Tech Expert Andrea Smith Shares The Top Tech Gadgets and TV For Fall 2017!

I love technology, it’s something I rely on daily for my business, my blog and to peruse Pinterest and Instagram of course! Tech isn’t perfect though, especially our smartphones! How many times have you lost a favorite picture or video on your favorite device? I did recently when my phone decided to bite the dust and sadly, I never backed up my device. I don’t think I’d ever been so mad at myself! How often do you back up your phone?

This week, tech expert Andrea Smith joined me for an interview to share simple ways we can all back up the tech devices we rely on. With the NFL and NCAA football season upon us, she also dished on the top TV to ensure you get the best picture when watching your favorite team (Go Cowboys) on Sunday!

Please be sure to watch the video below to see my interview with tech expert Andrea Smith in its entirety below. I made sure and listed the items she shared. For more information on all the products and links to purchase them, please visit


Andrea Smith’s Top Tech Gadgets and Devices for Fall 2017

  • My Cloud Home
  • iXpand Base
  • LG V30
  • 400GB Ultra microSD Card


Video: Watch Candace Rose interview tech expert Andrea Smith on her top tech gadgets and devices for fall 2017!



Andrea Smith: Andrea Smith, contributor to, is an award-winning news and technology journalist. She spent over two decades as technology producer at ABC News and was Lifestyle Channel Editor at Mashable.  She has appeared as a guest expert in technology segments on ABC’s World News Now, Good Morning America Now, and ABC affiliated Radio and TV stations across the U.S. and continues to lend her tech expertise in segments for WABC-TV and CNBC. Andrea also enjoys mentoring young women starting out in the business world and is a recipient of the 2015 Women in CE Legacy Award. 



SMT sponsor: Candace Rose was not compensated by the sponsor for this interview.

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