Interview: Holiday Beauty Tips & Trends with Beauty Expert Polly Blitzer

With the holidays upon us (Merry Christmas Eve!) Beauty Expert, Polly Blitzer has the must have beauty tips and trends you need to have you looking fab just in time for family get togethers and holiday parties!


Polly Blitzer Christmas 2011Beauty Expert, Polly Blitzer on the holiday set!




Candace Rose: What's the secret to looking great for the holidays?

Polly Blitzer: Well, I'm glad you asked that, Candace, because there are some great tricks that I brought you; products that answer the most commonly asked questions this time of year, which are about teeth, and skin, and some makeup, and some hair, and the body. So for starters you're never fully dressed without a dazzling white smile; we all know that and this time of year, we're having our photos taken at holiday parties and New Years Eve bashes and family gatherings. And the easiest and the quickest way to make a great impression and just take a great photo- you don't want to be untagging yourself on facebook all season because of yellow, yucky teeth; so the number one most awarded whitening brand by top magazine beauty editors and the only brand I trust my smile to is Crest 3D White. Their Professional Effects Whitestrips can lift up to 14 years of deeply set in stains which is pretty remarkable. I mean these things are really powerful and they're easy to use and it's so comfortable. You don't even know that they're on. And then for maintenance use- Crest 3D White Vivid toothpaste which has this patented dual action silica system, so that you can gently brush away surface stains, so when used as a group (the 3D collection) you can actually get amazing results in just one day. So it's pretty remarkable, and they're actually giving away holiday steals and deals on their website. So you can log onto to get even more benefits- financial benefits from them; you know, some bargains!"


Crest 3DCrest 3D White Collection


Candace Rose: Oh that's great- just in time for the holidays.

Polly Blitzer: "I know. Tell me about it- and some good stocking stuffers. And then for skin, I constantly get asked by men and women, you know, people write into Beauty Blitz, they ask my team of colleagues 'what can I do about wrinkles?' and the buzz word in the beauty industry is retinol. It's just such a great ingredient that does so much to sort of help re-texture and smooth the skin, but also to help get rid of signs of aging. Neutrogena has this Rapid Wrinkle Repair night moisturizer and what I love about it is that it has this accelerated form of retinol. It's the fastest form of retinol available and within 7 days of use you'll see diminished wrinkles and fine lines, so I absolutely love it.


Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle RepairNeutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair


    And then now that you have the glowing, soft, amazing skin, women have all these questions about makeup like 'how many products do I need?' 'How do I get this look?' 'Which trends to try?' So I'm just going to give you two products and this will be your holiday beauty look, like end of story! One is smoky eyes! Neutrogena has this nourishing eyeliner; you sort of like, dash it and line it across; it just glides over your lashline, but you can be messy about it because then you blend it with a finger and it creates the perfect smoky eye. I mean it's goof proof! And I'm the biggest beauty klutz on the block, in the biz and you know I cannot mess up with this eyeliner that almost transforms into shadow and smokey eyes.


Eyeliner NeutrogenaNeutrogena Eyeliner


    And then for your lips, Candace, lets face it, that pigmented red lipstick might look good but when you're under the mistletoe or on New Years Eve you don't want it coming off on someone else's lips, so the best trick for your lip look is to first of all hydrate them and keep them hydrated with a balm, but then also while you're at it, it's part a little bit of sheer color/a hint of tint, so look for a tinted balm and my favorite right now is Neutrogena's Revitalizing Lip Balm. It comes in these rosy hues that almost give you like a little bit of a flirty flush on your lips, and you won't have any chapping, so it's great; it takes care of business for you."


  Neutrogena Lip balmNeutrogena lip balm


Candace Rose: Do you think we'll be seeing any new trends this coming year?

Polly Blitzer: "Yes, lots and lots of hair trends- braiding is huge, updos are huge, lots of different kids of curls, lots of ornamentation and decor for the hair 'lots of bling'. But with all the styling comes damage from heat, so there's blow dryers and curling irons and hot rollers and flat irons, so it's important to think about protecting your hair from heat because the more damage you get, the less your hair will obey and the worse it will look. Nexxus has this Pro-Mend heat, heat protection styling spray and I love it because it gives you smooth, frizz-free healthy hair and a great foundation for any style regardless of how you want to wear it for under $12.


Nexxus Promend Heat Styling SprayNexxus Pro-Mend Heat Protection Styling Spray


    And then finally, Candace, da dum da dum, let's have a little drum roll, Dove has this visiblecare renewing cream body wash, it's a hydrating body wash, and it has this amazing technology called Nutrium Moisture that leaves your skin feeling soft and almost cashmere-like. And in one week it's been proven to give you visibly more beautiful skin. What I love about is that we have to clean our skin in the shower anyways, so we might as well multitask and get the benefits of hydration. And because I test so many products every month, you know in search of the best; I test so many hydrating body washes and I have to say they usually make my skin feel greasy but this doesn't. It's not a hint of residue and it's pretty amazing. So from head to toe with Crest, with Neutrogena, with Nexxus, and with Dove, we've got you covered. These are all readily available at stores near you. They're totally affordable; lots of them multitask and this is your holiday and your winter, your new year, your new you beauty regimen in a nutshell. It's like your beauty jazz hands!"


DOVE BODY WASHDove visiblecare body wash


Candace Rose: And where can we go for more information?

Polly Blitzer: "For more information, Candace, you and your readers can go to LifeMinute.TV."


Candace Rose: And to get more information on you?

Polly Blitzer: "You can go to"


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