Interview: Beth Le Manach of DECA on YouTube’s Women’s Lifestyle Channel: KinCommunity!

Today I’m happy to introduce you to Beth Le Manach, Vice President of Programming at DECA, the leading women’s digital company. As a leader in video content, she was kind enough to join me for an interview recently to introduce us to KinCommunity, one of the first lifestyle channels for women on YouTube. With over 800,000 views and well over 8,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel in just a month of operation, women of all ages are flocking to KinCommunity for advice on cooking, fashion, inspiration, parenting and more!

Beth Le Manach DecaBeth Le Manach of DECA


Beth Le Manach On KinCommunity

Candace Rose Anderson: Can you tell us about YouTube’s first ever women’s lifestyle channel, KinCommunity?

Beth Le Manach: “Sure. YouTube right now is beginning an original content strategy and they’ve had channels on there obviously that target women and lifestyle, but they have started to partner with about 100 different content partners. Everybody from celebrities like Madonna down to internet companies like DECA to create original content for YouTube that maybe is a little bit better quality than what you’re used to seeing on YouTube. So even though we may not be the first necessarily lifestyle channel up on YouTube, we were the first to be part of this initial program for the original content play which launched about a month ago.”

Beth Talks Growing Popularity Of KinCommunity

Candace Rose Anderson: As of today you have over 8,000 subscribers and over 800,000 views. Did you ever think it was going to be this popular in just a month?

Beth Le Manach: “No. I mean, you never know. It’ve been in the content business for 15/17 years- somewhere about that, and you never know when you produce something or create something and how people are going to react to it. You just have to kind of produce based on your gut, and for me I think there’s a lot of video out there that’s targeting women. I think moms especially, with moms being kind of the new buzz words for advertisers. It seems like there’s a new website everyday that pops up targeting to moms, and I just feel like I wanted to create content that hadn’t been seen before, that maybe was a little bit more aspirational, that spoke to moms in a new way, that wasn’t just always about ‘the mom’ but was also about the woman behind the mom. And so that’s why the content you see, the food programming with food content isn’t necessarily a perky host in a studio kitchen showing you how to make a chicken parmigiana. It has a little bit more soul to it, it’s women sharing their story, their own recipes, their own kitchens and these could be women who are just real women. But they don’t necessarily need to be bloggers or influencers. We have some of those as well, but I always think that good ideas could come from anybody.”

Candace Rose Anderson: Can you give those who haven’t had a chance to check out KinCommunity an overview on the various programs you feature?

Beth Le Manach: “Sure. So right now we have four different series and they cut across four different topics. So the first one is food. We have two formats in our food series and the food show airs daily, so everyday Monday through Friday there’s a new video and it’s either going to be in one of two formats; the first format is what we call ‘the love letter’ format and I call it that because the intention with that is kind of a love letter to the cook, a love letter to the kitchen to inspire women to get back into their kitchens and cook from scratch, not heat something up in the microwave, not like do something that’s semi homemade but actually do something that is from scratch and have the recipes be simple enough that even they think okay, even I can do this. And it’s a love letter because there isn’t anybody talking, it’s beautiful photography, wonderful music, just simple graphics that tells a story. They’re usually about a minute or less and it’s just a little love letter saying here’s a beautiful recipe, we really think you would like and you should try.

How To Make Spinach Artichoke Dip

    And then the second format is our story driven food format and that is just everyday women, food people or food enthusiasts who have some great recipes and share the recipes that work best for them, as well as the stories behind them. We see the talent, we see the host talking about them and then you learn how to make the recipes from their point of view.

How To Make A Skinny Margarita Cocktail

    And then the second show we have is a fashion show which is targeted to women who want to look great but don’t want to spend a milion dollars, so we have different fashion influencers, fashion people basically putting together their outfits and telling people where they can get these outfits or how it was put together. We’re going to be moving to a new format showing people in their homes and in their closets. Right now it’s kind of high stylized sets which kind of speaks to the quirkiness of the brand. We want things to feel kind of unexpected like, huh, I haven’t seen a paper set before; huh, I haven’t seen a paper chair before, just to make it fun and light.

      Then the third series launched last week which is called KinStory and that one is a really fun, what we call ‘reality documentary’, so it’s a reality documentary because there’s parts of reality in it but it’s more documentary in that it’s not your traditional reality show, and the one that we have right now features a family that has picked up and moved from LA. They have a small two year old daughter, and an eight week old daughter and they move to Tuscany. They were kind of fed up with the LA lifestyle and they said ‘why are we doing this’? And Stacee who is the featured woman in the series is married to an Italian and they said lets go back home and live there. So this series is a daily video series chronicling her adventures moving to Tuscany.


    And then the fourth one is a parenting show which will launch the middle of this month, and that is kind of a comedic take on parenting from the eyes of two dad bloggers. They’re really funny. They do a thing that’s really funny, if you have a chance to look called the ‘baby sleep positions’. They do these little instructional diagrams and they’re really, really funny. Anybody who has kids (mother or father) I think will relate to their humor, so we’re looking forward to that.”

Baby Sleep Positions KinCommunity Baby Positions “H is for Hell” –


What Viewers Can Expect

Candace Rose Anderson: And what can we expect from them?

