9 Pilates Tips For Beginners and How To Get In Shape For The Holidays

Have you thought about taking a Pilates class or watching one on Youtube, but aren’t sure if you’re flexible enough or fit enough to start? If so, you’re not alone. I too have felt this way from time to time. The exercise that is beloved by celebrities and fitness experts across the globe is actually “much more customizable and accessible than many other exercises.” According to certified Pilates instructor and Westside Pilates owner, Adrianne Yurgosky, “Pilates is a unique form of exercise. It is the only exercise that you could do for an entire hour without putting any pressure on your feet.”

Adrianne was kind enough to join me for an interview recently to share 9 amazing Pilates tips for beginners. She dished on everything from how to get started, whether or not you should take a class in a studio or do the exercise at home. Adrianne shared the most common myths and misconceptions, how to get fit for the holiday season and much more! This interview is not only one that will come in handy during the holidays and cold winter season when you can’t exercise outdoors, but one that is perfect year round! Please scroll down for more information and be sure to head over to their website and social media channels for even more amazing information.


How Pilates Differs From Other Exercises

Candie Anderson: Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston are just a few of the celebrities who have shared their love of Pilates! Can you tell us about pilates? 

Adrianne Yurgosky: “Pilates is a unique form of exercise. It is the only exercise that you could do for an entire hour without putting any pressure on your feet. Pilates helps stretch and tone at the same time with the use of springs rather than weights. You work the deeper muscles rather than the superficial muscles.”



Caitlin G teaching Bonnie on the arm chair. Photo Credit: Michel Leroy
Caitlin G teaching Bonnie on the arm chair. Photo Credit: Michel Leroy


Pilates Tips For Beginners

Candie Anderson: Do you have any tips you can share for beginners?

Adrianne Yurgosky: “Don’t be afraid to start. Pilates sometimes has an intimidating reputation, but it’s actually so much more customizable and accessible than many other exercises. A quality instructor will help you figure out where to start and guide you through the right workout for the level you are at on any given day. Just do the best you can and have fun!!

All good things come with time so don’t worry or feel overwhelmed, just keep trying.”


Should You Do Pilates At Home Or In A Studio

Candie Anderson: Can you do Pilates at home or is it better to do it in a studio? 

Adrianne Yurgosky: “You can do Pilates at home. Remember that it is always good to have someone keep an eye on your form and help you discover new muscles within an exercise. There are major benefits to visiting a studio regularly, especially if you’re new to Pilates and less confident monitoring your form.”



What To Expect In A Pilates Class

Candie Anderson: What can you expect in a Pilates class?

Adrianne Yurgosky: “You can expect to work hard and likely discover muscles you have never used before, and positions you have never been in. You’ll also feel beautifully stretched when the class is over. You’ll go home with a stronger mind/body connection.”



Certified Pilates Instructor Adrianne Yurgosky teaching push ups on the reformer. Photo Credit: Michel Leroy
Certified Pilates Instructor Adrianne Yurgosky teaching push ups on the reformer. Photo Credit: Michel Leroy



Whether Or Not You Need Equipment To Do Pilates

Candie Anderson: Is there any equipment needed? 

Adrianne Yurgosky: “Pilates started with mat work,  so equipment is not strictly needed, but the specialized equipment we use was created to help with the mat work. It’s best if they go together to work towards the common goal. The most common pieces of apparatus are the reformers, Cadillac, towers and chairs. You really do notice a difference using the equipment, but if you only have access to a mat, then do it! Just get yourself moving.”



The Health Benefits Of Pilates

Candie Anderson: What are some of the health benefits?

Adrianne Yurgosky: “Movement heals. Pilates improves posture, blood circulation, core strength, flexibility and stability. It brings you physical and mental balance. The mind/body connection you build through Pilates is one of the most powerful benefits, and it’s something people don’t usually expect to gain.”



The Most Common Myths and Misconceptions About Pilates

Candie Anderson: What are some of the most common myths or misconceptions about Pilates?

