Style Icon Olivia Palermo Talks Fall Fashion Trends

Olivia Palermo joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to dish on the top fall fashion trends. Original image courtesy of Twitter.
Olivia Palermo joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to dish on the top fall fashion trends. Original image courtesy of Twitter.


Olivia Palermo obtained fame on MTV’s reality show “The City” and over the last few years has gained notoriety as one of the top style icons in not just the nation but in the world. She’s joined the likes of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, actress Rachel Bilson and model Byrdie Bell as one of Piperlime’s select guest editors. I recently had the pleasure of discussing the latest fashion trends for fall with Olivia, how to incorporate the hottest looks, and where will be seeing her next!


  Olivia Palermo Twitter Interview Piperlime Candace Rose Fall Fashion TrendsOlivia Palermo – Image via Twitter

Style Icon, Olivia Palermo has paired up with Piperlime as their latest Guest Editor to discuss her top fashion picks for fall!

Olivia Palermo Shares The Top Fashion Trends For Fall

Candace: What are the hottest trends we’ll be seeing for fall?

Olivia Palermo: “Fall- 70s is definitely back, you see a lot of influence in 70s. The cape is one of my biggest fall picks on Piperlime, I love it. You can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and motorcycle boots (if you’re looking for something more casual) and if you want to dress up, I think a pair of flared jeans or wide leg slacks is a great way to go if you’re going to the office or out to dinner or lunch with friends. And the chunky heel- I’m so happy that the chunky heel is in. It’s slightly smaller than we’ve seen in previous seasons but that’s nice and I think that for women it’s almost slightly better in a way that you can kind of have a little more naturalness when you walk. Then you have the mid length skirt along with the romantic top which is lovely paired with a mid length boot, which is great because then you’re nicely covered for fall but you’re still very fashion forward. And then you have the structured bag which goes with absolutely everything, and I would definitely wear that with the cape and a great pair of wide leg pants.”


Candace: Are these looks that women of all shapes and sizes can wear?

Olivia Palermo: “Absolutely and I think when I was deciding my picks on Piperlime I was looking at that. I think the wide leg flared jeans is a great look, it really dresses for all body types as well as the romantic top, so that’s something to keep in mind. And when you go online and you shop, you can incorporate what you already have in your wardrobe with Piperlime’s trendy picks and it’s nice. I think there’s something for everyone.”


How To Incorporate These Looks For Fall

Candace: Do you have any tips when incorporating say like the cape top with jeans and stuff like that?

Olivia Palermo: “Absolutely. You really have to dress for your body type, you have to put on your own personal touch. You can’t be so much into trends, you have to feel comfortable and add whether it’s an accessory or the way that you style, keep that in mind.


Olivia Palermo for Piperlime Fall Fashion Trends Candace Rose Interview candie andersonSome of Olivia Palermo’s picks for fall!


The Top Colors For Fall

Candace: What colors will be big this season?

Olivia Palermo: “You’re definitely going to see burgundy. Burgundy is big. You’re going to see kind of a muddy yellow; browns are back- really solid colors and of course, I love neutral.”

Olivia Shares One Item Every Woman Needs This Season

Candace: What is one essential item you feel that every woman should have in their closet this season?

Olivia Palermo: “Oh, that’s a good question. I would definitely have to say the cape. I think that’s the piece that you will have for years to come. It’ll come back and you can wear it if you’re a teenager, or in your twenties or if you’re even older than that; it’s definitely versatile.”


The Hottest Shoes and Accessories For Fall

Candace: How about when it comes to shoes and accessories? What are the must haves?

Olivia Palermo: “The must have are; I love these gray booties that you see here, it’s a perfect transition from fall into winter. It has a great heel, it’s not too high but it also has a rubber sole, so if you do have bad weather you’re still going to be fashionable and fabulous.”


Olivia Palermo Talks NYFW Trends

Candace: With this being fashion week in New York, have you had a chance to take in any shows?

Olivia Palermo: “I have. I’ve enjoyed myself very much, and Marchesa was absolutely beautiful yesterday.”


Candace: Do you have any additional information you’d like to share?

Olivia Palermo: “No, I just think that if you go on ‘Shop My Picks’ on, I hope you’ll enjoy.”


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Candace: “And as for you, Olivia, where will we be seeing you next?

Olivia Palermo: “You will probably be seeing me for the rest of the month at fashion week in London and in Paris, and then you’ll see me on”


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