LightKeeper Pro Founder John DeCosmo Talks Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends, Lighting Tips And Money Saving Gadget!

I love decorating my mantel with Christmas lights and my purple and gold lit wreath!
I love decorating my mantel with Christmas lights and my purple and gold lit wreath!



Decorating for the holiday season and Christmas has always been my thing. When I was a kid we’d buy our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, and we’d decorate our wooden fence posts with red bows and hanging white lights. The best part though, and the thing we looked forward to most was decorating our antique Ford 9N tractor. It was so cute! We had an inflatable Santa, presents on the back and rotating lights on the tires.

Every year we’d have to buy a new strand of rotating blue lights, which was very expensive, and stressful as they were very hard to find! It’s no secret shopping for new Christmas lights year after year can be quite costly, especially if you dream of decorating your home like Clark Griswold of my favorite movie “Christmas Vacation.” Did you know that there’s a gadget called the LightKeeper Pro that can help eliminate shopping for new lights every year? It’s very easy to use and will detect when you have a bad bulb (and help you fix it!).

A few years ago I featured a review of the gadget on my website, and was very impressed by it. The LightKeeper Pro’s founder John DeCosmo joined me recently for an interview to share everything you need to know about this amazing gadget. He dished on how the detector works, and how you can save money annually just by using his amazing tool that’s takes the stress out of the holiday season! John was also kind enough to share the top decorating trends and much more. This was such a great interview, I really enjoyed chatting with John DeCosmo about everything holiday related. He has so many great tips and stories to share! Please be sure to listen to the interview below. I also embedded a video showing you how the LightKeeper Pro works. For more information on the LightKeeper Pro please visit their website at

Candace Rose Anderson Interviews LightKeeper Pro Founder John DeCosmo!

LightKeeper Pro
LightKeeper Pro



Light Keeper Pro Video: Learn how to use the audible voltage detector.



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