Interview: Great Gift Ideas To Make This Mother’s Day Special with Colleen Burns of Mom’s On The Run

 With Mother's Day just a few days away, Colleen Burns aka Mom On The Run stopped by to share the must have last minute gift ideas that will not only make mom's day this Mother's Day but her entire year! 


Colleen Burns Mom On The Run Mother's Day Interview Candace Rose Anderson Candieanderson.comMom On The Run Colleen Burns with great gift ideas for the mom on your list this Mother's Day!


Candace Rose: What are some great last minute gifts for mom this Mother's Day?

Colleen Burns: "Well, technology is always a great place to start especially if you're pooling with your siblings or you and your husband are going in together for a gift for your mom or his mom – a Windows PC is a great item, you know she's going to appreciate it because all moms are looking for ways to organize their lives better, save some time, make time a little easier. This ASUS Zenbook is a great gift. It's 2.4 pounds, it's so lightweight. You can keep it in your purse or briefcase- barely know it's there. It has a seven hour battery and it has a 128 gigabytes of memory space- that's for more than 20,000 photos. You can get more information about this or look for a different PC that's a better fit for your mom at a better price point and


Asus ZenbookAsus Zenbook 


Asus Zenbook Windows PCASUS Zenbook Windows PC


    Also, if your mom hasn't upgraded to a smartphone, that's something you should consider. Many of them are very affordable. This Windows phone can be purchased for under $100 depending on the plan. And what's great about this it's the NOKIA Lumia 900. It has these great buttons on the front that act like shortcuts so your mom can take a picture and put it on Facebook in four seconds. You can get more information about this phone at But again that can be very affordable – under $100."


Nokia Lumia 900NOKIA Lumia 900

Candace Rose: What else can we do to ensure mom has a great Mother's Day?

Colleen Burns: "Well, if your mom cooks and does it frequently, she might want a break on Mother's Day. If you're looking for a good restaurant to take her to on this Mother's Day you might want to look to Bonefish Grill. Zagat Survey's has found it again the best overall restaurant in the country, so that's a very good choice for your mom. I was just there last night; I love the food and it's really hard to pick just one entree there. I ended up sharing with a friend, but this Bang Bang shrimp is their signature appetizer- wonderful, great wood grilled fish; great burgers; great bar-fresh cocktails. And right now through June 17th if you buy a $50 gift card at, you get a $10 bonus card for yourself. So this is a great no brainer and you've got plenty of time between now and Mother's Day to not only purchase one of these but to personalize it as well with a photo of yourself, your kids, the grandkids. It's also a great gift idea for Father's Day coming up and for those grads, for those grad parties you need to attend."  


Bonefish Grill Zagat SurveyBonefish Grill is rated #1 by Zagat's Survey


Bonefish Grill $10 bonus cardBuy a $50 gift card to Bonefish Grill and get a $10 bonus card for yourself!

Candace Rose: Do you have anything else that mom will love?

Colleen Burns: "Well, you know moms like things that make them feel special and pretty, and they might not buy those things for themselves. It's not always something that you go shopping for- jewelry for yourself or a robe, but this Natori robe is wonderful. It's very comfortable but it looks very elegant. Some wonderful jewelry, especially if you know your mom's taste, she'll appreciate a piece of jewelry and every time she puts it on she'll be thinking about your thoughtfulness which is nice. And just letting your mom know you're thinking about her is perhaps the most important, and they do say it's the thought that counts. But be specific about that, really think about what it is your mom does for you on a daily basis. What has she done that makes your life better? Let her know that so she knows she's appreciated and that's something every mom wants to hear this time of the year and any time of the year."


Natori Robe, jewelryJewelry and Natori robes make great gifts for mom or grandma this Mother's Day!


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Colleen Burns: "Sure. You can get more information about these gift ideas at (that's the number 2) or you can go to my website at the"

Interview: Freshen Up Your Spring Look with Style Expert Lilliana Vazquez of Cheap Chicas

Style expert, Lilliana Vazquez of joined me this week to share her must have beauty and fashion buys for spring and offer tips on how to get the hottest looks this season!  


