Dailey & Vincent Talk New Album “Dailey & Vincent: Alive! In Concert”, “American Pride”, Grand Ole Opry

The highly acclaimed, talented and very entertaining bluegrass duo Dailey & Vincent released their first ever live album “Dailey & Vincent: Alive! In Concert” on Monday, April 27th at Cracker Barrel stores and online across the country. The best selling CD and DVD not only includes a beautiful 50-person orchestra and a choral group 100 strong, but patriotic songs like “American Pride” and “Till They Came Home” and classics near and dear to our hearts such as “Oh Baby Mine” by The Statler Brothers, and “Less of Me” by Glen Campbell.

Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent of Dailey & Vincent were kind enough to join me for an interview yesterday morning to discuss their new album “Dailey & Vincent: Alive! In Concert”. They also dished on the inspiration behind their beloved new album, their favorite songs to perform in concert, and what Jamie’s experience was like cowriting “American Pride” with country music legends Whispering Bill Anderson and Jimmy Fortune of The Statler Brothers!



Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent of the highly acclaimed bluegrass duo Dailey & Vincent joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss their new album "Dailey & Vincent: Alive! In Concert" and the inspiration behind it. Grand Ole Opry, Concert, Tour
Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent of the highly acclaimed bluegrass duo Dailey & Vincent joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss their new album “Dailey & Vincent: Alive! In Concert” and the inspiration behind it.


Watch The Interview (Video)

Watch journalist and entertainment blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson interview Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent of the highly acclaimed bluegrass duo, Dailey & Vincent!

Dailey & Vincent Talk New Album With Candace

Candace Rose Anderson: Can you tell us about your new album “Dailey & Vincent: Alive! In Concert”?

Jamie Dailey: “We have a new live album and a live DVD called “Dailey & Vincent: Alive! In Concert”. On this project, we did songs that we’ve written or co-written. We took some songs that we did early on in our career, some of the older ones and put them on here as well. We did some classic country, we did some bluegrass, gospel, instrumentals, quartets, trios, duets, some comedy and a tribute to America and also a tribute to our military who serves this great nation, and also to the fallen heroes who have helped sustain our freedom that we appreciate and so very thankful for. This project has a whole host of things on it. We even used the GMU orchestra and chorus to sing and play with us on a few songs too.”

What Inspired Dailey & Vincent’s First Ever Live Album

Candace Rose Anderson: This is your first ever live album. What inspired you to create it, and why now?

Darrin Vincent: “We want to say thanks to the fans for inspiring us to create it. From the very get go they wanted to see a live DVD of us on stage. Eight years later we’re bringing it to you thanks to our partners at Cracker Barrel, Springer Mountain Farms, Niswonger, GMU and the Hilton family. There’s a lot of partners that came together to help make this live DVD and CD, and we hope they get a blessing out of it. It’s being played on 64% of Public Television throughout America. You can get on there and see it, but we rather you go to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and pick your copy up today.”


How They Chose Which Songs To Include On The Album

Candace Rose Anderson: I absolutely love the album. How did you decide what songs to include on “Dailey & Vincent: Alive! In Concert”?

Jamie Dailey: “Well, we wanted to be really cautious about what songs we put on it. One of the biggest things that we don’t like is when we listen to records or artists, all their songs sound the same or all their arrangements sound the same. We wanted to make sure that we picked songs that lyrically sound different from each other, and musically they sound different from each other and then we took the time to arrange them so they sound different from each other. They all tell different stories, but at the same time it’s got to come together and be cohesive too. It’s an art in doing that and we tried our very best to produce this thing where it would flow correctly, but not sound the same. We tried to write some songs and put in areas where we thought they needed to be on it, and we thought back on songs that we always liked and we thought that would fit here or no it won’t fit here. It was a long process of trying to figure out exactly what was the right combination of songs and the right combinations of different voices and instrumentations that needed to be used and what areas of the DVD and the CD.”

Their Experience Cowriting “American Pride”

Candace Rose Anderson: Jamie, you co-wrote the beautiful patriotic song “American Pride” with country legends Whispering Bill Anderson and Jimmy Fortune of The Statler Brothers. What was that experience like?

Jamie Dailey: “It was a grand experience and one that I’m very thankful for. I’m such an underdog to those guys. I’d had the idea in my head for a while that I wanted Darrin and I to have a patriotic song that would be one just for us to sing that would become a standard and a staple for Dailey & Vincent, so I called Whispering Bill Anderson and I called Jimmy Fortune and asked if they would join me in writing a patriotic song, and they said they would love to. We went to Sony Records and we wrote the song. I’m just inspired by being around those guys every time I’m around them. They’re extraordinarily awesome people and great, great talents. I learn so much from them every time I write with them.”


What It’s Like Performing On The Grand Ole Opry Stage

Candace Rose Anderson: I hear you’re performing at the Grand Ole Opry tonight. What’s it like performing on that legendary stage? 

Darrin Vincent: “Each time it’s so thrilling, and you get nervous every time. It’s a huge honor for us. We hold it near and dear to our hearts. Our fathers grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry. It’s a big influence in their life, and for us to have the opportunity to go out and walk on that stage and be a part of that show, I’m telling you what, it’s a high, high honor and we really feel privileged for that opportunity.”


Dailey & Vincent’s Favorite Song To Perform In Concert

Candace Rose Anderson: What’s your favorite song to perform in concert?

Jamie Dailey: “We have numbers and numbers of songs that we enjoy performing. Right now I’m really enjoying performing a song “Who Am I To Say” that The Statler Brothers had out years ago. I enjoy a brand new song written by Karen Staley that’s on the new Alive! CD and DVD called “I’ll Leave My Heart in Tennessee” and of course “American Pride”. I’m really enjoying that one right now.”

Darrin Vincent: “For me, one of my favorite songs to perform live is our very first song that we got our career started with called “By The Mark” that Gillian Welch and David Rawlings had written about 18 years ago now. We just walk out with the guitar and mandolin – just the two vocals. It’s really stripped down and just what we do just naturally. To see the impact that has on people and to hear Jamie sing his high lead and high parts on that is really an artful form of singing and I really enjoy performing that song.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you both so much. Where can we go for more information and to buy your new album?

Jamie Dailey: “You can go to CrackerBarrel.com, you can go to iTunes, you can go to Amazon.com. Of course to find out more about Dailey & Vincent and our tour dates, if you want to come see us, it’s DaileyVincent.com. You can go to the official Dailey & Vincent Facebook and we also have Instagram.





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