15 Best Anthropologie Desks For Your Home Office


Lifestyle expert, journalist and interior design blogger Candie Anderson of candieanderson.com has the scoop on 15 of the best Anthropologie desks in a variety of styles for your home office, bedroom or living room.



It’s official, I am obsessed with desks and home office furniture. I have long loved my French inspired desk, but I kid you not after stumbling on these gorgeous Anthropologie desks in November I have contemplated selling it or purchasing another desk because obviously, one can’t have enough home office furniture, especially when working from home or taking classes. Well, that’s at least what I tell myself! 

It’s no secret my furniture and fashion posts inspire new purchases and welcomed change in my life! A few weeks ago I posted a few of the best upholstered desk chairs and it was such a great decision! After reading the amazing reviews, I bought this cream button tufted chair (on sale!), which I’m proud to say I put together by myself with my trusty pink toolset/fix-it-kit that I bought at the Shopbop Sale a few months ago! Sitting at a comfortable desk chair has made a world of difference. I’m no longer in extreme lower back pain!

Lately, I have been listening to Bob Proctor a few times a week for inspiration and it’s been incredibly motivating! In one of his videos, he mentioned “Only have things around you that you love and are in harmony with.” He also stated that you should “Create a space for the good that you desire.” I truly believe in these philosophies! When you feel good and you love the space you’re in, you’re more inspired and it makes you more productive! 

With that being said, today, I’m excited to share 15 gorgeous Anthropologie desks you’ll love in a variety of styles.


Best White Anthropologie Desks

I absolutely adore white desks. One of the main reasons is because they’re easy to adorn with a variety of desk accessories! Another great thing about them is they’ll look amazing in any room of your home because they’re so versatile. One of my favorite desks for 2022 is the Merriton Desk in the color ivory. I love everything about it, especially the brass and modern lucite drawer pulls! Honestly, I think it would also make a great console table for your entryway or dining room. It is perfection.

Merriton Desk Ivory anthropologie desks
Merriton Desk Ivory




The fabulous Merriton desk featured above is also available as an executive desk! I can’t get enough of this lacquered desk with brass and lucite drawer pulls. It is exquisite and will look great paired with a modern office chair! This beautiful desk will be a staple in any home office and will be the envy of your coworkers on your next Zoom call! 😉

Merriton Executive Desk White anthropologie desks
Merriton Executive Desk White




I’m obsessed with this washed wood desk in white. It is perfect for the coastal-inspired home, the farmhouse, rustic, or traditional space! It has three drawers and fabulous brass drawer pulls. This too would make an amazing console table.

Washed Wood Desk White anthropologie desks
Washed Wood Desk White




The most gorgeous home office filled with books, home decor essentials, and a beautiful white wood desk!

Washed Wood Desk White anthropologie desks
Washed Wood Desk White




The thing I love the most about Anthropologie desks is they come in a wide array of styles and colors! I have been tempted to feature them for months now because I can’t get enough of them, they’re all unique and absolutely beautiful. This Handcarved Lombok executive desk with “filigree-inspired cutouts” is an absolute dream. It’s made of tropical wood, is available in multiple colors, and is absolutely breathtaking. I have long been a fan of Anthro’s Lombok collection, especially their beds, nightstands, dressers, and bathroom vanities. This desk is just as fabulous!

Handcarved Lombok Executive Desk White anthropologie desks
Handcarved Lombok Executive Desk White




White and gold is one of my favorite color combinations! It’s elegant, sophisticated, luxurious, and timeless. This Handcrafted Thalia Desk in distressed white with “brass-capped legs and rough-hewn brass pulls” is an absolute dream! My iMac, mercury glass picture frame, Louis Vuitton planner, and leopard print stapler are begging for a spot on this desk!

Handcarved Thalia Desk Brass Capped Legs anthropologie desks
Handcarved Thalia Desk



Modern White Desk

I struggled to choose which color Lacquered Regency desk to feature as I want them all! This Hollywood Regency inspired beauty with lucite drawer knobs is available in blush pink, teal, and white! I can see pairing it with a modern velvet desk chair or with a trendy leather accent chair. This desk is destined to garner tons of compliments!

Tracey Boyd Lacquered Regency Desk White anthropologie desks
Tracey Boyd Lacquered Regency Desk White




Gorgeous Bone Inlay Desks

How exquisite is this Moroccan bone inlay desk? It comes in two color combinations: black and white, and in slate blue/white. I can’t get enough of this handcrafted desk! It will look amazing in your living room, bedroom, or home office. I just have to ask – which one is your favorite?

Moroccan Inlay Desk Black White anthropologie desks
Moroccan Inlay Desk Black and White




I simply adore the Moroccan Inlay Desk in Slate Blue! I can see decorating it with white ceramic vases filled with blush pink spring blooms. How about you?

Moroccan Inlay Desk Slate Blue White Anthropologie desks
Moroccan Inlay Desk Slate Blue White




This lovely scroll vine inlay vanity table comes in light grey and navy blue! It is an absolute dream. I love it as a desk, vanity table for your bedroom, or console table for the foyer! It’ll look great in your bedroom, home office, living room, entryway, or dining room.

Scroll Vine Inlay Vanity Table Light Grey anthropologie desks
Scroll Vine Inlay Vanity Table Light Grey




You can’t go wrong with the Savi Striped Inlay Desk in grey and white as stripes are timeless and always on trend! I can see pairing it with black, and blush pink desk accessories. How about you?

Savi Striped Inlay Desk Grey anthropologie desks
Savi Striped Inlay Desk Grey




Trendy Textured Anthropologie Desks

Give me all the textured furniture, home decor, and decorative throw pillows! Anthropologie has quite a few unique textured hardwood desks that are ideal for a variety of interior design styles. First on my list is this textured trellis desk. It was inspired by garden trellises – which is right up my alley. This beautiful ash wood desk comes in three different finishes: grey, natural, and black. I love that the desk drawers are large enough to store your stapler, folders, extra blank paper, tech devices, and much more.

Textured Trellis Desk anthropologie desks
Textured Trellis Desk




I had the toughest time choosing which Tracey Boyd Odetta desk to feature because I want them ALL. This charming Anthro desk with “grasscloth-inspired texture” and brass/lucite hardware is available in grey, indigo, and white. They’re all absolutely stunning and have ample space for home decor favorites, and home office essentials. This has to be the most gorgeous functional desk for 2022!

Tracey Boyd Odetta Desk Grey anthropologie desks
Tracey Boyd Odetta Desk Grey




The contemporary textured anigre veneer facade Ingram Executive Desk with silver hardware is also available in light grey, white, and indigo. It has six drawers, making it great for those working from home or students! It also has “one power outlet and cord escape” so you can plug in your tech devices, printer, and more!

Ingram Executive Desk Light Grey anthropologie desks
Ingram Executive Desk Light Grey




The Best Midcentury Inspired Anthropologie Desks

It’s no secret midcentury, modern and contemporary furniture are incredibly popular. This midcentury eucalyptus wood Quincy executive desk with brass hardware is a must for the trendsetter! It has five drawers and ample space for anyone looking to lead a more organized life!

Quincy Executive Desk Cedar anthropologie desks midcentury home office furniture
Quincy Executive Desk Cedar




One of the many great things about this modern Gael Desk is the glass top, which is easy to clean with a “damp soft cloth.”  This desk is ideal for those who don’t need drawer space!

Gael Desk Bronze anthropologie desks
Gael Desk Bronze


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