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(Photo credit: Pinterest…please let me know if this image belongs to you, so I can give you the proper credit)

In 2009, I fell in love with this image of a gorgeous black and white space adorned with beautiful spring lilacs and Coco Chanel decor. Isn’t it lovely? I adored it so much that it inspired me to do a little online shopping.  Back in 2009 and 2010, it was pretty difficult to find authentic Chanel decor online. One place I found tons of inspiration was on the 1st Dibs website. Have you ever checked it out?

Now that I’m updating this post nearly 10 years later, I decided to check it out tonight to see what they currently have. I’m obsessed with the gorgeous Chanel pillow, Coco Chanel chairs, side tables and much more on the site. They have so many items to choose from.

The images that I featured below (in 2010) have been pinned numerous times on Pinterest over the years. They’re still as popular as ever. I think that says a lot about the love, respect and adoration we all have for Gabrielle Coco Chanel! There’s nothing as classic and gorgeous as a beautiful Chanel bag! I think we Chanel lovers can agree to that. If you’re looking to update the look and feel of your home, it’s great to know that there are options for us as well!

Candie Anderson shares the top Chanel home decor from balls to sofas and quilted leather pillows.
Chanel Home Decor Essentials


This room just screams my name! Tonight while browsing 1st Dibs, I stumbled on a similar Chanel ball that is set on the shelf. I’m pretty sure I need it. It would look amazing on a gold etagere.


Chanel Balloons Window Display – 1st Dibs


What are your thoughts on this glam Chanel sofa? It’s the perfect item for every glam fashion lover!


Light Blue Chanel Logo Sofa – 1st Dibs

I simply adore this black quilted leather Chanel pillow. Isn’t it stunning?


Chanel Leather Throw Pillow in Black – 1st Dibs

Which item is your favorite? I love everything, especially that Chanel ball! I can’t help, I am still head over heels in love with that first image nine years later.

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