Adrianne Yurgosky: “I often see Pilates and yoga lumped together. Pilates is not yoga. Pilates is Pilates. It’s really a a hybrid of Yoga, martial arts, boxing, fencing, and German calisthenics. 

Another misconception is that Pilates is exclusively an elite exercise. Yes, lots of incredible athletes and celebrities do Pilates, but anyone can do Pilates! Not everyone can do every exercise but everyone can do Pilates.”


Certified Pilates instructor Adrianne Yurgosky being taught on the arm chair by Caitlin G.
Certified Pilates instructor Adrianne Yurgosky being taught on the arm chair by Caitlin G. Photo Credit: Michel Leroy


How To Get In Shape For The Holidays Party Season

Candie Anderson: With the holiday party season quickly approaching, do you have any exercise tips that you can share with those looking to try Pilates to get in shape for the holidays?

Adrianne Yurgosky: “Even if you can’t do an hour’s worth of exercise, try for at least 5 minutes. When you tell yourself you’re going to do a 180 in your habits, you’re setting yourself up to fail. What’s important is that you start with some progress. Just start to move. In Pilates, start with just the ab series and then begin to build from there. You will notice yourself wanting to do more each time you start.”



How To Start Exercising Once And For All!

Candie Anderson: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Adrianne Yurgosky: “It is so important to move! Whatever your age or body issues are, just start doing something that feels good and that you enjoy (or can learn to enjoy). It’s important to find a good instructor who is smart about how they configure your workouts and helps keep you motivated and having fun.”


Candie Anderson: Where can we go for more information? 

Adrianne Yurgosky: “Westsidepilatesnyc.com. Email us. Believe it or not, I do check every email personally. If you have any questions, I’m all ears.”



Certified Pilates Instructor Adrianne Yurgosky joined journalist and blogger Candace Rose Anderson of the blog Candie Anderson for an interview to share 9 pilates tips for beginners and how to get in shape for the holiday season. Photo Credit: Michel Leroy
Certified Pilates Instructor Adrianne Yurgosky. Photo Credit: Michel Leroy

Adrianne Yurgosky BIO

Adrianne Yurgosky is a certified Pilates instructor dedicated to inspiring people towards better health and wellness through Pilates. As a college athlete, a painful case of sciatica in combination with scoliosis caused her to turn to Pilates for healing. After witnessing firsthand the powerful effects Pilates had on her body and mind, she sought to share this form of fitness and healing with others.

She is the owner of Westside Pilates (locations: Upper West Side and Long Island City). She is also co-owner of Pilates Pro Maintenance, a full-service maintenance company for Pilates equipment.

Adrianne works with a wide variety of clients, including athletes, pre and postnatal clients, individuals struggling with physical ailments such as low back pain and other chronic conditions, as well as those dealing with specific and general areas of tightness in the body. Adrianne is passionate about Pilates as a form of fitness and healing and dedicated to providing first-rate Pilates instruction. Because of her personal experience and extensive knowledge, she excels at helping clients build strength, manage pain, and find body movement that once seemed impossible.

Adrianne graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in International Political Science and French Literature. She is certified through Power Pilates in New York City under Bob Liekens, Junghee Won, and Susan Moran. Her second Pilates certification comes from United States Pilates Association (USPA) with Brett Howard.

She also has obtained her Pilates Method Alliance certification and is a certified holistic health counselor through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  In 2015, Adrianne spent the summer studying in the art of Traditional Thai Massage with Aree Sanyalak in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition to her NYC studios, Adrianne has taught in Paris and on Crystal Cruises.

When she’s not at the studio, Adrianne enjoys traveling, reading French literature and historical fiction, photography, and scouring the city for the next great restaurant. Luna, her Pomeranian pup, is a well-behaved visitor at the studios and fan favorite on Instagram @WestsidePilates

For more information, please visit https://westsidepilatesnyc.com

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