Tech Influencer Aaron Baker Talks iPhone 8, Best Time To Sell Old Smartphones, Tech Devices

Next week is set to be an exciting week for tech lovers and iPhone users! If you’ve been looking to upgrade your trusty iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 7 for the iPhone 8, you may soon be able to! The annual Apple Event is set to take place in Cupertino, California on September 12th, and we’ve been hearing many rumors about the new iPhone which we’ll all soon be coveting. As someone who is eager to upgrade her iPhone but has many questions, I was excited to speak with renowned tech influencer, Aaron Baker (who is the former host of PhoneDog). He joined me for an interview this week to dish on the new iPhone 8 and share tips on how to sell your old tech devices!

If you’ve been eager to trade in your iPhone (or smartphone) or looking to sell it, you’ll definitely want to hear everything Aaron has to say in the video below. Not only did he share the specs on the new iPhone 8, he shared tips on how you can sell all of your old tech devices on Decluttr. It was such a great interview, I learned so much! I just did a little end of summer/fall cleaning and found a few iPhones from years ago that I completely forgot I had. Aaron gave me some great tips on how I can sell them and hopefully put the money toward the iPhone 8.


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About Aaron Baker: Aaron is the former host of PhoneDog, a technology channel on YouTube. Aaron’s top 10 videos on the PhoneDog YouTube channel have received over 9 million views, and has been listed as a top influencer on the web and tech reviewer by multiple outlets.



Interview courtesy of Decluttr. Candace Rose was not compensated by the sponsor for this interview.

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