‘The Chew’s’ Daphne Oz Talks Nutrition and New Book “Relish”

Daphne Oz of ABC’s hit talk show/cooking show “The Chew” joined me recently to dish simple ways we can all eat healthier and prevent the cold and flu this season with healthy foods and vegetables available at at your neighborhood drugstore. Daphne also shared tips on how you can be cost effective while eating healthy this season, how to moisturize your skin from the inside out with proper nutrition, and her new book “Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun“!

Daphne Oz of "The Chew" dishes on the top healthy snacks, fruits and veggies available at your neighborhood drugstore; and her new book "Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style and Everyday Fun"!

Daphne Oz of “The Chew” dishes on the top healthy snacks, fruits and veggies available at your neighborhood drugstore; and her new book “Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style and Everyday Fun”! Image courtesy of Facebook


Candace Rose: What are some cost effective ways we can stay healthy this winter?

Daphne Oz: “Whenever I talk about health, the first thing that comes up is people think it’s too expensive, it’s out of reach, it’s too inconvenient and would take a huge effort to make it possible in our lives. Today, I’m here to tell you that that is not true. Your drugstore (believe it or not) can be your one stop shop for all your healthy living needs, and that’s everything from your fresh produce- I’ve got some great things on the table (please see video above) like bell peppers, I’ve got oranges, I’ve got apples. You’re going to find all kinds of easy often pre-cut, pre-prepared ready for you to eat on the run fresh produce available for you at your drugstore. And that’s a great way to make sure you’re getting a little bit extra essential nutrients in your diet every single day.

Next is some brown rice.  Believe it or not, a lot of dry bulk goods are available to you now at your drugstores. Things like rice, things like beans, things like lentils. Things you can buy in bulk and save money because you’re purchasing in large quantities. And really they’ll last for a long time in your pantry so you’re not going to worry about wasting money on things that go bad, which I know is some of the fear sometimes.

And last but not least in terms of the healthy eating that I think is made so convenient by having a drugstore available to us pretty much on every single corner block- are the healthy snacks they have. People think it might just be chips and candy in there, but it’s not, it’s actually raw nuts and things like almonds and walnuts, it’s dried fruits. It’s things that are super simple for you to keep in your bag all the time so you never have an excuse to eat something out of desperation when you have healthy snacks on hand wherever you go.


Nuts and healthy snacks available at your neighborhood drugstore

Nuts and healthy snacks available at your neighborhood drugstore


And I know the most important thing is ‘how am I going to save money when I’m buying these things?’ Well, here’s the deal- join a loyalty program offered by your drugstore so you can get involved on their coupons and on their weekly savings, but even better than that, use your Chase Freedom card and you can get 5% cash back (up to $1500 through the end of this month), so it’s a great way to swipe your card, buy the things that you want anyway and do something good for your wallet and your health at the same time.”

Daphne Oz dishes on the top fruits, veggies, healthy snacks and supplements available at your local drugstore

Daphne Oz dishes on the top fruits, veggies, healthy snacks and supplements available at your local drugstore.

Candace Rose: What are some essentials we need as winter ends and we bring in spring?

Daphne Oz: “My thing is, I want you to eating all your nutrients as much as possible. These are all great ways to make sure you’re flooding your body with all these great vitamins and minerals. But a lot of us when we’re eating for convenience or we’re having to eat a lot of packaged foods which aren’t necessarily the best for us or the freshest, we’re missing out on a lot of essential nutrients. For me, making sure I have a great stable vitamin and mineral nutrient supplementation program is something that I find so important, especially when it’s winter and everyone’s worried about cold and flu season.

Here’s how you’re going to keep your immune system going: Take some vitamin C and some vitamin D. Those are two huge immune system boosting vitamins that are really easy to get. Those are just ways that you’re going to help supplement the foods you’re already naturally eating and getting in your diet.

One other essential piece of winter health supplement program I have for you is essential fatty acids. These are great for every system in your body, they’re going to help lubricate from the inside out, and they keep your hair, skin and nails nice and glossy and moisturized, which I know you want to moisturize from the inside out, rather than get that dry scaly wintery chapped skin, so I go for flaxseed oil or for cod liver and they’re both really healthy ways to make sure you’re getting plenty of essential fatty acids in your diet every single day.”

Candace Rose: I hear you have a new book coming out next month. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Daphne Oz: “I do. I have a new book called “Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun“coming out on April 16th. This is the book that I’ve been waiting to write for the last five years. It’s all this information that I’ve been neck deep in trying to set up the life that I want for the next 10, 20 years. So it’s everything from 50 of my fail-proof everyday recipes to advice on creating style in your home, in your closet; putting on makeup; all of that essential ‘how to present myself ‘ advice to relationship advice- how do you get love in your life? How do you foster those relationships that make you happy: everyone from your family to your friends to your loved one/bff/beau/hubby/the one- whoever it might be. And it’s one of those books that for me represents exactly what all the young women that I’ve been talking to are thinking about in terms of making the most of this moment, maximize your potential and have your better life today.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Daphne Oz: “Well, actually if you want to come on over to my Facebook or Twitter page, I’m @DaphneOz. I’ll be sharing all kinds of delicious and easy winter health tips all week long in partnership with Chase Freedom so you can come hang out with me there.”


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