Aveeno Ambassador: Aveeno Daily Challenge Week Three De-Stressing Update


Candace Rose and Aveeno Daily Challenge Week 3 Update
Candace Rose and Aveeno Daily Challenge Week 3 Update


Today marks three weeks since I started the Aveeno Daily Challenge, and the end of the challenge itself. By agreeing to take part in the Aveeno Daily Challenge (three weeks ago) I committed to using the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion daily, and I also agreed to de-stress and take time out for myself for 30 minutes a day. My body is thanking me for using their renowned daily moisturizing lotion on the daily and for finally taking time out for myself these days.

It seems as though drama has really followed me during these last three weeks, I’m not sure if it was the Universe testing me to see if I would actually fully commit to the challenge or what…but it sure has been hectic! The first week I dealt with problems with my server, the following was a debilitating migraine and this last week my mom and I both had our separate bank accounts hacked and someone (or multiple people) went on shopping sprees in the bay area on Easter Sunday. I felt sorry for my mother when she told me that someone got a hold of her ATM number and went “shopping” with her money, and had no idea that someone had done the same thing to me until I found out the day after. It was such a stressful experience, I felt so violated. I had to remind myself to take a deep breath, and not stress out…even though that was the last thing on my mind. It wasn’t easy, all I wanted was for these people or this person to be caught. I know the chances of that happening is slim to none, I can’t change what happened and that using a debit card is safer than carrying around cash, since the bank reimbursed me for my loss.

What I’ve learned from the Aveeno Daily Challenge is that negative thinking isn’t going to get me anywhere, working 24/7 isn’t healthy…I need to take breaks, enjoy the simple things in life like getting a pedicure, making a pretty floral arrangement with fresh flowers from the garden, shopping with my mom, spray painting (one of my favorite past times), learning new makeup techniques, visiting with friends, posting pictures of the garden on Instagram, hanging out with my dogs, spending time with my family in addition to working on my absolute favorite “past time”, the interviews I conduct with celebrities and members of the media are what’s important in my life!

Many thanks to Aveeno for giving me the wonderful opportunity of being a 2014 Aveeno Ambassador and allowing me to participate in this amazing Daily Challenge! I love Aveeno, not just because I get to use amazing skincare products but because they care about their brand ambassadors and want us all to not only look better, but live healthier lives and feel better too!

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