The Best Graduation Invitations + 15% Off Basic Invite!

With graduation season nearly upon us, we're sharing the best Basic Invite graduation invitations, thank you cards and a coupon code to save 15% off on your entire order.
With graduation season nearly upon us, we’re sharing the best Basic Invite graduation invitations, thank you cards and a coupon code to save 15% on your entire order.


It’s been a long winter for much of the country! It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the month of May and graduation season will soon be approaching. When it comes to planning the perfect graduation party, you want to ensure you will have enough food, your home (or the place you’re hosting the party) has adequate space and seating, your friends and family have a great time, and you pick the perfect graduation invitations to send to loved ones near and far!

I graduated from college in the month of December (two days before Christmas in fact) and my party was in January. It was so hard for us to find the perfect invitations, especially at that time of the year! I recently learned about Basic Invite and I’m head over heels in love! They make customizing the perfect graduation invitation easy and effortless. Did I mention their invitations are absolutely stunning? Today, I’m excited to let you know a little bit more about this amazing company, and how easy it is to customize graduation invitations for everyone from your preschool graduate, your son or daughter graduating from kindergarten, your baby heading off to junior high, the high school grad, and of course, the college graduate! They have something for everyone.


Customize the perfect graduation party invitation with Basic Invite


Basic Invite Customizable Graduation Invitations

One of the things I love most about Basic Invite is they have almost unlimited colors. We millennials love customizing everything and making it our own! If your school colors are green and yellow, or your son or daughter loves a certain shade, they can customize your invitation to match it. You can even have your formal graduation invitations printed on silver, gold or rose gold foil cards.


How To Create The Perfect Graduation Invite

I’m definitely one of those people who prefers planning ahead. Nothing stresses me out more than being surprised by a mishap! If you’re like me, you’ll love that they give you the chance to print a sample ahead of time. How many websites actually do that? Basic Invite is the only one!  Another great thing about this is you can try different paper, fonts, colors, etc. ahead of time, so in the end you get the perfect invitation.


Customize the perfect graduation invitation for your son or daughter at Basic Invite.


Customize Your Envelope

If you love stationery or enjoy writing as much as I do, you’ll love that they have over 40 different envelopes to choose from. How many times do you go to your mailbox and get overwhelmed by the same envelopes you see? You can make your envelope stand out with a particular color or style!


The Basic Invite Address Capturing Service

One of the most time consuming things on the planet is searching for a family member’s address! If you’re lucky you can find it by searching the internet, but nine times out of 10, it’s nowhere to be found. If you’re active on social media and your friends and family are too, you can actually get their address through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that will allow you to obtain your loved ones address all by sharing a link requesting their address. Once they send over their address, Basic Invite will store their address in your account. This will make it so easy when sending out your graduation invitations!


Thank You Cards Are A Must

Last, but definitely not least, thank you cards. If there’s one thing my parents and grandparents taught me it’s to always say thank you! Whether your family member or friend drove 10 hours to attend your graduation, your neighbor prepared a pasta salad for your party, your grandparents gave you $100 or your parents threw you the best graduation party you could ever imagine, you want to send a thank you. Saying thank you in person is important, but if there’s one thing people appreciate, it’s definitely receiving a card in the mail letting them know how much you appreciated their presence, sincerity, or their gift! Basic Invite offers quite a few different thank you graduation cards that are absolutely gorgeous and sure to make a statement!


basic invite graduation thank you cards



basic invite customizable graduation thank you cards


If you’re shopping for graduation invitations, thank you cards, invitations to your summer soiree, Mother’s Day brunch, Father’s Day barbecue, wedding and more, you’re in luck! Basic Invite was kind enough to share a coupon code with my readers, so they can save 15%! All you have to do is enter coupon code 15FF51 at checkout. Basic Invite is active on social media if you’d like to check out any of their profiles. I made sure and linked up to them below! 






Here are a few examples of the many different types of invitations you can customize!


Gorgeous Wedding Invitation

Beautiful Basic Invite wedding invitations that are fully customizable.
Beautiful Basic Invite wedding invitations that are fully customizable.


Beautiful Baptism Invitation

Lovely Basic Invite baptism invitations.
Lovely Basic Invite baptism invitations.


Adorable Birthday Party Invitation

Adorable Ice Cream Parlor Inspired Basic Invite Birthday Party Invitations.
Adorable Ice Cream Parlor inspired Basic Invite birthday party invitations.



Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. Opinions are my own, as always.

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