Interview: Last Minute Gifts for Guys with Media Personality, Eric Villency

If you're looking for any last minute gifts for the guy on your list, you've come to the right place – media personality, Eric Villency stopped by to share his top gifts for the man in your life!


  Eric Villency Gifts Guys Christmas 2011Eric Villency has the top gifts for every guy on your list!




Candace Rose: What's on every guys list for the holidays?

Eric Villency: "Well, you know, holiday time is picture time so you want the guys looking good, and guys think a lot about their hair when it comes to grooming. We like our hair just so but the women in our lives don't always appreciate a gunky feel, so Axe came out with a great product line called the Hold + Touch. Guys get the look they want; women can run their hands through our hair without worrying about getting it stuck. And they've got three different types, they've got a cream wax for thick hair, they've got a spiking glue for normal hair, and paste for finer hair. The best part about this gift? It's only seven dollars- great value.


Axe Hair ProductsAxe hair products for men


    We've got the iStubble which is beard and gadgets, which is something guys will love and it's from Conair, so a good gift and we also do have some fashion."


Conair iStubbleThe Conair iStubble for that perfect shave.


Candace Rose: What can guys do to take their look from the office to a night out?

Eric Villency: "Yeah, something that's really important first of all, is proper fit; and I went to the Men's Wearhouse and we got some great stuff there. I got a casual look: this Pronto Uomo shirt, I got Lucky jeans; and they have Big and Tall stuff for the big guys. But when guys think about fashion, sometimes they think bigger is better- not at all. You want a proper fit, and they introduced the slim fit line. This is the Tommy Hilfiger slim fit suit and this is going to be something which a proper fit really helps a guy look good.


Tommy Hilfiger SuitThe Tommy Hilfiger slim fit suit


     And if I took the jacket and paired it with this outfit, I could go to the office and I can also wear it out at night."


Tommy Hilfiger SuitWith just a simple tie switch you can take this look from day to night.


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Eric Villency: "Yeah, absolutely. It's gift time, Men's Wearhouse has a great selection- they've got this cashmere sweater, scarf, and cuff links; something which will last a lifetime. If you go to, they're also doing a buy one get one free promotion, so that's a great value there. for the products, and for the grooming. All great stuff!"


Cashmere Mens Clothing Accessories Men's Wearhouse Eric Villency Holidays 2011Great cashmere pieces from the Men's Wearhouse are built to last!


Happy Holidays!!!

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