NBC Fashion Star Episode 9 Recap

John Varvatos, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson NBC ‘Fashion Star’ Judges/Mentors: Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie. Photo credit: John Russo/NBC. Image courtesy of RollingStone.com


NBC’s “Fashion Star” just ended a little over an hour ago on the west coast, so instead of making you wait until Wednesday for a little recap and the top buys from the show, let’s get the shopping party started early! For those who are new to my recaps, welcome! Please scroll down to the bottom of the post for links to my previous recaps. On tonight’s episode titled “Buyers Choice” – ‘the buyers asked the designers to create a piece for their store’.


Highlights from the show

  • Nicole Richie kicked off the night with the unveiling of her Winter Kate spring 2012 collection.
  • The buyers worked with the designers directly, gave them feedback and educated them on what it would take to be sold in all three stores.
  • Kara Laricks created a dress specifically for H&M in mind. She also created a trench coat which catered to Macy’s & Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • There was a bidding war between H&M and Macy’s for Kara Laricks collar & tie dress, which was ultimately sold to H&M for $60,000.
  • Kara Laricks once again found herself in a bidding war- this time between Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue over her trench coat, which Saks buyer Terron E. Shaffer called a ‘showdown’. In the end Kara Laricks took Macy’s offer of $60,000. She is now sold in all three stores – H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s.
  • Nzimiro Oputa’s casual trousers and safari jacket didn’t receive any offers despite mentor Nicole Richie’s confidence, especially in his safari jacket.
  • Luciana Scarabello’s cropped jacket and shorts set had no offers nor did her high waisted skirt.
  • Orly Shani’s structured dress was bought by Saks Fifth Avenue for $60,000 and her blazer and wide leg trousers were bought by H&M for $100,000.
  • Fashion mentors Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie tried swaying Nikki Poulos from creating high waisted pants due to its lack of practicality for women of all body types. Jessica Simpson tried deterring her due to her negative experience in high waisted jeans.
  • Nikki Poulos unfortunately did not listen to her mentors, her waisted pants were not purchased; but her asymmetrical dress was sold to Saks Fifth Avenue for $50,000.
  • Designer Ronnie Escalante sold his women’s suits for $50,000.
  • Ronnie had the biggest night of all the designers with his menswear inspired dress. Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M started a bidding war at $50,000 which ultimately ended with H&M buying the dress for $110,000 after Saks buyer Terron E. Shaffer ended his bidding with $100,000.

 In the end the six remaining designers stood before the judges- Nikki Poulos, Luciana Scarabello and Orly Shani were eliminated; and Kara Laricks, Ronnie Escalante and Nzimiro Oputa will move on to next week’s finale.

Here are the winning looks of the night, available at H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s!

H&M Kara Laricks, Ronnie Escalante and Orly ShaniNBC “Fashion Star” designers Kara Laricks, Orly Shani and Ronnie Escalante – Image courtesy of H&M


  H&M, Ronnie Escalante NBC “Fashion Star” Episode 9 Dress Designed by Ronnie Escalante – H&M

  Collar and tie dress kara larks h&mNBC “Fashion Star” Episode 9 Top designed by Kara Laricks. – H&M

  NBC Fashion Star Blazer Orly ShaniNBC “Fashion Star” Episode 9 Blazer designed by Orly Shani – H&M

H&M Trousers Orly Shani NBC Fashion StarNBC “Fashion Star” Episode 9 Trousers designed by Orly Shani – H&M

 Unfortunately everything is sold out tonight on H&M’s site, but I would check with your local store tomorrow (Wednesday, May 9th) to see what their availability is like!

H&M Nikki Poulos and Orly Shani NBC Fashion StarStriped dress by Nikki Poulos ($295); Sleeveless dress by Orly Shani ($295) – Saks Fifth Avenue 


Red Trench Coat Kara Laricks Lightweight Twill Trench Coat in RED by Kara Laricks ($99) – Macy’s

*The tan coat is already sold out online. Be sure to check your local Macy’s for availability.

Double Lapel Suit Ronnie Escalante Macy'sDouble Lapel Suit Jacket & Wide-Leg Pants by Ronnie Escalante (Ivory) ($208) – Macy’s


  Be sure to tune in next Tuesday for the finale as they choose the winning “Fashion Star” designer! Who do you think it will be?

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