Clueless Icon, Elisa Donovan Talks Beauty, Motherhood

In 1995 actress Elisa Donovan gained fame as Cher’s nemesis, Amber in the classic film Clueless. She has since starred in hit television programs and feature films, and today is a mom to infant daughter Scarlett. Donovan is also a celebrity mom blogger on where she shares tips and gives moms the truth about pregnancy and motherhood.

Elisa was kind enough to join me for an interview yesterday where she discussed everything from her role on Clueless to how busy moms on the go can look and feel their best, and much more!


Actress Elisa Donovan talks about her role in the iconic film Clueless, what it's like being a mom to infant daughter Scarlett, and even shared beauty tips for busy moms on the go during her interview with journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson during their interview!
Actress Elisa Donovan talks about her role in the iconic film Clueless, what it’s like being a mom to infant daughter Scarlett, and even shared beauty tips for busy moms on the go during her interview with journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson during their interview! Image courtesy of Twitter


Candace Rose Anderson: What was it like to have starred in Clueless, which is now considered one of the most iconic feature films of the last 20 years?

Elisa Donovan: “It’s amazing to be a part of something that brought people so much joy and made them laugh so much. It’s clearly become such a part of who I am. It’s pretty amazing.”

Elisa Donovan starred in "Clueless", which is one of the most iconic movies of our time.
Elisa Donovan starred in “Clueless“, which is one of the most iconic movies of our time.

What Elisa Contributes Her Long Term Success To

Candace Rose Anderson: As an accomplished actress having starred on TV and in films, what do you attribute your long term success to?

Elisa Donovan: “I think you have to really love what you do and you have to persevere, and not get sidetracked by other shiny objects. When you have success at something it can be disorienting, and I think people can get very inflamed and you can have an inflamed ego. It can create a lot of problems and you have to remain centered and know who you are and know what matters and really love what you do, that’s the key.”

Elisa Talks Being A Mom To Daughter, Scarlett

Candace Rose Anderson: Congratulations on your infant daughter, Scarlett. How have you enjoyed being a mom?

Elisa Donovan: “I have to tell you it’s the biggest life changer ever. It’s phenomenal and I love it. It’s really hard sometimes too, but it’s that level of difficulty where you just say it’s so worth it there isn’t even a question. But one of the main things that I think has been the most challenging I suppose is trying to manage your time because there’s so little free time that I have now, so just wanting to take care of myself still and do things for me, which I think is really important that women have to do when you have a child is really still take care of yourself. So there are a couple of different things that I love that have been real lifesavers because they’re time savers too.

People are always asking me ‘what are your beauty tips?’ And I think what do I know about any of that? And then I realize well I can share the things that I know, which for example- Vaseline has created this new product called Spray & Go moisturizer. It’s a body moisturizer and it literally is just that, you spray it on your skin and it absorbs almost immediately within a couple of seconds. You can get dressed immediately, it doesn’t leave your skin sticky so getting out of the shower (say if Scarlett’s napping) this time is so precious. I want to get out of the shower, moisturize, which everybody should be doing every day to protect your skin, but it’s time consuming. This has been a phenomenal thing and I love it.

The other thing is for your hair. I’ve been coloring my hair for a very long time, longer than I can remember and there’s this awesome product that Matrix has created called Flash Filler. You spray it on your hair when your hair is wet, and it has a UV protector. It makes your hair more shiny and it basically fortifies the hair, but it also protects the life of the color. So particularly in the summer when you’re in the sun all the time and when you’re swimming, when you’re in the water. It’s phenomenal, you can just stick it in your bag, take it with you. It’s the best thing ever, I love it.”

How Busy Moms On The Go Can Look Their Best

Candace Rose Anderson: What can busy moms on the go do to look and feel their best?

Elisa Donovan: “I think what’s really important is to take care of yourself from the inside out. We’re talking about things that are exterior things. Well, there’s also a phenomenal color product (if you do color your hair) Matrix has created called Color Insider and they’ve found a way to remove the ammonia from the color and replace it with oil, so there’s minimal damage to your hair. It’s more fortifying, it strengthens the hair and you also can go to the salon less often, which is a huge thing because again it’s a time saver and it’s also a money saver.

I think we want to do things for the outside, but also the inside. I’m a big believer in hydrating. I drink water all day long, I eat organically as much as possible- just things that aren’t processed because I really believe in nutrition. What we put into our bodies really matters. I think it creates the right mood, it makes your brain function better and all those things are super important. We get so busy as moms and there are so many things, I can’t remember the last time I did one thing at a time. You’re kind of doing a bunch of things at once so I think it’s really important to remember we’re our best selves and we can take better care of our kids when we take care of ourselves truly. Exercise. Walking. I walk as often as possible, and yoga.

Again, I think it’s this time issue. It’s the biggest shift in taking care of ourselves. These are healthy things that everyone should do and I think when you’re a mom it becomes even more important to be conscious of them because we again don’t have as much time to really focus on it. You need to be diligent about and make it a part of your life. Incorporate it and make it a lifestyle and way of life.”


How Elisa Donovan Got Her Start In Blogging

Candace Rose Anderson: You’re also a popular celebrity mom blogger for How did you first begin to blog?

Elisa Donovan: “I love doing this blog. It’s been such a joy for me. I started last fall, and my manager asked me ‘Would you ever want to write a blog for People’? I said yes because the entire time I was pregnant I felt that there wasn’t any information about what was really going on. You can get a lot of info about all the flowery happy changes that are going on in your body, and ‘isn’t this great?’ I felt like, I feel crazy and I feel nauseous and I cry all the time. Is there something wrong with me?

It started as a way to say what they don’t tell you to expect when you’re expecting and then it kind of blossomed from there. Now I start talking about what is happening and I wanted to write in a way that was real and authentic, because it’s something like I said that I felt there was a lack of, that kind of information in a time when there’s a wealth of information about absolutely everything particularly pregnancy and being a mom. But I felt like there was a missing piece of kind of a real genuineness about what was happening. So for me it’s been super fun and people have been really responsive and it feels it’s nice to have people identify with you, so feel like you’re not on your own in this.”


Candace Rose Anderson: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Elisa Donovan: “Be happy. Enjoy the moment. I think one of the other great things about being a mom I’ve discovered is it so keeps you in the moment. And it’s one of those life lessons where it’s something that we can read about and be told to do forever, but when you have this baby with you, they are nothing but in the moment. They’re just touching things, they want to eat things, they want to know what’s going on. They are so aware of what is happening right now and I think that’s just a huge lesson. It’s a great thing to remember. It puts it all into perspective.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Elisa Donovan: “All of the Matrix products, you want to go to, and they’re only available in salons, so if you go to the website you can find a salon locator in your area.

The Vaseline products are available in drugstores.

I am on Twitter @RedDonovan, I’m on Facebook. The blog you can find if you go to and go to Celebrity Moms Celebrity Baby Blogger.”

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