Celebrity Hairdresser Nick Arrojo Talks Top Hairstyles For Summer

Celebrity hairdresser Nick Arrojo joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to dish on the top hairstyles and haircuts for summer. Original image courtesy of Zimbio.
Celebrity hairdresser Nick Arrojo joined journalist and blogger, Candace Rose Anderson of the website Candie Anderson to dish on the top hairstyles and haircuts for summer. Original image courtesy of Zimbio.


I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with New York City celebrity hairdresser, Nick Arrojo who many of you may recognize from his seven year stint as the uber successful hairstylist on TLC’s “What Not To Wear.” Nick discussed his Masters of Beauty contest, the best hairstyles and cuts for summer during our interview! Please be sure to scroll down to see images of some of the most popular haircuts this season.

  Nick Arrojo Masters of Beauty Interview Candace Rose AndersonCelebrity hairdresser, Nick Arrojo of Arrojo of Arrojo Studio


Nick Arrojo Talks Masters of Beauty

Candie Anderson: Can you tell us about the Masters Apprentice and the Masters of Beauty contest?

Nick Arrojo: “Yeah, the Masters of Beauty contest is a competition that we have to really get someone a major kick start to their career. You actually go to facebook.com/mastersofbeauty and you can find out all the details for the competition. We’re looking for a stylist to upload a picture; once they’ve uploaded their photograph, they get their friends and their families to vote on the photographs and then what happens is we’re going to preselect the winners and then they’re going to be asked to present a two minute short video and from the videos we’re then going to announce and choose a winner, and that’s going to be in the spring of 2012. And the winner is actually going to win a career with Arrojo studio and they’re going to trained by me and they actually win $10,000 to move to New York and they’re actually going to be featured on one of our big hair shows which is what we do because we teach all over the country, so it’s a really great competition for a young stylist to really get ahead in their career.”


Candie Anderson: Do viewers vote on Facebook?

Nick Arrojo: “Yeah, you go onto Facebook – it’s facebook.com/mastersofbeauty. So anybody that has a license or is in cosmetology school, they can actually apply and they can enter and they can see where it takes them.”

Nick Shares The Best Hairstyles For Summer

Candie Anderson: I heard you have three models with you?

Nick Arrojo: “I have three models; yes, I am actually here in the Empire Beauty School in New Jersey and we’re talking about all of this heat, this hot weather and what to do with your hair for the summer because obviously when it gets really hot outside people really have some concerns not just about how to wear their hair but also how to manage their hair; and also what’s current on what to do when the sun gets really hot in the sky.

So our first model that we have is really number one problem or the number one challenge that people have and that is dealing with frizz. So we have our first girl, she’s got naturally curly hair, we applied some leave in conditioner into the hair, as well as curl cream to allow that natural curl to come out; but what we did which really adds a lot of dimension to the style is we put in this really nice beautiful braid which really keeps this hair really nice and tight. So no matter what the weather is this is always going to stay in. It’s a great way to look after your hair and its a great way to wear your hair many, many times and you see we’ve got the natural curl coming through. In the evening if she finishes work, se wants to go from day to night all she needs to do is literally pin that hair away and now all of a sudden this entire braid become a major focal point for the style, so it’s a great day to night style too.


Nick Arrojo Masters of Beauty Contest NYC celebrity stylist hairdresser interview Candace Rose AndersonBraids are great for girls with naturally curly hair.

Nick Arrojo interview Candace Rose Anderson

Nick Arrojo Candace Rose Anderson interviewPinning the hair back can take this look from day to night.


Nick Arrojo hairstylist interview Candace Rose AndersonA great style for naturally curly girls this summer!

    In the summer it gets really hot so one of the great things is to try a new haircut, so we really like short hair for summer. I always say do try a cool short haircut, it will not only keep you cool but it will make you cool too. And with Kelsie’s hair, she’s got this beautiful short haircut; this is what we teach at cosmetology school, this is what we’re teaching our students, to how to create texture, pieciness. This is a short, razor cut; it’s like a little bob and the emphasis really here is all about the bangs and all about this pieciness and this texture because when it is hot outside, it’s really hard to keep your hair smooth and sleek; so to have a little texture and to put some product, some pomade in the hair can be really, really great and you know it can be fun. But when the shape’s good, the style always looks great and I think Kelsie (shown below) looks amazing in this short style and we even added a little bit of color just through the front to really enhance and soften the front of the style.


