60 Foot Holograms of Team USA Swimmer Ryan Lochte



You're Ready. Get Started. mobile projection in Boston
You’re Ready. Get Started mobile projection in Boston

Procter & Gamble brand Gillette kicked off the start of the Olympics last week by staging a series of events which started on Tuesday, July 24th and ended on the Friday the 27th in Boston to wish Team USA well at the Olympics in London.

On Tuesday, July 24th and Wednesday, July 25th a series of mobile projections appeared on well known buildings in boston such as the Federal Building, Boston Convention Center, Vent Building 5, Ted Williams Tunnel, The Boston Edison Company Building, and Gillette World Shaving Headquarters.



Mobile projection of sprinter Tyson Gay on a building in Boston.
Mobile projection of Track and Field star Tyson Gay in Boston
Mobile projection of swimmer Ryan Lochte in Boston
Mobile projection of 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte

On the evening of Friday, July 27th Bostonians came out to view The Light it Up event- “a massive water show above Boston Harbor” which showcased (approximately) “60 foot holograms of Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte diving into Boston Harbor and Tyson Gay racing toward victory.”

Hologram of sprinter Tyson Gay racing toward victory above Boston Harbor
Hologram of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte diving into Boston Harbor

Mobile projections of Team USA Olympians Ryan Lochte and Tyson Gay on buildings in Boston.



Behind the scenes video of Ryan Lochte and Tyson Gay hologram above Boston Harbor. According to Gillette “The event used multiple projectors to display video images of Ryan Lochte and Tyson Gay in action on massive screens of particulate water vapor sprayed into the air above the Boston Harbor adjacent to Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art. Powerful underwater pumps 100 feet from the water’s edge created two video projection canvases by spraying a mist of water into the air. One screen of misted water measured 120 feet wide by 55 feet tall. The other screen measured 80 feet wide by 30 feet tall. A patented video mapping technology displayed customized graphics, animations and video footage onto these enormous water screens as the images were projected from some of the brightest, most powerful video projections equipment on the planet.”



60 foot holograms of swimmer Ryan Lochte and sprinter Tyson Gay at the Light It Up event in Boston!


All screenshots and videos courtesy of Procter & Gamble/Gillette



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