Ashley Black Talks The Cellulite Myth Book, Fascia, FasciaBlaster with Candace Rose!


Best selling author Ashley Black joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on her new book "The Cellulite Myth" book, fascia, FasciaBlaster and more.
Best selling author Ashley Black joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on her new book “The Cellulite Myth“, fascia, FasciaBlaster and more.


Ashley Black is a best selling author and health advocate who was born with an aggressive form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis which caused her debilitating pain all through childhood. She was told she would be wheelchair bound by the age of 25. Through strength, determination and research, she developed and enacted intuitive therapies to control her flare-ups and improve her health.

Unfortunately, when she gave birth to her second child, she developed a deadly staph infection, which was life threatening. “Refusing to accept her fate yet again, she began using herself as a guinea pig and discovered that structural limitations in the body can be due to constrictions in the “sheets” of connective tissue – fascia – that connect, penetrate, envelope, and surround every organ, joint, muscle, and system of the body. Her unique insights contributed to the creation of a new realm of science: Fasciology™ – the study of fascia. To quickly and effectively access the muscles and joints beneath the layers of fascia, she created the FasciaBlaster®.”

Ashley Black was kind enough to join me for an interview yesterday to dish on her new best selling book which has not been released yet “The Cellulite Myth.” She dished on everything from what inspired her to write it to the top cellulite myths, the connection between fascia, pain management and your health. Ashley also shared the best ways to fight cellulite and improve one’s overall health.

Please be sure to watch the video below to see my interview with Ashley Black in its entirety and to hear her amazing tips. You can find Ashley Black’s book “The Cellulite Myth” wherever books are sold. Ashley mentioned the easiest way to find more information on her, fascia and cellulite is to Google Ashley Black!


Disclaimer: I was sent Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster for review. I was not compensated by the SMT sponsor for this interview.

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