Interview: Freshen Up Your Spring Look with Style Expert Lilliana Vazquez of Cheap Chicas

Style expert, Lilliana Vazquez of joined me this week to share her must have beauty and fashion buys for spring and offer tips on how to get the hottest looks this season!  


Beauty Fashion Spring Lilliana Vazquez Cheap ChicasSpring Beauty and Fashion Buys with Style Expert Lilliana Vazquez 



Candace Rose: With spring upon us, what can we do to switch up our look?

Lilliana Vazquez: "Well, spring is a time for renewal so it's all about trying out new things and updating the things that you already have, and I say a great place to start is with your smile. A third of Americans say teeth are the very first thing that they notice about somebody else. So a tip for freshening up your entire look is to revitalize your smile with Invisalign; and a lot of us know that Invisalign is great for straightening even the most crooked of teeth, but it's also great for simple fixes. They have a brand new product- it's their express product and what I like about this is it's not only affordable but it works in three months or less. You can learn more about that at"


Invisalign Invisible Braces Straighten Teeth Invisalign


Candace Rose: What's the secret to getting great skin this season?

Lilliana Vazquez: "Well, getting great skin is about finding the skin care that's right for your skin. So 58% of women say that they have sensitive skin and as the seasons change our skin becomes more sensitive to environmental factors- to the weather, to humidity. So Simple Skincare is designed specifically for sensitive skin. They have a few products that I absolutely love- the first is their moisturizing facial wash, and what I like about this is that it not only cleanses your skin but it also nourishes your skin without over-drying it. And they also have a smoothing facial scrub, which is great because it helps reveal brighter skin which is fantastic. You know a great foundation for your makeup and your beauty routine is having great skin and Simple Skincare does that. You can check them out at"


Simple Skincare Sensitive SkinSimple Skincare 


Candace Rose: How often should somebody with sensitive skin use a scrub?

Lilliana Vazquez: "You should be able to use it every day. It's just like a normal skincare routine, but it's about finding the products that are right for you- so products that have no dye, no fragrance and then you should be able to use it every day, no problem."


Candace Rose: What are some of the hottest beauty trends this season?

Lilliana Vazquez: "The ones I'm seeing are really all about color. You know just like fashion, beauty is all about color this season so you're seeing really bold lips- everything from fuchsias to oranges. So I think have fun with lip color this season. You know we've been using lip glosses for a while now, but now you're kind of seeing the move towards lip color as well."


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to fashion- what can we do to revitalize our wardrobe?

Lilliana Vazquez: "We touched on color, and obviously brights are a HUGE trend for the spring. We've seen them all over the runways, we've seen them at every red carpet. But when you're out shopping for brights you're probably going to pair them with neutrals or you're going to pair them with basics that you might already have in your closet- colors like navy and black. So a great way to kind of refresh those colors and keep them looking good all season long, because black is something you wear year round and for many occasions is to use Bounce in the dryer. What it does is for colors like black and navy is it helps repel hair and lint, so the only thing that stands out is your style."


Bounce dryer sheets Lint Hair Fashion SpringBounce Dryer Sheets


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Lilliana Vazquez: "Yeah, you know a quick way to kind of liven up your spring beauty look is with a fragrance. It's a great way to freshen up, and one of my favorites for spring is from Avon- it's called Today Tomorrow Always Forever, and what makes this scent really special is that it's light. So it's a floral fragrance that has nodes of things like pink pepper and orange blossom, but it's light enough to wear every day during the spring and well into the summer. It's $30 and it's available at"


Today Tomorrow Always Forever Avon FragranceAVON Today Tomorrow Always Forever Fragrance


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Lilliana Vazquez: "For more information you can go to" 


Candace Rose: And where can viewers go for more information on you, Lilliana?

Lilliana Vazquez: "You can head to"


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