Monumental Mysteries Host Don Wildman on His New Show Premiering Tonight

If you’re an avid fan of Don Wildman’s show “Mysteries at the Museum”, you’ll be excited to hear he has a new show premiering tonight called “Monumental Mysteries.” Don joined me for an interview yesterday to discuss his amazing new show on the Travel Channel which covers monuments throughout America. He also gave us a sneak peek of tonight’s episode!

"Monumental Mysteries" host Don Wildman dishes on his new show premiering n the Travel Channel on Thursday May 9th at 9 pm ET/PT during a recent interview with journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson.
“Monumental Mysteries” host Don Wildman dishes on his new show premiering n the Travel Channel on Thursday May 9th at 9 pm ET/PT.



Don Wildman Talks “Monumental Mysteries”

Candace Rose Anderson: Can you tell us about your new show “Monumental Mysteries”?

Don Wildman: “Monumental Mysteries” grew out of another series I’ve been doing for Travel Channel called “Mysteries at the Museum.” Monumental follows a similar format which is six different stories of history throughout an hour long format. So in this case, what we’re covering are the monuments of America, and that’s a very broad term which kind of encompasses the large memorials that we’re aware of in say Washington D.C., the engineering feats of the Golden Gate bridge for instance to the gravestones. Anything that marks history with an object is on our show one way or the other?”


Don On Which Monument Had Most Surprising Stories

Candace Rose Anderson: Which monument had the most surprising story? Can you share any secrets with us?

Don Wildman: “Sure. In the debut episode- this show is airing on Thursday nights at 9 on the Travel Channel – the debut episode has a really fascinating story right up front, and that’s the story of Mercy Brown. She’s represented by a gravestone. This town in Rhode Island became convinced that this woman that died of tuberculosis actually had become a vampire, and they do this by exhuming the grave and…I’m not going to give it away, you have to watch the show and that’s what we’ve done with every segment. We look for the story about that object, that memorial, that monument that tweaks it a little bit that turns the light on that object.”


Don Wildman’s Favorite Monument

Candace Rose Anderson: What is your favorite monument?

Don Wildman: “I’m a big grand guy, I like the stories, so I really like walking down the National Mall and I’m a big Abe Lincoln fan so I guess the Lincoln Memorial would be a favorite of mine.”


The One Monument He’s Dying To See

Candace Rose Anderson: Is there one monument in the U.S. or abroad that you haven’t been to and you’re just dying to see?

Don Wildman: “I’ve always wanted to repel down Mount Rushmore. Who hasn’t? I saw “North by Northwest”, I’ve always dreamed of getting a very close upfront look at that monument. I’ll tell you what, when you go and visit Mount Rushmore, I find it disappointing to stand at a distance, it kind of looks a little small when you’re at that viewing platform. But it ain’t small at all if you get up closer.”



Candace Rose Anderson: Do you have any additional information on “Monumental Mysteries” that you’d like to share with us?

Don Wildman: “About the shows- there’s 13 ahead of us right now and so for the next three months or so we’re going to do about 75 stories that I promise will give you a feeling of American history like you’ve not known it before, it comes alive through these things. I really like this show for that reason alone because history television in general should wake you up to the world around you. The routine in America is basically driving past these things and sort of getting used to them.

I like this show because it basically drops you in your tracks and says- ‘Who was that guy representing in that building?’ ‘Or that woman represented by that statue?’ What you will walk right past, we stop you and talk about.”

Candace Rose Anderson: Where can we go for more information?

Don Wildman: “ has a lot on both “Monumental Mysteries” and “Mysteries at the Museum.” You can check out my website at and keep your eye on the papers.”

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