Beauty Fashion Spring Lilliana Vazquez Cheap ChicasSpring Beauty and Fashion Buys with Style Expert Lilliana Vazquez 



Candace Rose: With spring upon us, what can we do to switch up our look?

Lilliana Vazquez: "Well, spring is a time for renewal so it's all about trying out new things and updating the things that you already have, and I say a great place to start is with your smile. A third of Americans say teeth are the very first thing that they notice about somebody else. So a tip for freshening up your entire look is to revitalize your smile with Invisalign; and a lot of us know that Invisalign is great for straightening even the most crooked of teeth, but it's also great for simple fixes. They have a brand new product- it's their express product and what I like about this is it's not only affordable but it works in three months or less. You can learn more about that at"


Invisalign Invisible Braces Straighten Teeth Invisalign


Candace Rose: What's the secret to getting great skin this season?

Lilliana Vazquez: "Well, getting great skin is about finding the skin care that's right for your skin. So 58% of women say that they have sensitive skin and as the seasons change our skin becomes more sensitive to environmental factors- to the weather, to humidity. So Simple Skincare is designed specifically for sensitive skin. They have a few products that I absolutely love- the first is their moisturizing facial wash, and what I like about this is that it not only cleanses your skin but it also nourishes your skin without over-drying it. And they also have a smoothing facial scrub, which is great because it helps reveal brighter skin which is fantastic. You know a great foundation for your makeup and your beauty routine is having great skin and Simple Skincare does that. You can check them out at"


Simple Skincare Sensitive SkinSimple Skincare 


Candace Rose: How often should somebody with sensitive skin use a scrub?

Lilliana Vazquez: "You should be able to use it every day. It's just like a normal skincare routine, but it's about finding the products that are right for you- so products that have no dye, no fragrance and then you should be able to use it every day, no problem."


Candace Rose: What are some of the hottest beauty trends this season?

Lilliana Vazquez: "The ones I'm seeing are really all about color. You know just like fashion, beauty is all about color this season so you're seeing really bold lips- everything from fuchsias to oranges. So I think have fun with lip color this season. You know we've been using lip glosses for a while now, but now you're kind of seeing the move towards lip color as well."


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to fashion- what can we do to revitalize our wardrobe?

Lilliana Vazquez: "We touched on color, and obviously brights are a HUGE trend for the spring. We've seen them all over the runways, we've seen them at every red carpet. But when you're out shopping for brights you're probably going to pair them with neutrals or you're going to pair them with basics that you might already have in your closet- colors like navy and black. So a great way to kind of refresh those colors and keep them looking good all season long, because black is something you wear year round and for many occasions is to use Bounce in the dryer. What it does is for colors like black and navy is it helps repel hair and lint, so the only thing that stands out is your style."


Bounce dryer sheets Lint Hair Fashion SpringBounce Dryer Sheets


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Lilliana Vazquez: "Yeah, you know a quick way to kind of liven up your spring beauty look is with a fragrance. It's a great way to freshen up, and one of my favorites for spring is from Avon- it's called Today Tomorrow Always Forever, and what makes this scent really special is that it's light. So it's a floral fragrance that has nodes of things like pink pepper and orange blossom, but it's light enough to wear every day during the spring and well into the summer. It's $30 and it's available at"


Today Tomorrow Always Forever Avon FragranceAVON Today Tomorrow Always Forever Fragrance


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Lilliana Vazquez: "For more information you can go to" 


Candace Rose: And where can viewers go for more information on you, Lilliana?

Lilliana Vazquez: "You can head to"

Travel Interview: Spring Break Travel Tips with The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman

With spring break officially just a few weeks away, The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman joined me recently to share tips on how we can plan and organize a great family vacation, the best deals on hotels and the perfect sunny destination! 


Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom Candace Rose Interview The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman shares the best in spring travel for families!


Candace Rose: How much of an affect do you think rising gas prices will have on spring break travel?

Emily Kaufman: "Well, I really don't think that the gas cost is going to have anything to do with it. I think people are going to look for other ways to maximize their travel dollar, and that's through added value. And when I say added value in really simple terms, what that means is looking for more- more bang for your buck. And one of the ways you can do that is to stay at a hotel that really truly gives you more, and Embassy Suites gives you the opportunity, especially when you're traveling with the family or you're traveling with a group of girlfriends to spread out into two room suites for about the same price as you would pay for a regular hotel room. You get a complimentary cook to order breakfast, there's a free managers reception in the afternoon, and MORE is really incorporated into a fun contest they're doing with 366 days of MORE through their Facebook page. You get to enter every single day for 366 days. They're giving away a free stay at an Embassy Suites hotel, and the MORE plays into it because you get the opportunity to gift somebody else with the free night stay too.


Embassy Suites Emily Kaufman The Travel MomEmbassy Suites


Bedroom Embassy SuitesBedroom at Embassy Suites Hotel


Living Room Embassy Suites Emily Kaufman The Travel MomLiving Room at Embassy Suites Hotel


Kitchen Embassy Suites Emily Kaufman The Travel MomComplimentary Cook to Order Breakfast


Family Embassy Suites Breakfast Emily Kaufman The Travel MomA Family Enjoying their Complimentary Cook to Order Breakfast


Embassy Suites Facebook MOREEmbassy Suites Hotel MORE Sweepstakes –


    And then, Candace something I always talk about to people is you've gotta pick a destination that gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck, and lots more. And Orlando is always adding more to their already fantastic vacation. And this year the theme parks opening up a whole bunch of new attractions. At SeaWorld they've got 'Turtle Track'.




    At Walt Disney World in their Magic Kingdom they're opening up a new part of Fantasyland called Storybook Circus.


Walt Disney World Orlando Walt Disney World Orlando


Mickey Mouse Emily Kaufman Walt Disney World The Travel Mom Orlando Florida Candace Rose interviewMickey Mouse Greeting Guests at Walt Disney World

    And at Universal Studios in Orlando there's a really fun three day attraction coming based on the movie Despicable Me, and the VisitOrlando website: is loaded with all the information you need to plan a fantastic vacation experience there."


Universal Studios Orlando Florida Emily Kaufman The Travel MomUniversal Studios in Orlando, Florida Emily Kaufman The Travel MomFind more out about Orlando at VisitOrlando


Candace Rose: Do you have any suggestions when it comes to finding travel discounts?

Emily Kaufman: "I do. You know, I always talk to people about being a proactive consumer when it comes to travel discounts, and joining the loyalty programs. So when it comes to hassle-free travel and great deals I think about Alamo Rent A Car and their insider program which is their loyalty program. You join it at, and it gets you access to exclusive deal offers; you can save 10%. You also have a really streamlined experience where you pick your car ahead of time, check in with it online. Then use the self service kiosks once you get there, so you're on your vacation, you're driving away and you're having fun without waiting in big lines. And you know this about me- I love to dialogue with people about family travel, and they've got a Facebook page, and the Value Project is a family travel forum where you can talk to other people about what's working for them and learn some insider tips."


Alamo Rental Car Emily Kaufman The Travel MomAlamo Rental Car


Alamo Rental Car KioskFamily Renting a Car at Alamo Rent A Car


Candace Rose: How do you organize your vacation details for a smooth trip?

Emily Kaufman: "Well, the key to organizing vacation details whether I'm taking a family trip or a girlfriends getaway is to not over plan and over schedule. We're so busy right now with mom works, dad works, children have tutoring, and baseball practice. Vacation is the time to surrender and have a little bit of downtime and fun, so don't over plan and over schedule; that way you can stay very focused, on track and relaxed."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share? 

