Fitness Expert Laura DeAngelis Shares Easy Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for 2016!

We’re midway into the second week of 2016, and if you haven’t set those new year’s resolutions or fitness goals, now is definitely the time to do so! Renowned fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined me for an interview this morning to share simple health, wellness and fitness tips we can all use for 2016 and beyond.



Fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined Candace Rose for an interview to share simple healthy New Year's resolutions we can all make and keep for good!
Fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined Candace Rose for an interview to share simple healthy new year’s resolutions we can all make and keep for good!





Candace Rose: What is your top tip for making those resolutions stick this year?

Laura DeAngelis: “Candace what I love to tell people is it’s really important at this time of year to manage your expectations. Accept the fact that whether it’s a good habit or a bad habit, it takes about six weeks for a habit to really take root into your daily routine, so remember that. Also, set yourself up for success with realistic goals. Instead of saying I’m going to work out seven days a week, no. Once you miss the first day you’re going to feel like you missed the whole week, but instead tell yourself I’m going to exercise about two days this week. Candace, when you get to the gym on that third day you’re going to feel like such a rockstar, you’re going to want to just keep on going.

The same thing with your diet – you don’t have to make severe restrictions and say you’re never going to eat pancakes again. Save the pancakes for when you make breakfast with the kids maybe on a Sunday, and try to make better choices, more protein packed choices for breakfast on the other days of the week. If you set yourself up with these little steps, it adds up to long term success.”


Candace Rose: Can you really control your appetite?

Laura DeAngelis: “I’m really glad you asked that because for me what really works and what I try to have other people do is remember that your body should actually get fuel every few hours. This is going to keep your blood sugar at an even keel and it’s going to help you avoid sitting down and stuffing your face and overeating when you finally do have a meal. Put the right fuel in your body of course and that means your snacks as well. For me, I am obsessed with Kind snacks. I always have a Kind bar in my purse and in my gym bag. They’re a great portion size. Having a Kind bar before a workout, I never feel too weighed down, and after a workout it’s not going to ruin my next meal because again, it’s just the right portion. The snacks have a great combination of those healthy fats, the protein and the complex carbs that you need to fuel the workout and aid in recovery. They’re low in sugar.” For more information, please watch the video above.


Candace Rose: What’s the best thing to do when you feel the flu coming on?

Laura DeAngelis: “I’m glad you asked that too, Candace because unfortunately we’re getting to the height of the flu season and a lot of us can be rundown too after all of the holiday cheer and also after all of the not-so-great diet and exercise choices and the stress of entertaining and shopping, so it’s really important to be prepared to take quick action the minute that you feel you’re getting a little off. That means you have Oscillococcinum. For 70 years the French have relied on this homeopathic medicine to nip those flu-like symptoms in the bud. Clinical studies show it actually reduces the duration and the severity of those symptoms – the fever, the chills, the body aches, fatigue. The great thing is that your family can use this because it’s for ages two to 102.”


Candace Rose: How does getting a good night’s rest impact your health?

Laura DeAngelis: “So many people focus on the diet and on the exercise, but they forget about how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately according to the National Sleep Association, more than 60% of Americans are experiencing sleep problems, so here’s an idea to nip that in the bud in 2016 – you may want to add the S+ by ResMed to your bedroom. What’s neat about this is that there’s nothing to wear, it simply sits on your bedside table and then syncs with your smartphone. It monitors not only your movements, but also your breathing, your environment, your lifestyle, and then it provides a daily sleep score and gives you some personalized feedback to give you some coaching options, to get a better night’s sleep.” Get more information on


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Laura DeAngelis: “You can find more information on anything I talked about today at VideoPump.TV. You can always get health and fitness tips at my website which is”

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