Beth Le Manach: “They’re going to be doing some funny kind of reenactments. They do funny skits all along the lines of parenting, so parenting in that if you’re a parent, you’re kind of in this special club. We all know what goes into caring for somebody who needs to be cared for, and there’s a lot of kind of unsaid truths about parenting, and I think that’s where the humor is. They’re going to be digging into these truths and doing little two minute skits (two minute videos) about some of these things, so I don’t want to give too much away because I think you have to see it to kind of get it. But if you look at their blog you’ll get a sense for their humor. They’re definitely witty, clever guys, I expect they’ll be funny. They’re very approachable, so I hope that will resonate with our audience as well.”

Beth Le Manach Talks Pinterest!

Candace Rose: You’re all over social media, and I love that you’re on Pinterest. So many women are addicted to that site (myself included) what will we be able to find on KinCommunity’s page?

Beth Le Manach: “So Pinterest, we just really like to clip things that we love, so whether it be our food boards or fashion boards, I think it’s a way for users to understand the Kin psyche, and that’s what I love about Pinterest, that a picture does say a thousand words and what you pink kind of defines who you are or who you want people to think you are or communicate and so that’s something that we’ve just started, and to be honest we need to put a little bit more time there. But we are a very visual brand, so you can see that in our photography, in our graphics, in the way that we kind of present ourselves so it just seems like a natural fit to also express ourselves that way on Pinterest.”

KinCommunity PinterestPinterest: KinCommunity


Beth On The Popularity Of Video

Candace Rose Anderson: I also love that you feature your videos on Facebook. Not everyone subscribes to YouTube yet, hopefully in the coming year more people will doing so as videos become more popular, especially for women. It’s great that people can leave comments there too and can watch them on their Facebook page.

Beth Le Manach: “Yeah, and that’s the thing too, that I think online video really speaks to is that the mobility of content, that content doesn’t live on one site or one television station. That’s almost really old school media, that you have to be wherever your community is so our demographics spends a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter. We want to be able to expose our content on all those different communities so you don’t just build it and they will come, you have to kind of fish where the fish are.”

Beth Shares What’s Next For KinCommunity

Candace Rose Anderson: What’s next on KinCommunity’s list?

Beth Le Manach: “So something new that’s coming to KinEats is user submissions so we are really interested in knowing about what other women or other people in general are cooking in their kitchens. I think that Monday through Friday workhorse recipes are some of the hardest recipes to get. I saw a study one time that said ‘we all exist with seven recipes a year, that people just go through rotations on these seven recipes’. That made me so sad, and I thought well, wouldn’t it be great to turn to our community? We have a growing community now, to find out what are people making and have them share those recipes with us. So they direct messages on YouTube or they leave a comment on some of the promo videos we’ve done asking users for their recipes. They give us their recipes and we turn them into videos and we give the user credit. So if it was me and I was a user, and I left the recipe for my favorite banana cake, I would soon see a video that would be beautifully shot just like all the Kin videos are, in the same style, but that would say ‘this recipe came from @Beth Le Manach. Thank you, we love your banana cake recipe’ and just kind of call out the user and make them really feel like it really is a community that’s going both ways.

    And then the other thing that we’re working on the fashion show is doing a format we’re calling “The Castoof that I think is really funny. If you ask most women they always have a few items in their closets that still have the tage on it, that have never seen the light of day, but they bought for some event or some reason it was on sale, and they’ve never worn it. I think that in the spirit of being good environmentalists why toss these items aside? Why not open it up to community to show people what are in their closets, and say ‘look I couldn’t wear this, it’s a good dress, I think this would look great on somebody and tell the story behind why they bought it and then offer it up to the community, And then the first person or maybe we pick random to leave a comment saying that they want it and we will actually send them the item, and then the caveat is that they actually have to do a video. And it could be an iPhone video (it doesn’t have to be professionally done) of themselves wearing the new item that they received, so that we can kind of complete the circle and people can see the fun of giving clothes that don’t fit somebody to somebody else who could enjoy them and wear them in a better way!”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional information you’d like to share?

Beth Le Manach: “I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that people don’t have a daily habit of going to YouTube. Right now it’s like you wake up in the morning, you check your Facebook page, you check your email, you might check Twitter, but you’re not necessarily checking YouTube. And one of the things we’re trying to communicate and get the word out is that there are going to be a lot of channels just like Kin quality content for women, and that women really need to give YouTube a chance. They have redesigned it, it’s easier to navigate and that the best way to get the most out of YouTube is to subscribe. So you create an account, it’s free. If you have a gmail account that’s all you need and then you can start cruising through and feeling all the different channels, subscribe and then it can allow you to get updates when new videos post. It can allow you to leave comments, to like, share, really interact with content so we’d really like to see lots of subscribers by the end of the year. We just want to get the word out that Kin is there and we want them to be a part of our community, and the best way to do that is to subscribe.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Beth Le Manach: “Yes, we can go to and that’s the homepage of the channel and if anybody wants to contact us or get more information they have a really nice module to the right that says post a comment to this channel. It personally comes right to me and I try to answer every comment that comes in, and that’s really the best line of communication.”

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