Holly Robinson Peete Talks Breakfast, Kids and “Mike and Molly”

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat a well balanced meal in the morning? Or do you feel rushed and forget to eat? We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and many of us tend to skip it. As a busy mom of four kids, actress Holly Robinson Peete knows how important it is for her children to not leave the house without breakfast, but even she admits that it can be a challenge.

Holly was kind enough to join me for an interview this week to discuss the challenges she faces in the morning with getting her kids to eat a well balanced meal, her favorite breakfast foods, and she also dished on whether or not she might be coming back to star on Melissa McCarthy’s hit show “Mike and Molly” next season!


Actress Holly Robinson Peete joined Candace Rose to talk about the importance of breakfast, her kids and a possible return to "Mike & Molly"!
Actress Holly Robinson Peete joined Candace Rose to talk about the importance of breakfast, her kids and a possible return to “Mike & Molly”!




How Holly Robinson Peete Overcomes Challenges In The Morning

Candace Rose Anderson: As a busy mom of four children, what are some of the challenges you face getting your kids to eat breakfast in the morning?

Holly Robinson Peete: “We don’t have enough time. So many challenges! I have two 16 year old twins, high schoolers and a sixth grader and a third grader. In the morning, for some reason I can’t figure out…because I love breakfast and I can’t wait for breakfast, they really struggle with getting the nutrition that they need in the morning. It’s a struggle, it’s a fight…it’s a battle. The good news is I feel that they are starting to understand that children that eat breakfast before school and really go to school with a full tummy are going to be more functional in school and are going to perform better. They start to see that, and that’s great.

This is an important time of year, final exams coming. You cannot go to school on an empty tank. It’s like a showdown in the kitchen in the morning because ‘you’re not leaving this house until you eat breakfast.’ I stick to that and I find it to be very effective.”


Holly Shares Breakfast Advice For Moms

Candace Rose Anderson: Do you have any advice for moms who struggle to give their kids a balanced morning meal?

Holly Robinson Peete: “Well, I think that two things can help – I think involving your child and being more proactive in what he or she is eating as opposed to dictating that’s what you’re eating. Listen, you don’t have to be a short order cook because nothing’s worse than when kids come downstairs ordering like they’re at IHOP or something, right? The reality is that you can involve them, have them be proactive about the things they want to eat, healthy choices…they go to the supermarket and they can make some choices.

Also, preparation. So the night before ask them tangibly – ‘What have you got going on tomorrow? Do you have a final exam? A track meet? Do you have a field trip? What’s happening tomorrow that you need to be prepared and locked and loaded for?’ The reality is they’ll often times think ‘Oh yeah, I better eat or else I’m going to crash by 10:00 or 11:00, and I won’t be able to play with my friends. So sometimes when you make it more tangible like that, it’s helpful.”


What Holly Robinson Peete Eats For Breakfast

Candace Rose Anderson: What are some of your favorite breakfast foods?

Holly Robinson Peete: “Well, I love whole grain pancakes and I love putting fresh fruit on it. I love Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. Again, fresh fruit really makes it great. I love Carnation Breakfast Essentials. My kids love them, and again, we mix fresh fruit and flaxseed and all kinds of fun things in it and make a really yummy smoothie that’s healthy nutritious and has all the protein that you need. It’s about being a little bit more inventive and creative.”


Candace Rose Anderson: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Holly Robinson Peete: “Well, I definitely want to tell people to check out CarnationBreakfastEssentials.com because on that website there are more tips about healthy recipes and more ideas to navigate the morning madness.”


On Whether Or Not She’ll Return To “Mike and Molly”

Candace Rose Anderson: I love all your acting roles, especially when you were on “Mike and Molly”. Is there any chance you’ll come back? My mom and I miss are so upset, we want you to come back! 

Holly Robinson Peete: “I was just tweeting with Reno Wilson who plays Carl because he’s dating Molly’s sister! I’m like whatever. We joke on Twitter about it. I loved doing that show. I was only supposed to do a few episodes and I ended up doing 13, and it was such a blessing because it was one of the best casts I’ve ever worked with. I’m like bring back Christina.”

Candace Rose Anderson: Is there a petition that we can sign?

Holly Robinson Peete: “Let’s get one started!”

Candace Rose Anderson: I’m all for that.

Holly Robinson Peete: “I want to go back there so bad, so hopefully next season. They’re wrapped for this season, so hopefully next season.”

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