How I Organize My Shoes With My Pottery Barn Kids Bookcase!

How I organize shoes with my Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase in Simply White Candace Rose Anderson blog pinterest fashion blogger lifestyle blogger
How I organize shoes with my Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase in Simply White!



Being a lifestyle blogger, a fashion lover and a shoe addict can be dangerous! I’m always looking for trendy new shoes to feature on the blog and on Instagram, and once I find a pair that I have to have, I take the plunge. Over the last year I’ve become more careful about shopping for shoes. If it’s a classic, I’ll splurge on a designer pair. If it’s a trend, I stick to knockoffs/designer dupes. I was storing them in the shoeboxes to keep them “organized”, but I knew I had to find a better way to organize them! Having to search through boxes is no fun, and it can be rather messy. I was thinking of getting a pretty gold etagere for my shoes, but decided after checking out Instagram, I wanted white shelves.

We all know how expensive it can be to have shelves installed in our closets, and as often as I change my mind (it’s the gemini in me!) I thought why not try a white bookcase? It didn’t take me long to find the one I wanted. As you know, I love Pottery Barn, PBteen, and Pottery Barn Kids – they’re three of my favorite places to shop online for furniture and home decor. I ended up buying the Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3 Shelf bookshelf in simply white, which is absolutely GORGEOUS and perfect for any room in the house…I absolutely adore it. My shoes look perfect on it, and I love that I can organize them any way that I like. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with my handbags, I’m thinking of getting this GLAMDivide Luxe storage container from Glamboxes soon? For now, I have my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, my favorite straw bag with bow detail, and a few other bags on top. I also have my Nike sneakers on top to remind me every morning it’s time to get some exercise.

If you’re looking for a cute way to display your shoes, I highly recommend using a bookshelf in your favorite color or in classic white which never goes out of style. I love that the Pottery Barn Kids Cameron bookcase come in different sizes and colors. There are so many to choose from! If I didn’t have a curtain rod in my closet, I definitely would have gone with a larger bookcase. For now, this definitely works! I love that it’s well made, cost effective, and classic. If I decide to one day have shelves installed in my closet or do something different, it’ll be perfect in any room of my home!


How I Organize My Shoes With My Pottery Barn Kids Bookcase!


Obsessed with my gorgeous Pottery Barn Kids Bookcase in simply white. It’s the perfect way to organize my shoes and handbags.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Candace Rose Anderson shows how to organize Nike sneakers, Rag & Bone ankle boots, wedge sandals, bow sandals, flat sandals, Valentino Rockstud ballet flats, Tory Burch Reva flats and more on her Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase in Simply white candieanderson blog



Closeup of my handbags on the top shelf, and my favorite wedges, bow sandals for spring and summer!

Lifestyle fashion blogger Candace Rose Anderson reviews the Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3-shelf bookshelf to organize shoes and handbags pinterest blog



I wanted to give you another view of the bookcase, so you can see what the shelves look like on the inside!

Closeup of Candace Rose Anderson's Pottery Barn Kids 3-Shelf Bookcase in Simply White Shoes Organized for Spring 2017




Love my Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase in Simply White! It also comes in a variety of colors. PS: This is not a sponsored post, I only review items I absolutely love and wanted to share! 🙂

Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase Simply White
Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase Simply White



Since I love the Pottery Barn Cameron bookcase so much, today I’m featuring a few other “Cameron bookcases” in the shop the post widget. PS: They come in a variety of colors and sizes.


My favorite bow slide sandals, bow mules, mules, espadrilles, ankle boots, sneakers and more for spring 2017! OMG I also just found leopard print Tory Burch Miller sandals. They’re available for pre-order! Tory must have known my birthday is coming up. I may have to splurge 😉



In love with my pretty handbags, especially my straw tote bags for spring!

You can shop everything I featured or mentioned in the boutique widget below!



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