Emily Kaufman: "I do. I talked about a lot of stuff- hotels, destination, rental cars and put everything in one place at"

Beauty Interview: Recreate New York Fashion Week’s Hottest Hair Trends with Celebrity Hairstylist Johnny Lavoy

Celebrity hairstylist and L'Oreal Paris hair expert, Johnny Lavoy joined me recently to share the hottest looks from New York Fashion Week and discuss ways we can recreate these looks at home! 


  Candace Rose Celebrity Hairstylist L'Oreal Hair Expert Johnny LavoyCelebrity Hairstylist and L'Oreal Hair Expert, Johnny Lavoy




Candace Rose: What were some of the hottest looks during fashion week? 

Johnny Lavoy: "Well, fashion week had tons of different looks on the runway, but one thing I did notice was that everybody had shiny, healthy hair. And just coming off of winter, hair has a tendency to be dry- depending on your location, hair can be dry- so it's really important to get your hair in the best possible condition before trying any of these looks. So L'Oreal Paris created the EverCreme cleansing conditioner which is great because it cleanses and conditions at the same time. But more importantly it really delivers that hydration to the hair to get in its best possible condition, and it's really going to be a great foundation for the looks I'm going to show you."


Candace Rose Johnny Lavoy Long Hair Fashion WeekBeautiful long hair on the runway at New York Fashion Week

Candace Rose Johnny Lavoy Washing HairJohnny Lavoy cleansing and conditioning hair 


Candace Rose: How is possible to recreate these looks at home?

Johnny Lavoy: "I'm going to show you that, Candace! They're simple. I chose these two looks that were on the runways, and if you're a fan of the red carpet award season you might have saw some of the looks on the red carpet as well. So the first look was off New York Fashion Week, and this is the voluminous low ponytail, and it's really simple to do. What I did was blew dry her hair using the EverStyle volumizing root lifting spray, which is great because it's alcohol free- and I don't want to dry the hair out. You don't have any worries of drying the hair out or it being stiff or sticky. So after I blew dry the hair with the product, I put a little bit of tease in the crown to really amp up the volume; then I put it in a low ponytail. Simple so far, right, Candace?!"


Ponytail Celebrity Hairstylist Candace Rose InterviewCelebrity Hairstylist Johnny Lavoy shows us how we can recreate this fab low ponytail!


Ponytail Johnny Lavoy Candace Rose Celebrity Hair Runway New York Fashion WeekGreat low ponytail look


Candace Rose: Yes!

Johnny Lavoy: "Then you just put on a headband and you're ready to go from the runway to hit the streets and look fabulous.


Ponytail Headband Candace Rose Celebrity HairstylistTop off this great style with a black headband!


    So another look- and it's like one of those looks that every celebrity at some point turns to during award season- is this classic Hollywood look that's really sexy, and everyone loves it. It's the look that everyone wants. To get this look, what I did was I prepped the hair by blow drying it with the EverStyle smooth and shine cream which gives it a really beautiful polished look. And after I did that I created this deep side part. I went in with a medium size curling iron, I curled the hair. After the curls cooled down I just broke them up with my fingertips- it's that simple, finger comb the curl out with your fingers. I finished the look off with Elnett Satin hairspray which is going to hold the look in place all day, and give it a great touchable hold.


Long hair waves Celebrity Hairstylist L'Oreal Paris Candace Rose Johnny LavoyLong wavy hair


Long Wavy Hair Candace RoseLong wavy hair was seen everywhere at New York Fashion Week


And the best part is, Candace that all of these products are available at a drugstore near you. So you don't need to be a celebrity to get the products, you can go to any drugstore near you and get the products. I also did other looks on our Facebook page, so if you go to Facebook L'Oreal Paris– I broke down four of the looks from the runway, it will give you step by step instructions on how to get the look, as well as product selections that are going to work best for your hair type, and it's tons of information. And I think you'll have a fun time looking at the website and trying a new look yourself."