Nick Arrojo Interview Candace Rose


Nick Arrojo Candace Rose Anderson interview hair masters of beauty contest

Nick Arrojo short haircut Interview Candace Rose AndersonNick’s short haircut for summer!


And then while we’re on the point of color; you know the sun is very hot in the sky and what that does is it really can lighten your natural hair, so rather than trying to cover that up what we like to do is we like to enhance the hair and marry the slightly lifted hair from the sun with a multidimensional highlight, so my third and final model has this beautiful highlight in her hair and what we did is not a typical highlight because you see it is dimensional (shown below) so there’s lots of dimension to it. It’s less even and that really helps to marry any of the pre-lightened areas that the sun has maybe taken to and it’s a great way to marry that texture together and then when we look at this style too – a lot of girls like to wear their hair long, so you shouldn’t wear your hair straight because it’s going to frizz, it’s going to curl, it’s going to move; so working with a curling iron you create this soft texture which looks really soft through the day and again the evening. Let me show you if you have a little texture in your hair, it’s really easy to pull your own hair up. You don’t even need a brush because this nice undone loose texture really works well. We’re just going to twist the hair and you just literally twist that around the base, so it’s just like a very light disheveled undone bun and we’re just going to take one pin, it’s so easy to create. You take one large pin, so you leave the work and you want to go out for the night but you want to dress up your style a little bit more; you have a nice disheveled undone tight bun in the hair and then it’s nice and tight and you have these beautiful bangs and that color comes through and this how you go from day to night in a flash. And I think this is a great idea for summer because you get your hair off your neck, that means you’re not going to perspire and it means that you kind of can glamorize your look really, really simply; maybe a slight change on the lip and you’re great to go.”


Nick Arrojo multidimensional hair color Candace Rose Anderson interviewNick Arrojo loves multidimensional hair color for summer.

Nick Arrojo Long Hair model Candace Rose Anderson interviewNick created this look with the use of a curling iron.

Nick Arrojo Candace Rose Anderson interviewTo take this look from day to night, start by pulling your hair back;

Nick Arrojo day look to night interview candace rose andersonnext step is you’re going to take the hair and twist it around the base.

Nick Arrojo Undone bun Candace Rose Anderson interview
And finally you’re going to pin the hair to get this “disheveled undone bun” that’s great for a night out on the town!

Nick Arrojo bangs undone bun Candace Rose Anderson interviewBangs and multidimensional color add glamour to the disheveled bun!


Nick Arrojo On Keratin Treatments

Candie Anderson: Thick, coarse hair can be unmanageable on its own, but is especially worse in the summer. What are your suggestions for people with hair like that? Should they go with the keratin treatment or are there special products that they can use?

Nick Arrojo: “Well, the keratin treatment’s been very, very popular but I think it’s slowly losing its appeal and I think people are actually working more and more with their natural hair. It’s been very, very popular. The most important thing when you get a keratin treatment is to make sure that you keep the general upkeep with the right shampoos, you want to work with sulfate-free products, so that the hair can still stay smooth but I’ll tell you it doesn’t matter how great the product is when that sun is high in the sky, it’s going to create texture and frizz. My suggestion is to try to work with what you’ve got naturally. Look at how beautiful a natural girl can look and you know what, I think you can have a lot of fun and I think if people understand products more and went to put product in, what I’ve tended to find is put product in when the hair is damp, use the de-frizz serum or frizz control cream and that’s really going to help to keep your hair looking great during these hot summer months.”


Candie Anderson: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Nick Arrojo: “Well, the final thing is that I’d like to share is that you know it’s a great opportunity for you in the summer to really try a different look. You know go for a more casual look, you know that the heat is going to be there, why use a hair dryer? You know when it’s so hot outside understand product, work with your natural texture, talk to your stylist about what’s going to be the best regimen for those long summer months and then make sure that you keep your hair in tip top condition because when it comes to fall, it’s going to be time to come up with a whole new styling regimen and maybe even a whole new look. So just look after your hair through the summer, enjoy the warm weather and then just make sure you look great and keep it easy and enjoy what you’ve got naturally.”


Candie Anderson: Where can we go for more information?

Nick Arrojo: “For more information you can go to facebook.com/mastersofbeauty and that will give you more information about our competition and if you’re interested in hairdressing go to Empire.edu and that will give you information on hairdressing and what it’s like to be a hairdresser and how to get into this wonderful business.”


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