absolutely stunning!

This beauty has great 4.3 out of 5 star reviews with reviewers stating that it is beautiful, the perfect modern take on the traditional Christmas tree, can be used throughout the year for various holidays (and seasons), the lights are bright and it’s better than expected.

The best part is it is currently on sale for just $29.99. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal, friends!

This beautiful Crate&Barrel LED 3′ Birch Tree is an absolute dream! I can’t get enough of this lovely modern tree. It’s available in quite a few different sizes and looks phenomenal adorned with Christmas ornaments. I love how it looks next to this modern cabinet, and that trendy round mirror. This gorgeous setting is perfection! Not only is it ideal for indoor use, but you can place this tree (or a group of trees) on your sheltered patio as well.

It has fantastic 4.5 out of 5 star reviews with reviewers sharing that it’s beautiful, set up was easy, and they love that it is battery operated.

4 Foot Tall Birch Christmas Trees

This lovely Pottery Barn Light Up LED Faux White Birch Tree is made of metal, plastic, and wire. It’s four feet tall and the perfect height for any room in your home, and can also be featured outdoors! A group of trees will look phenomenal on your patio or on your front lawn. This gorgeous modern tree will also look amazing next to your media console in your living room or in the corner of your dining room!

It has 150 beautiful LED lights and is sure to brighten your home during the charming holiday season and throughout the year!

Like many of you, I love gold holiday decorations, especially gold trees! It doesn’t get any prettier than this elegant Pottery Barn Lighted Gold Birch Tree. It has 15 durable branches and 88 bulbs. This beauty will look phenomenal on your front porch! I think birch Christmas trees look amazing in a group of three or more outdoors whether it’s on a porch or a patio.

This beautifully lit tree will look breathtaking in a living room! You could adorn it with blush pink, white, or metallic ornaments if you’d like to “dress it up.”

If you’re anything like me, you prefer buying faux trees with bendable branches so you can truly make them your own! This stunning Hairui Lighted White Birch Tree is an Amazon home essential just in time for the holiday season. It’s available as a four-foot, six-foot, or eight-foot tree. This gorgeous tree has 31 branches and 72 energy efficient and long lasting LED lights. It too is a must for indoor or outdoor use, and is on sale at under $60! I’m a huge fan of holiday decor that also doubles as winter decor, and this gorgeous tree is just that! 

This magnificent birch Christmas tree has over 1600 4.5 out of 5 star reviews. Reviewers have stated that it is absolutely stunning, excellent quality, the branches are easy to shape, very realistic and natural looking. It truly is one of the hottest trees of the season!

5 Foot Tall Birch Christmas Trees

My love is strong for this modern 5.5 foot Pottery Barn Light Up LED Wrapped Birch Tree! It is “made of wire and plastic”, and has 88 LED bulbs. This beautiful tree will look amazing on its own or in a group of three in your dining room or living room. You can place a chic white faux fur tree skirt around it for a cozy winter theme or leave the stand bare for a more modern minimalistic look.

This beauty is also perfect for indoor or outdoor use, which is fantastic. I can see it paired with a few trees and a reindeer. How about you?

Crate&Barrel has so many gorgeous birch Christmas trees it was hard to choose just one beautiful “twig tree.” This fabulous LED 5′ Birch Tree is available as a tabletop 18″, 3 foot, 5 foot, and seven-foot tree. I think they’ll look amazing grouped together in your living room or on your covered porch for a cozy winter wonderland look!

It has fantastic out 4.5 out of 5 star reviews with reviews stating that it is perfect for a modern living room, the lighting is beautiful and bright, and that the tree is elegant and easy to set up.

6 Foot Tall Birch Christmas Trees

If you’re searching for a beautiful towering birch tree for winter and the holiday season, you’re in luck! This must have 82.6″ (6.83 feet) Pottery Barn Lighted White Birch Tree is perfection. One of the many things I love about this modern minimalistic tree are the lights! It has 250 bulbs on 11 sparse branches. It will look great in your entryway, bedroom, living room or sheltered outdoor patio!

