Interview: Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ with Financial Journalist and Best Selling Author Kerry Hannon

Financial journalist and best selling author Kerry Hannon is a renowned expert on career transitions and retirement, and recently authored the bestselling book titled “AARP’s Great Jobs for Everyone 50+. She joined me this week to discuss how retirees can find rewarding profitable jobs, share tips for riding the age wave, talk about how those who are afraid of making a career change can find meaningful employment, and much more!





Candace Rose: Why are people who may have retired choosing to look for work?

Kerry Hannon: “Well, I think you see a couple of things that play here, Candace. Number one is there’s this fear that we’re going to outlive our money. There’s this economic incentive to keep working and to keep bringing in income. Even if you have retirement savings, it’s sort of having a safety net; having that extra pillar to lean on. So I think the longer you can keep working and you continue to save for retirement, and you hold off dipping into that money, that’s a real win.

The second reason we’re seeing people working longer and it’s very much to the core of who we are. We want to be engaged, we want to give back, we want to do work with purpose. We don’t want to sit back and do nothing at this stage in our lives. It’s a time to stay involved.”

Candace Rose: What are the best types of jobs to ride the age wave?

Kerry Hannon: “I think there’s some wonderful opportunities in the healthcare field. I think in the medical area you’re finding a variety from being a caregiver to being a patient advocate for someone, helping them wind their way through the healthcare system. Even something in terms of being a nutritionist helping people with their diets or staying physically fit, so you have that area. You also have opportunities even as a financial planner. If you can help someone handle their expenses and their bills. And back again to those hospital bills. You can really offer service to an aging population that needs help with this kind of thing.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any strategies to help those who are 50+ get hired?

Kerry Hannon: “Absolutely. I think number one- use your network, get out there and find out where there are some opportunities. Stretch wide and far to do that. Get involved. Don’t just sit around and do nothing, keep your resume alive. If you’re not working right now and you want to be working, don’t just sit at home and fire off those resumes online. Volunteer, go out and apprentice, moonlight, do some things to stay part of the workforce. And in fact if you find an opportunity to do some contract work, consulting work, it’s often a really great way to get your foot in the door.”

Candace Rose: What advice do you have for those who may be afraid of a career change?

Kerry Hannon: “I say really take your time. Do your homework, be confident in what you want to do, but make sure there’s an opportunity and a need for what it is you’re going to do. And get out there and do the job first. It might sound like it’s something so incredibly romantic- opening an Italian restaurant, or becoming a chocolatier; but when you’re doing that on a daily basis it might not be so romantic. So you need to do the job first and get your finances in order. I think debt can be a real dream killer, so if you want to start over in a new career it might be at a slightly lower income initially or starting a new business, you really need to be financially fit.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Kerry Hannon: “Well, another thing that’s important is to keep your lifelong learning. Keep adding to your skill sets. You need to be relevant in today’s economy and today’s job market and you may need to add some new skills. So look around and see if there’s any certificate you might be able to add to just make you a little more attractive in the job market. And also, I recommend people go to our website:, and there’s all kinds of opportunities to help you find out about interview skills, resume skills, and also what some great jobs are out there.

Interview: Star Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide with Star Magazine’s Beauty and Fashion Director Cheryl Kramer Kaye

Star magazine’s beauty and fashion director Cheryl Kramer Kaye joined me once again, this time to give us a sneak peek at Star magazine’s holiday gift guide! Cheryl dished on the hottest beauty products, the top fashion must haves, fun stocking stuffers and much more!


Star magazine's beauty and fashion director, Cheryl Kramer Kaye gives the readers of Candace Rose a sneak peek at Star magazine's 2012 holiday gift guide!

Star magazine’s beauty and fashion director, Cheryl Kramer Kaye gives the readers of Candace Rose a sneak peek at Star magazine’s 2012 holiday gift guide!







Candace Rose: With the holidays officially upon us, what are some ideas for anyone on your list?

Cheryl Kramer Kaye: “Even if you can’t splurge on a spa trip to the south of France right now, you can still bring that Provence style pampering home with L’Occitane gift sets. They have a bunch of great sets coming out, but one of my favorites is the Shea Embrace because it have five of their famous shea butter body products including their hand cream, which I am completely obsessed with right now. And that kit is $68. They have another great one called the Divine gift set and that gives you the ultimate gift of youth. It has three anti-aging products, each of them is formulated with the immortal essential oils and what those do is give your skin a ton of moisture and beautiful youthful glow. And that kit is $170. Both of the kits are available at L’Occitane boutiques and”


L'Occitane En Provence

L’Occitane En Provence gift set

Candace Rose: Are there any gift ideas for the fashion lover?