L'Oreal Paris Elnett SprayL'Oreal Paris Elnett Spray


L'Oreal Paris Hair ProductsL'Oreal Paris Hair Products


Candace Rose: What are some of the biggest hair trends do you think we'll be seeing in 2012?

Johnny Lavoy: "Well, you're going to be seeing lots, especially that came off New York Fashion Week. There were lots of ponytails- some where high, some were low- like this one I created. There were others that were really high. And ponytails are great because it's a quick fix for a bad hair day. So if you're having a bad hair day, throw on a ponytail. Not only will you be in fashion, you're going to have a really easy time doing it." 


Johnny Lavoy HairGorgeous runway inspired hair!


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Johnny Lavoy: "Visit the website, that way there are so many tips on there- I don't have enough time to share them here. So go to Facebook L'Oreal Paris and you'll get tons of tips, and like I said you'll really enjoy it. You'll spend a whole day on there, Candace!"

Candace Rose: I'm sure I will!

Interview: Beauty Breakthroughs with Rachel Hayes, Editor-in-Chief at Daily Makeover

Rachel Hayes, Editor-in-Chief at Daily Makeover joined me recently to share information on new innovative beauty breakthroughs that diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and offer tips on how you can look and feel your best!


Rachel Hayes Daily MakeoverRachel Hayes, Editor-in-Chief at Daily Makeover with Beauty Breakthrough Innovations!




 Candace Rose: What are some of the biggest beauty trends you think every woman must try?

Rachel Hayes: "Well, you know, there is a new breakthrough out that is truly amazing. And it's great for women who have wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area, it's called the PaloVia laser. It is the first and only FDA cleared laser that's been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. In fact most women see noticeable, visible improvements within the first 30 days of using it. It's the same technology you get at the dermatologist office, but it's just been adapted to use at home. And even Allure magazine gave it their 'Best of Beauty' award in their breakthrough category which is a big deal. So the laser's just under $500 on, but it's a huge savings compared to all the money that you would spend going into the dermatologist's office to get the same results."


PaloVia Laser Fine Lines WrinklesThe PaloVia laser treats fine lines and wrinkles


Candace Rose. Absolutely. How about when it comes to makeup?

Rachel Hayes: "Well, when it comes to makeup, and you want to try on new shades and new colors you can go to We have a breakthrough virtual makeover technology where you can upload your picture, you can try on different hairstyles. We just had the Oscars and you can see what you'd look like with Michelle Williams hair; Angelina Jolie's hair or even Rooney Mara's blunt bangs which are really big for spring. And you can also try on makeup- you can try on different eyeshadows and lipstick shades, and this is really a great way to find out what works best for you."


Michelle Williams DailyMakeover.comTry on Michelle Williams pixie cut at


Angelina Jolie Daily MakeoverTry on Angelina Jolie's long, glamorous wavy hair at Daily Makeover


Rooney Mara Blunt BangsTry on Rooney Mara's blunt bangs at

Candace Rose: And do you have any additional information?

Rachel Hayes: Yes! There's another great skincare system that's truly breakthrough and this is called Continuous Results by Elayda. Now this system is so revolutionary in the way that it delivers active ingredients in your skin. The kit has three products- it has the hydrating cleanser, transforming complex and also has a nourishing hydrator. But the star product really is the transforming complex because it contains this HyTrate foam delivery which used to just be available by prescription, but now you can get it at home. And it infuses your skin with high doses of pure retinol in a very gentle way. And the other thing that's great about this kit is you can increase the amount of retinol that you're using every 60 days, and that's what really gives you those improved results month after a month, after a month. You'll see your skin will be firmer, you'll be more radiant, and it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The kit is just $79 for a 60 day supply, and you can get it on"


Elayda Skincare ProductsElayda skincare products


Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much for your great tips. Where can we go for more information?

Rachel Hayes: "Great! You can go to for information on all these products and to try out the makeover studio."