Toy Expert Shares Top Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

With Easter just a few short days away, Toy expert Reyne Rice joined me this week to share the top toys and games for kids and tweens. She also gave tips on how to get the family involved in both indoor and outdoor activities!

  Toy Expert Reyne Rice Easter Toys Games 2012, Candace Rose Candieanderson.comToy expert Reyne Rice has the top games and toys for kids, tweens, teens and parents just in time for Easter!



Reyne Rice Shares The Top Easter Gifts For Kids

Candace Rose Anderson: With Easter less than a week away, what are some of the must have gifts for Easter baskets?

Reyne Rice: “Well, we know of course kids are looking forward to that Easter basket, but parents are looking for something that will last a little bit longer so video games for example is something that’s a favorite choice for everyone. The Kinect Rush which is a Disney Pixar adventure is created exclusively for Kinect for the Xbox 360, and this is the first time the whole family can really enjoy a game. There’s five different worlds and one action packed game. The players can actually scan themselves, create a personalized avatar and then team up with their favorite heroes. And in minutes they can be playing either with friends and family or just by themselves. The game really tracks their progress and it adjusts to their level of play.


Kinect Rush Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure for Xbox 360 Toy expert Reyne Rice Easter toys games candace rose 2012Kinect Rush for the Xbox 360


Toy story kinect rush toy expert reyne rice games xbox 360 candace rose candieanderson.comToy Story on Kinect Rush

Cars Disney Pixar Kinect Rush Toy Expert Reyne Rice Candace Rose Candieanderson.comCars on Kinect Rush.

2012 Ratatouille kinect rush disney pixar toy expert reyne rice candace rose easter gifts toys easter basketRatatouille on Kinect Rush.

Kid playing kinect toy expert reyne rice candace rose easter gifts easter games 2012This guy’s having a great time playing with kinect for the Xbox 360


The second product is something for babies. This is the Vtech Pour and Float Froggy and it provides a splash of learning for babies nine months and up. It has special sensors in it for light, sounds and music and lots of squirts of water. It engages kids in and out of the tub and babies can learn about numbers, stacking, and cause and effect by playing with this versatile learning frog.


   Baby, Babies, Water toy, Easter 2012, Easter Toys, Easter Basket, vTech Pour and float Froggy Toy expert Reyne Rice Candace Rose The Vtech Pour and Float Froggy is great for babies!

vtech pour and float Froggy toy expert reyne rice candace rose easter basket, easter toys, easter gifts, babiesThe vTech Pour and Float Froggy in action.


Now, Aurora World is an expert at soft and squeezable plush- this sweet and soft cuddly bunny has this new two toned plush so it appears to be soft and smooth from one side or it’s reflective and bright from the other (I’m not sure you can see that from the screen). But the jeweled tones also have a little jewel in their eye, so whether it’s the unicorn or the teal squirrel these are fun for kids. Both boys and girls love them and it’s a wonderful product.


Aurora World Bunny Easter 2012, Candace Rose,, toy expert reyne rice interviewAn adorable soft and cuddly Aurora World Bunny.

Aurora World Jewel Pets Toy Expert Reyne Rice Interview Easter Gifts, Easter Stuffed Animal Candace Rose candieanderson.comAurora World Jewel Pets


If we look at crafts something that is really hard to find is a gift for a teen and a tween, so this Loopdedoo spinning tool by the Ann Williams group, kids can really create beautifully crafted friendship bracelets. This tool makes bracelet weaving a quick and easy process, and it includes a drawer to store the extra thread- just perfect for a great craft item this  time of year.


You can create beautiful friendship bracelets with the Loopdedoo Spinning Tool by the Ann Williams group. It has a drawer just for thread to help keep you organized!


The Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit and Friendship bracelet is one of the top Easter toys!
The Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit and Friendship bracelet maker is one of the top Easter toys/gifts!


Now we know sometimes families like to get outdoors for the holidays, especially for Easter springtime is there. So Radio Flyer which has their heritage in wagons has two new customizable scooters. They have the RFX in red and the style in right in pink. And both of these Radio Flyer scooters offer customized decks for more control, have adjustable handles for right height steering and they have dozens of sticker clips, so kids can really customize their ride. And it’s designed for ages five and up.


Radio Flyer RFX Scooter, Toy expert Reyne Rice, Easter Toys and Gifts interview, Candace Rose Candieanderson.comRadio Flyer RFX Scooter

Radio Flyer RFX Customizable, Toy expert Reyne Rice, Candace Rose Candieanderson.comThe Radio Flyer RFX is customizable!


The last item we have is the Doodle Roll, and this is by a company called Imagination Brands. It offers an affordable all-in-one arts and crafts activity kit and it has built-in crayon storage; a safe EZ tear edge, and kids can really unroll their imagination and play anytime and anywhere. All of these products can be found on And you can see there’s a selection of Easter products for the whole family here.”


Doodle Roll by Imagination brands. Easter gifts, easter games, easter toys, toy expert reyne rice, candace rose interviewThe Doodle Roll by Imagination Brands.


How To Get The Family Involved In Outdoor Activities

Candace Rose Anderson: What’s the best way to get families involved in outdoor activities?

Reyne Rice: “I’d say the parents need to be involved in them as well, so don’t just go and watch your kids play, go on a bike ride or go together for a scooter ride. You know, have fun playing outside- go and play a game of catch, just get outdoors and enjoy the outdoors and that’s the way that kids will learn those balances of active and outdoor toys for life.”

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