The Best Bedding On Earth- Lazybones Australia

When I decided to redecorate my bedroom over a year ago, I thought this would be a fun and easy little project. I never fathomed that it would take me this long to decide what colors I liked, what design fit me best. When I first started planning, I didn’t even like antiques. Things have changed! My bedroom is an antique paradise, I finally have the purple bedroom I desired since early childhood (but subconsciously didn’t know I still wanted) and little did I know by finding one piece of the puzzle, it would finally come together.

Everything changed when I opened the Anthropologie catalog, and found this gem! Isn’t this plum rosette bedding beautiful? * I originally shared this blog post in 2009, and sadly this color is no longer available on the Anthro website. You can find it in a multitude of colors though! I really love the light neutral colors as they will always pair nicely with your favorite decor and furniture.

Lazybones bedding Anthropologie

I love the regal plum color, and the Rosettes. I knew right then and there, that decorating around this gorgeous bedding was what I was going to do.

    When I received my new bedding, I instantly fell in love. It’s designed by Tracey Hocking of Lazybones which is located in Australia. Besides being the most gorgeous bedding I have ever laid eyes on, it’s so comfortable, it definitely makes you lazy. I contacted the company to let them know how much I love their product. I instantly fell in love with everything else they create and carry. Stay tuned as Anthropologie will be getting a new color (in the Rosette bedding) in stores and online this coming December, just in time for the holidays!

Though the Rosette bedding is their only bedding carried in the United States and solely by Anthro, Lazybones carries many different designs in Australia. Hopefully they’ll one day be available here!

I thought I’d share a few of my favorites, please chime in, and let me know which ones you like!

Cornflower lazybones bedding australia quilt detail

Cornflower smocked quilt lazybones bedding
I am obsessed with the Cornflower Smocked Quilt! Isn’t it lovely? It would look fabulous in any bedroom!

Dove quilt 2 lazybones bedding anthropologie

Dove smocked quilt lazybones bedding anthropologie

This Dove Smocked Quilt is an absolute dream!

Rosette lilac rose 2 lazybones bedding

Rosette lilac rose 1 lazybones bedding
I am obsessed with this beautiful Rosette Lilac Rose. This soft pastel shade will look amazing in a feminine inspired bedroom.

Rosette organic lazybones bedding
The beautiful Rosette Organic bedding which I cannot get enough of.

Travels quilt lazybones bedding

Travels quilt detail lazybones bedding
This fun Travels Quilt is perfect for the traveler in your life!

Spearmint smocked quilt lazybones bedding

lazybones bedding Spearmint smocked quilt detail
The stunning Spearmint Smocked Quilt is perfect for the guy or gal who loves this beautiful shade of green.

Photos courtesy of Stephen Hocking

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    Looks sooooooo comfy!

    Jamie Watson

    Love your new bedding! Can’t wait to see pics of your antique paradise!!


    beautiful and it looks so rich and decadent


    I want all of those quilts! lol

    Thanks for commenting on my necklace! Good Luck in the giveaway!


    These are indeed the best bedding ever! They look so comfy and gorgeous!! I want a set too! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


    The texture is DIVINE!!!! You’re so lucky to have the Rosette Bedding! The color is perfect….and I feel totally lazy just looking at it!


    GORGEOUS!!! makes me want to jump right on those beds and sleep for days.

    Keri Rutkowski

    Do you happen to know what colors are new for Rosette bedding? I took a picture of a light turquoise one that I saw in a mag, I can’t believe I actually found the source! I’m hoping to find something like this in a slate gray…

    I’ve been searching for a bedspread for 2 years, I feel very close…


    I found this bedding and FELL IN LOVE with it. I want to buy it because nothing compares. The only problem is the fact that it is dry clean only …


    I have this bedding and I love it!! However, I’m having trouble matching accent pillows. Do you have any pictures of your room? Thanks!


    I want to know how your bedding is holding up. I bought 3 of these quilts and shams to go with them, but I’ve heard that the quality isn’t great. Just wondering if you’ve had good luck with yours.


    Hi, Congrats on your purchase! What colors did you buy? A year later and I still love my bedding! 🙂


    I can’t utter the exact word to describe how beautiful such beds are. They are all in great sooth of colors and designs. And I just have to agree with them that they eventually look comfy that would make anyone wanna jump on!