Running 101 With Running Expert Bart Yasso

 Running Expert, Bart Yasso, of Runners World magazine is known as the “Ambassador of Running” throughout the world. He joined me for an interview yesterday to discuss the growing popularity of running, how to become a runner, how to avoid injuries, proper nutrition, how to prepare for your first race. He also dished on the ING New York City marathon taking place this Sunday (November 6th). If you’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a runner or you’re an experienced runner taking on a marathon this weekend, this is an interview not to be missed!

Bart Yasso Candace Rose Anderson Candie Anderson interview Runners World Magazine Running 101 and New York City MarathonRunning Expert, Bart Yasso of Runner’s World Magazine joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to share tips on how to start running! He also dished on the ING Marathon that is taking place this weekend.



Bart Yasso On The Popularity Of Running

Candace: Can you discuss the growing popularity of running?

Bart Yasso: “Yes, Candace, running, it’s more popular than ever right now and when I talk to runners all over the world, you know it’s the stress release, it’s the weight loss; it’s that time of the day where they just carve out 30 or 40 minutes for themselves, so they feel good about themselves. And it seems to help them in their family life and work life and you gotta be fit. You’ve got to feel good about yourself otherwise it doesn’t help you in all other facets of your life.”


Runners World's Bart Yasso joined Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to dish on the growing popularity of running, and how beginners can start and avoid injuries. Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash
Runners World’s Bart Yasso joined Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to dish on the growing popularity of running, and how beginners can start and avoid injuries. Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash


How Beginners Can Start Running

Candace: How can those of us who aren’t used to running get started?

Bart Yasso: “You know the key to getting started in running is just to start out slowly. I’m talking about start out slowly the pace you’re going to run; the distance you’re going to run and how you’re going to increase that distance. So I think the biggest mistake people make is when they go out for that first run they just run too quickly and they say ‘oh man I could only run 10 blocks or 5 blocks.’ If they slowed themselves down they could have covered a lot more distance. And then, after you get established yourself, if you want to add on miles and keep improving because your fitness level will improve, you just don’t want to do too much. You want to improve, add miles little by little. There’s no shortcuts in running. You’ve got to take your time and then put a goal out there and do that first race and after you do that first race I guarantee you you’ll be hooked on the sport of running.”


How Runners Can Prevent Injuries

Candace: How can we prevent injuries such as ankle strains, shin splints and such?

Bart Yasso: “Yeah, you know running injuries- there are injuries in running but I find most of the injuries I find are what we call overuse injuries. People just have done too much, so if you take advice where yo don’t run too fast, too much and increase the distance too much you shouldn’t run into any injuries. And specifically make sure you’re running in the correct running show and the running shoe for you. There is no just this great running shoe out there. There’s so many great running shoes but there’s a shoe that’s going to fit you and it’s going to fit the way you run and how much mileage you’re going to do and your body type; that’s key. And a local specialty running store can help you get that perfect shoe for you.”


Dressforsuccessjul200Running shoes and proper running attire – Runner’s World Magazine 

How To Purchase Running Attire And Shoes

Candace: Do you have any tips when it comes to purchasing running attire and shoes?

Bart Yasso: “Sure. My tips for purchasing running clothing and shoes is number one: know a little bit about your feet. Know if you have flat feet or a high arch or if you supinate or pronate; pronating your feet turn inward when your run or supination (outward). So, find out a little bit about your running form and if you land on your toes or the middle of your foot or the heel. Find out a little bit about your running form and your feet and then when you go into the specialty running store they’re going to ask you some questions and go in there with the shoes you’re already running in. Go in there, tell them what your goals are, how much running you’re going to do and that is a big help itself.

You know it depends on the climate and temperatures you’re running in but in the winter climates you need a good base layer and that is key to whisk away that sweat and of course those summer time, those real warm temperatures- same deal there; this good technical running fiber that whisk away the sweat to be cool.”


