Pinkalicious Author Victoria Kann Talks Pinkalicious 10th Anniversary Edition Book, TV Show And Much More!

The ever-popular children’s book series “Pinkalicious” is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an adorable new book “Pinkalicious 10th Anniversary Edition” which children of all ages (and adults too) will love! “Pinkalicious” author Victoria Kann was very kind to join me for an interview yesterday to dish on the “Pinkalicious” series, what inspires her books, a new television show and so much more. Please watch the video below to see the interview in it’s entirety and I’ve also transcribed it too. Enjoy!


"Pinkalicious" author Victoria Kann joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the 'Pinkalicious 10th Anniversary", her new book 'Pinkalicious 10th Anniversary Edition', the new TV show, where she draws inspiration, her favorite children's books growing up and so much more!
“Pinkalicious” author Victoria Kann joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the ‘Pinkalicious 10th Anniversary”, her new book ‘Pinkalicious 10th Anniversary Edition’, the new TV show, where she draws inspiration, her favorite children’s books growing up and so much more!




Candace Rose: The “Pinkalicious” series has sold over 17 million copies and is beloved by people around the world. How did you come up with the idea of the ever-popular “Pinkalicious” series and what makes it so special?

Victoria Kann: “Well, it started with my daughter who was three years old and loved the color pink. She wore the color pink every day. She had a pink princess outfit with fairy wings and a tiara – I’m wearing the tiara today because I’m celebrating! Actually, I invite everybody out there to go put on a tiara this year and get in touch with their inner pink.

My daughter also had a magic wand, and she wore this outfit every day and she loved pink cupcakes. It was April Fool’s Day and I’m a bit of a practical joker, I wrote an email and I sent it to my friends and family saying that my daughter had turned pink from eating too many cupcakes and that she had pinkatitis. A lot of my friends were like ‘that’s so funny’ but one of my friends canceled a playdate that we were going to have with our daughters and said ‘I don’t want my daughter to get pinkatitis. I’m not coming over.’ The next day I called her up and said that was actually just a practical joke. I made up that story. She said ‘that would make a really good children’s book’, and I said oh gosh wouldn’t that be fun! I illustrated it and worked on the story and that was the first book in the series and I’ve been having fun ever since.”


Candace Rose: What is your process for creating your stories and illustrations?

Victoria Kann: “Well, I first think what would be the greatest thing that could happen? I think what would a kid really love to have happen? Then I think what would make a great story? I then put them together. I also look at my children and they give me a lot of ideas. For ‘Silverlicious’, my daughter Leah came up to me and she said ‘mommy, mommy my tooth came out. It’s not just any tooth, it’s my sweet tooth. Won’t you get me something sweet to eat?’ I said no no, I have to write a story, hold on! I then wrote the story about how sweetness really comes from the inside, but because I think like a kid, I think how do you learn that lesson? Is it that you taste lots of sweet things and it doesn’t have any flavor and it’s only when you do something sweet that you realize how flavorful sweetness is? I’m always thinking about what are the lessons that I want to teach.”


Candace Rose: How will you choose the next color for the series?

Victoria Kann: “I’m going to look at kids. I go to book signings and I go to libraries and I go to schools, and often kids give me their ideas (I’m not going to say anything!). If you’re a kid and you’re watching, you can of course write your ideas and send them in to Pinkalicious. She has a Facebook page and she responds to kids (as well as adults). If you have an idea that you want me to do, you can put it on the Facebook page.

While I’m at it, I just want to say I’m thinking of this year as a great big yearlong party. If you want to have your own story time or your own Pinkalicious party to celebrate. You can go to, and you can download recipes for cupcakes and snacks and decorating ideas on how to have a really beautiful Pinkalicious party. There are also word games. If you’re a librarian or a teacher or even a parent, there are curriculum guides for how to incorporate ‘Pinkalicious’ into the classroom. I’m hoping that everybody puts on a tiara and gets a wand and makes a little magic happen this year.”


Candace Rose: I just love how positive the stories are and how positive the characters are. It’s amazing! Maybe some kids don’t get that (positivity) at home, but at least they get that from your books.

Victoria Kann: “Well, that’s so nice of you! I like to have fun and since it takes me two years to work on a book, I want to do something that’s going to make me happy while I’m working on it otherwise I would get really depressed.”


Candace Rose: What do you hope children will take away from the series and ‘Pinkalicious’?

Victoria Kann: “Well, first of all I want kids to love color. Second of all, I want kids to read. It’s very important especially in today’s society where there’s everything that’s ‘e this’ and ‘e that’. Just enjoying stories is very important. Then of course being able to solve their own problems and relating to characters whether or not it’s Pinkalicious or Peter. As they go through these stories, they solve their own problems, so that’s very important.”


Candace Rose: What was your favorite picture book growing up and how has it affected your artistic style?

Victoria Kann: “Well, I always loved books that had great female characters and I loved ‘Eloise’, and I loved ‘Madeline’. I loved ‘The Secret Garden’, I loved ‘Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm’ and I loved ‘Harriet The Spy’ – characters that I could fantasize about and that I wanted to be. I’m always thinking about that when I work.”


Candace Rose: What is it like seeing your book transform to stage shows, collectible dolls and a new TV show? That has to be so exciting!

Victoria Kann: “That is really, really exciting. I love working on these projects. Going to see the play and watching the kids as they’re captivated and they sit there very quietly. I’ve even seen babies sit very quietly as they watch what happens and they get very worried about Pinkalicious ‘oh no, she’s going to turn pink’, so that’s a lot of fun.

I’m hoping that this TV show, it’s right at the beginning stages but it’s going to have all the creativity and imagination, magic and fun that anything Pinkalicious has, and of course educational. It always has to be somewhat educational.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Victoria Kann: “Well, just go to and go to the Pinkalicious Facebook page. I love to hear from everybody. Sign up for the newsletter and that’s where you’re going to find out what’s the latest thing that is happening.”

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