In fact, this magnificent artificial tree is not only perfect for the holidays but is one you leave out throughout the chilly winter months.

This lighted Pottery Barn Icy White Birch Tree is 71″ tall and just shy of 6 ft! It’s ideal for indoor use or covered outdoor use. Pottery Barn has so many gorgeous pre-lit birch Christmas trees to choose from in a variety of styles. If like me, you love the look of grouped birch trees or twig trees, you can’t go wrong with buying a few different trees in various heights and styles.

PS: Pottery Barn trees are selling out very fast, there were two additional trees I was looking to feature today, but they sold out almost immediately. If you have any of these beautiful birch Christmas trees on your wish list, I highly recommend grabbing them ASAP as they are extremely popular!

How amazing is this 6-foot tall Pottery Barn Lighted Snowy Brown Birch Tree? I’m obsessed with it! The trunk of this beautiful faux birch tree is actually made of wood, and the lighted branches are beautiful and bright.

It’s suitable for outdoor use and will look great paired with your outdoor holiday display for years to come. Not only is it suitable for outdoor use, but will look amazing paired with your favorite Christmas decor in your living room, family room, entryway and home office.

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly six-foot-tall pre-lit birch tree, you came to the right place! This best-selling Heplfikg 6 Foot Birch Light Tree has beautiful fairy lights and over 300 great reviews! It’s an Amazon Christmas decor essential and will brighten your home all winter long.

8 Foot Tall Birch Christmas Trees

If you’re searching for a stunning Christmas tree that will make a statement in any home regardless of style, you’re in luck! This exquisite Lightshare 8 Foot LED Birch Tree is ideal. It has phenomenal 4.5 out of 5 star reviews, is beloved by many, and is an absolute showstopper.

This bestseller is one that you can decorate with your favorite neutral ornaments, homemade ornaments, or leave it as a “naked tree” (just the lights/no ornaments), which is extremely popular and ideal for the modern minimalist or the contemporary home. It is on sale at just $80.99 with free Prime shipping and will arrive in less than a week! This gorgeous tree also comes in a few other sizes, they and are just as magnificent!

Reviewers have stated that it is easy to assemble, is absolute beautiful, garners tons of compliments, and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

I am officially obsessed with this trendy 84″ Plow & Hearth Artificial Birch Tree in Pot! It is pre-lit, perfect for winter and the holiday season. I love everything about this 7 foot tall artificial tree, especially the rustic pot which looks amazing adorned with pinecones. You can fill the pot with any decor you’d like or wrap it in a snowy white faux fur tree skirt for a modern winter look!

Another great thing about this beautiful tall tree is that it gives you the option of switching between warm white lights and multicolor lights. It comes with a remote and you can switch between 8 light settings, which is perfect for every day, and will also make a statement when you entertain guests this holiday season (and during the chilly winter months)! Since this gorgeous birch Christmas tree comes with an all-weather UL-approved adapter, you can use it outside as well!

Set of 3 Birch Christmas Trees

Ladies and gentlemen, I have saved the best deal for last! Amazon has a gorgeous set of three elegant birch Christmas trees on sale for less than $130 with free Prime shipping. The set of three trees includes a four-foot tree, a six-foot tree, and an eight-foot tree. They will look amazing grouped together in a bedroom, living room, dining room, or family room while everyone opens presents on Christmas morning. They also are available as a pair or sold individually!

This beautiful set of trees has over 3,000 exceptional 4.7 out of 5 star reviews with reviewers stating that they are easy to assemble, can be used year round, are great quality, beautiful and perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

Lifestyle expert, journalist, and interior design blogger Candie Anderson of candieanderson.com has the scoop on 16 of the best artificial birch Christmas trees in every style and height.

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