Bart Yasso Talks Proper Nutrition

Candace: And how about when it comes to proper nutrition? What should runners eat when training?

Bart Yasso: “You know nutrition is one of the most common questions I receive all the time because people ask me about ‘what’s the best diet?’ And I always just tell them just eat smart and we all know what the good foods are vs. the bad foods and a lot of runners eat a lot of carbs because we burn a lot of carbs out there, so we can get away with eating a lot of carbs. But it comes back to I find runners that really train a lot, they do a lot of small meals throughout the day instead of three big meals and they tend to just eat the smart stuff: a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables and it seems to really help out.”


Proper Nutrition Diet Fruits Vegetables Eggs Fish Grains Runner's World Magazine Interview Bart Yasso Candace RoseProper Diet and Nutrition – Runner’s World Magazine

Best Snacks After Workouts

Candace: You know a lot of times when you get done with a run or just exercising in general you’re hungry. What’s the best snack to eat so you don’t defeat the purpose?

Bart Yasso: “Yeah I get that all the time. I tend not to eat for a couple hours before I run because I don’t want too much in my stomach, so then you go out for that run and then when you finish you’re craving something right away. So first thing I do when I get back from that run I take in some fluids because you know you’ve burned a lot of fluids when you’re out there running, so replace the fluid and then that snack or something. There are so many energy bars out there right now. I just do a healthy snack right after you run and then you can get into a real meal later on.”


How To Prepare For Your First Race

Candace: What’s the best way to prepare for your first race?

Bart Yasso: “Yeah, best way to prepare for that first race, Candace, is just convince yourself you’re not going to finish last because that’s the fear I have in so many runners. They say ‘I don’t want to do a race because I feel I’ll be the last runner in the race and that’s not the case. Just commit to it, allow a few months to train for it and then get out there and just enjoy that first race. Don’t set any time goals in that first race, don’t set any ‘I want to finish in the top 100’ or any kind of place goals, just go out there and look at that first race as a journey and just enjoy it. After you do that, now that you’ve established yourself at a distance and you have a time; then you can start to say ‘okay I want to break this time at this distance.’ Then you can actually set some time goals. But that first one should just be enjoyment and a journey and just go out and do it.”


Bart Yasso Talks New York City Marathon

Candace: Can you talk about the New York City marathon taking place this weekend?

Bart Yasso: “Oh my God, the ING New York City marathon this weekend; there’s nothing like it. 45,000 runners. You start on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the prettiest view in all of New York City; finish in Central park, run 26.2 miles through the diverse neighborhoods of New York City. You’re running with runners from 140 countries. For the average runner this is about as close to an Olympic experience as a runner will ever have or person will ever have that’s not an Olympic type runner. To be housed in the athletes village at the start, just like the Olympics to then run with runners from 140 different countries; it’s like an Olympic experience for the average person.”


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Bart Yasso: “Sure. You’re talking just in running general or the New York City marathon?

Candace: I would say both.

Bart Yasso: “Okay. Well, people running the New York City marathon: make sure you start out slowly, don’t start out too quickly because you want to enjoy that second part of the race and the people that struggle later in the marathon just start out too quickly in the early mile, so pace yourself.

And then for running in general I just tell people think of yourself as a runner for life, so if you go with that attitude right from the beginning and you have no idea where the sport could take you. I mean I went out for a one mile run 34 years ago just to get into running and it has taken me all over the world; I’ve run races on all seven continents, I’ve literally have run all over the world so my tag line is ‘never limit where running can you take you.”

 (Background noise: Candace: You’re now the Ambassador of Running)

Candace: Where can we go for more information?

Bart Yasso: “Well, our website has so much information on gear, training, races; everything is on our website. If it has anything to do with running, you can find it on”

Nyc-marathon-800m-200x200NYC Marathon – Runner’s World Magazine


Candace: Thank you so much, Bart, have a great weekend and good luck this weekend!

Bart Yasso: “Alright, Candace, thank you so much.”

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