Interview: Spring Home Renovation Tips with HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler


HGTV expert, Bryan Baeumler joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to share home improvement tips we can all complete. Image courtesy of
HGTV expert, Bryan Baeumler joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to share home improvement tips we can all complete. Image courtesy of


With summer just 85 days away, are you thinking of attempting any DIY projects before the heat hits? If so, you’re in luck! HGTV host Bryan Baeumler joined me this morning for an interview to share tips on putting in a new deck, adding insulation into your home, purchasing multipurpose tools, and much needed DIY tips for beginners!


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How To Get Our Homes Ready For Spring

Candace Rose Anderson: With spring officially here; how can we get our homes ready for the season?

Bryan Baeumler: “Well, spring is probably my favorite time of the year- snow is gone; open up all of the doors and windows, get some fresh air in. Just as a tip- the air in your home can be 10 times dirtier than the air outside; so get those windows open, exchange that air. First thing people do is walk out into the yard and we want to sit out on a deck. And chances are if you put a deck on last year you used either a cedar or a pressure treated lumber or even worse, a composite. And now after a year or two your deck looks like it’s 10 years old. Well, I have one of those must have products that’s just come out this year from a company called Eastman, and it’s called Perennial Wood. It’s Southern Pine which not a lot of people think of for a deck board, but Southern Pine is grown here in the U.S. It’s a fast growing tree; it’s renewable, great quality wood. They take it and with a technology called TruLast they treat the lumber with heat, pressure and an organic compound, and it changes the molecules. It changes the actual cells of the wood to make them hydrophobic so they won’t absorb water. This stuff has a 25 year limited warranty. It’s wood which is the best part of it right there. It comes in four pre-stained colors, and it’s available at Lowes and Boston Cedar in the north east. This is going to revolutionize the decking industry because now you can actually buy a wood deck that’s going to last longer than a composite and it is real wood, so it’s sustainable, it’s environmental; it just makes sense to buy. You can get more information on that at– all kinds of stuff about the technology and the product there. That’s one thing; one must have for spring.”


Eastman Perennial Wood Southern PineEastman Perennial Wood Southern Pine

Deck Eastman Perennial Southern Pine Wood                              Gorgeous deck crafted using Eastman Perennial Southern Pine wood.


How To Improve The Inside Of Your Home

Candace Rose Anderson: And what can we do to get the inside of our homes ready?

Bryan Baeumler: “Well, when you come inside in the spring, you know a lot of people think ‘it’s spring it’s going to be warm this summer, we don’t need to worry about insulation’. You forget those winter nights when your head was freezing to the wall or that cold air is blowing through the window. But in the summer insulation will help to keep your house cool as well, it’ll help keep the heat out. So you want to go up into the attic- spring and fall is a great time to do it because it’s not too hot up there and it’s not too cold, so it’s a comfortable place to get up there. Have a look around and increase the R-value to R40 or 50 if it isn’t there already to help stop that sun beating down on your roof, and that heat coming through your ceiling. If you’re doing any renovating this year- opening up any walls, think about putting in spray foam- it’s two and a half times (approximately) the cost of conventional insulation. But Walltite Eco which is a two pound polyurethane spray foam from BASF is almost double or more than double the R-value of conventionally insulation per inch, so you can pack a lot more R-value into your wall. It’s structural, it’s got a vapor barrier on both sides so you won’t end up with water or condensation or mold inside your walls; and it’s going to save you a lot of money. It’s going to pay you back forever.”


Bryan Baeumler Recommends Multipurpose Tools

Candace Rose Anderson: How about multipurpose tools?

Bryan Baeumler: “Multipurpose tools are a great way to go. If you’re like me you need 12 of everything. Most people want 12 of everything, but if you have to add a few tools selectively- you’ve already got your tape and your pencil and your hammer- that kind of stuff- multipurpose tool is the way to go. Porter Cable came out with a great oscillating tool, it has a number of different bits on it. You can get a flush cut bit from metal for metal, plastic, wood- you name it. It’s got a sanding attachment; a scraping attachment for getting off vinyl or tile; a carbide blade for taking down mortar or separating one broken tile from the rest in removing it; plunge cut to put in new electrical boxes- this thing’s got all kinds of uses. Multi-bit screwdrivers another one- keep that around. You don’t need 100 screwdrivers, 1 with all the bits in it and a ratchet- super, super helpful. And it’s spring, you’re going to start all these projects, so make the right decisions.”


Multipurpose toolsMultipurpose tools are a must when attempting DIY projects!

Wood Multipurpose tools


Bryan Baeumler Shares DIY Tips For Beginners

Candace Rose Anderson: Do you have any DIY tips for beginners?

Bryan Baeumler: “DIY tips for beginners? I’ve got millions of them. Be honest with yourself about what your skills are, be honest about how much time you have and whether you have time to complete a project. Make sure you’re going to enjoy it and start small. Start somewhere small, paint, throw up a few tiles; maybe replace your deck boards, and go from there. As your skills build, move a little farther along, but certainly finish one job at a time and you should be good.”


Candace Rose Anderson: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Bryan Baeumler: “Any additional tips or information? I could go on for hours! Be careful, there’s a lot of decisions that people make about their homes, and we have a whole new series called “Leave It To Bryan” that will be airing shortly in the U.S. about making decisions where we all have our priorities. We all the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, and we know that buying good quality products or putting our money into a roof that’s leaking makes more sense than a man cave or redoing a kitchen, so it’s about making responsible decisions that are going to pay you back in the long term. Perennial wood is one of those; it’s going to last a long time; it’s going to add value and you’re going to get your value back out of that. Upgrading the insulation in your home is another one, and just making responsible decisions.”


Candace Rose Anderson: Where can we go for more information?

Bryan Baeumler: “For more information, head to– that’s information on the wood and lots of spring tips as well for maintaining your home, and some ideas to make your home more efficient and beautiful for the summer that’s coming.”


Candace Rose Anderson: Where can viewers go to find more information on you, Bryan?

Bryan Baeumler: “If viewers want to find more information on me, you can check us out at or Baeumler.CA– we’re all over the place.”


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