Cheryl Kramer Kaye: “Oh sure. For fashion lovers, I have the ultimate gift for the fashionista- it is the Extreme Steam fabric steamer from CONAIR. And this one is so cool because it’s basically like having a dry cleaner at your house. It gets rid of wrinkles, it gets rid of odors. The way it works is that it cranks out continuous steam that is actually 30-40% hotter than what you get with a conventional iron, so you’re getting that super power steamer at home. The full size is $10o, and the handheld is about $45, and both of those are available at




CONAIR full size Extreme Steam fabric steamer


I’ve also got some fabulous stocking stuffers from CoverGirl. The first one I want to tell you about is a real beauty breakthrough, it is called the Clump Crusher mascara, and here’s how it works- it has a curved brush so that you can get really close to your lash line and get lots of volume, but it also has bristles that are very tightly packed together. So the bristles are too close together for the clump to even form, and so the clumps don’t get on your lashes either. You can give this one 30 strokes and you’re never going to see a clump. This one is amazing, and it’s only $7.


CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara

CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara


And CoverGirl has also come out with a great line of nail gloss. There is such a great range of fun, bright colors, but my favorite thing about them is that they have such a nice high shine, that you don’t need to use a top coat so you get to save a step. And those are $5.49. And both of the CoverGirl products are available at Walmart and”



CoverGirl Nail Gloss nail polish.

CoverGirl Nail Gloss nail polish.



Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Cheryl Kramer Kaye: “Well, you can pick up a copy of Star magazine at newsstands, and get the whole gift guide.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Cheryl Kramer Kaye: “You can also hop on online at”


Interview: The Season’s Hottest Beauty Trends & Must Haves with Beauty Expert Ning Chao

Can you believe that October is officially upon us? By now your summer tan has probably begun to fade and your beauty routine is in dire need of change, if you haven’t altered it already. Bicoastal beauty editor Ning Chao joined me recently to chat about prepping your skin for cooler weather, how to get a beautiful faux glow, and my favorite of all, a fabulous brush that cuts blow dry time by 30%. YES, PLEASE!!! And the best part is they’re all available at the drugstore. Can’t beat that! She also dropped hints on the hottest beauty trends we’ll all be coveting this season. Bye bye neons, hello gemstone colors!



Beauty editor Ning Chao with the biggest beauty buys and top trends for fall 2012!






Candace Rose: With fall upon us, what are the biggest beauty must haves this season and where do we start?

Ning Chao: “Whenever the seasons change, you always want to start with skincare. It’s a good time to update your skincare routine and make changes based on what your skin needs. So now that we’re turning into fall and it’s getting a little bit colder, your skin is going to be naturally drier and a little more red and irritated, so that’s why I love the new Simple’s Facial Skincare Line. It has all the good ingredients and none of the bad. The moisturizing facial wash cleanses and nourishes the skin with pro vitamin B5. There’s also vitamin E. I love how soft it makes my face feel. It’s perfect even for sensitive skin. It’s available at Walmart for $6.99. For more information about the entire line you should go to Simple’s Facebook page.”



Candace Rose: How about for the body?

Ning Chao: “Now that summer is over you might be missing your sun kissed glow. But you can actually prolong it all year round with the Jergen’s Natural Glow collection. I actually love this because I feel a sun kissed glow makes your skin look more radiant, and makes you look younger and more healthy, and a little bit slimmer too. This is a daily moisturizer that has a built in touch of self tanner. It actually lasts longer- twice as long as other self tanning lotions. It’s packed with antioxidants, there’s vitamin E so you’re really nourishing your skin at the same time. You can replace your body lotion with it, and it’s easy to apply. It comes in two shades- there’s fair to medium, and medium to tan. My advice is that if you’re somebody who is paler or who has avoided the sun all summer to start with the fair to medium, and then you can build up your glow. Or if you naturally have darker skin or if you want to get more of an easier bronzier color you can go to medium to tan. It’s very natural, it’s a gradual self tanner.”



Candace Rose: What are the latest hair trends, and must haves for hair?

Ning Chao: “With hair for the fall, it’s really about healthy shiny hair. I have long hair, it takes forever for my hair to dry and then I have to style it, which is totally a nightmare because it takes so long. But then I discovered the Goody QuikStyle Brush Collection which has saved me time because it’s like a towel and a brush in one. You can see that it’s very unique looking- there are two types of bristles. There are ball tip bristles that detangle and smooth your hair and also these blue microfiber bristles which are like little mini sponges that actually remove water from the hair so that your hair dries faster and you don’t have to spend as much time blow drying it and putting heat on  it. It’s great because when you use it to just detangle your hair, you’re removing 30% of water while you’re just brushing your hair. That really cuts down on drying time, you don’t have to style it for as long. It comes in two types- there’s a paddle which is really big, which I like on my hair because my hair is really long and I can just detangle my hair really fast with it. There’s also the new half round styling brush which you can see has a curved shape (it’s almost like a half moon) so that shape is going to lift your hair and add body while you’re blow drying. You can literally go out of the shower when your hair is soaking wet and you detangle it with this brush, and then you put a blow dryer on it and you don’t need to use a separate styling brush, this one you can style with two. It’ll replace your round brush, you don’t have to go back in with the curling iron, you’re all ready to go and you’ve saved a lot of time in the morning.”


