Monelle Totah’s Chic San Francisco Flat

While browsing Elle Decor for a little design inspiration in 2009, I immediately fell in love with the first image I saw. The magazine is showcasing “the flat of Williams-Sonoma Home designer Monelle Totah” in nearby San Francisco, California. According to Elle Decor, “Totah travels the world for the widely known home decor store, her apartment showcasing her exquisite taste, with international flair.”

I am so excited to share images of Monelle Toteh’s gorgeous San Francisco flat for your design inspiration!

As a fan of mirrored furniture, especially mirrored buffets and sideboards, this gorgeous flat has stopped me in my tracks yet again, nine years later. I love how Monelle adorned this space with classic black picture frames with white matting. I absolutely adore the black and white stripe rug, which ties everything together. You can’t go wrong with this color palette. It’s an absolute dream!

I am obsessed with that gorgeous white fireplace! Don’t get me started on the fabulous glass coffee table, white upholstered sofa, armchairs. This space is a breath of fresh air on a cold winter’s day! The zebra rug under the beautiful coffee table is the perfect statement piece, wouldn’t you say?

Luxury Home Decor White Black Elle DecorElle Decor


This lovely white secretary desk is the perfect spot for writing, organizing and planning out next week’s schedule! Every desk needs beautiful antiques, artifacts and fresh flowers! I just love how she personalized it and made it her own.

When I shared these images in 2009, I was just learning about decorating and had become a huge fan of Nate Berkus who was a fixture on Oprah Winfrey’s television show at the time. If there was one thing he talked about often, it was personalizing your space and making it your own. How would you decorate this beautiful secretary?

Luxury Home Design White Black Elle Decor ElleDecor.comElle Decor


As a fan of white spaces with gold detailing and pops of color, I can’t get enough of this color palette. As I mentioned a few times, I originally shared these photos in 2009, and here we are nearly 10 years later (February 2018) and it’s still just as gorgeous and current.

If you’re looking for a great way to “glam” up any room, you can do so fairly easily and cost effectively by purchasing gold picture frames at your favorite retailer and including family photos, pictures from your garden or a fabulous print.

Another great way to glam up a space is with lighting! I currently have a crystal flush mount light above my bed, which I absolutely adore. Another great way to “glam” up any space is with a beautiful chandelier! You can find many gorgeous yet budget friendly chandeliers on the market these days.

Another great way to add a pop of color is with a bright throw blanket. As you can see in the image below, her bedding is a beautiful classic white, but she made a statement by adding a red throw blanket at the edge of the bed.

Decorative pillows are a great way to make a statement! I love how she added a trellis print pillow. There are so many options! You can go with leopard print, a Moroccan wedding blanket inspired pillow and more. It’s all up to you!

Williams-Sonoma Home designer Monelle Totah poses in her beautiful flat in San Francisco, California. This has to be one of my favorite features ever! Many thanks to Monelle and Elle Decor for sharing this gorgeous space with us.

I hope you enjoyed these photos! It’s so much fun going through old blog posts and seeing what my readers and I were interested in, in 2009! It’s great to see that classic spaces like Monelle’s will always be current and on trend.


Since I love this space so much, I’ve decided to add it to Alek’s- From The Right Bank– design challenge. I was supposed to only post one photo, but since I’d already completed this post, and I just love them all so much (sorry Alek) I wasn’t able to.

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