Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo’s Exclusive Video

With the Dallas Cowboys season officially kicking off on Wednesday, September 5th against Eli Manning and the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, Starter and Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo have teamed up for a new print ad and video campaign titled “Romo Responds” which was just released today and will be featured in the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News. According to Starter “The campaign creative is a direct response from the Dallas Cowboys’ Quarterback to address the perceived pressure that he and his teammates are under to win a championship.”


Tony Romo’s new ad campaign “Romo Responds” TonyRomoSpeaks.com. Image courtesy of Starter



Image and video courtesy of Starter

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    Pam Adams

    He deserves more respect than what he got! I missed seeing him play; he always made the game so interesting to watch


      Same here! I miss seeing number 9 on the field!!!