Totally convinced I need this Goody QuikStyle Brush!


Candace Rose: What are the top makeup trends?

Ning Chao: “For this season it’s all about a cat eyeliner. You can either go dramatic or you can go very demure with it. But it’s more of a swoop eyeliner. There’s also a lot of gemstone eye shadows that are really popular- think sapphire blue or an amethyst purple, emerald greens; and also a deeper burgundy color lip. So red lips are always in fashion for fall, but this year it’s a little bit deeper in a burgundy kind of shade.”



Candace Rose: Nails were really big over the summer. What are the top colors for nails this season?

Ning Chao: “It’s actually more about green this fall. It’s not so much a bright, bright green but almost like a teal color which I think is really beautiful.”

For more information please visit, and be sure to check out Ning  at and on Twitter @NYLANing!

Interview: Satisfy Your Cravings & Lose Weight with Registered Dietitian Lyssa Weiss

Do you “suffer” from a sweet tooth, or are you constantly on a diet but can’t seem to lose the weight? You may be shocked to hear that 95% of all diets fail, which according to registered dietitian Lyssa Weiss is “because people feel like they are missing out”. Lyssa joined me recently to share simple tips and recipe ideas we can all use to not only help us satisfy that sweet tooth and those food cravings, but feel great too, and much more!


Registered dietitian and The Skinny Jeans Diet founder Lyssa Weiss. Image courtesy of







Candace Rose: According to statistics nearly 50% of women are on a diet. Why is it that so many diets fail?

Lyssa Weiss: “Well, 95% of diets fail because people feel like they are missing out. Deprivation, especially when it comes to food is a powerful experience. The key to avoiding feelings of deprivation is to have good food alternatives that you truly enjoy. I have a few recipes to show you. First we’ll start with breakfast; we have your typical store bought blueberry muffin, and this muffin has 550 calories and just 29 grams of fat. It will give you no get up and go in the morning. A much better option is a bowl of cereal with some low fat or skim milk and some fresh fruit. One that I happen to love is Post All Natural Shredded Wheat because it has 49 grams of whole grains and six grams of fiber per serving. And fiber keeps you fuller longer so it gets you through your morning. And just so you know, you don’t even need to use it just for breakfast. I have used this cereal to play double duty for some recipes at my own house like these easy no-bake grab ‘n go peanut butter bars. They are great for satisfying a sweet craving, and this classic healthy twist on a classic fall favorite- apple crisp (please see both in video above). So really, you can get whole grains in your diet in so many different ways, and diets that are rich in whole grains and plant based foods, as well as saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce heart disease. So it’s a win-win all around. You can use it any time you need to, and for recipes go to the website:”


Candace Rose: What are some better-for-us alternatives for those of us with a sweet tooth?

Lyssa Weiss: For a sweet tooth, like I said, you can make these, they are delicious- the peanut butter no-bake bars, and you can also do things like taking your ice cream and buying it in 100 calorie or portion controlled size. Those are really good for helping satisfy a sweet tooth. Go on the internet and search for ‘healthy whole grain dessert recipes’ and so many will come up. But there are great alternatives to all of your favorite foods. You can find them now, food companies are catering to all of them.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Lyssa Weiss: “Some of the biggest culprits are things we see in our every day diets, like a plate of french fries. This one here is 400 calories and 25 grams of fat. You can make my skinny baked potato fries, all you do is take a baked potato and slice it any which way, put it on a plate, sprinkle it with some paprika, non-stick spray, salt and pepper, and put it in the microwave on the baked potato setting (or eight minutes if you don’t have a baked potato setting) and you will get an entire plate of baked potato french fries for 160 calories, no fat and four grams of fiber. So it’s a huge portion for half the calories, and Candace, do you want to know the best part of this recipe? There’s only one plate to clean up so you can have your fries and eat it too, and not have to make a big mess in the kitchen.

There are some other tricks of the trade, please steer clear of all or nothing thinking, it almost always leads to all or nothing eating. If you make a mistake and you fall of the wagon, just get right back on at the next meal. Don’t make too much of it. Sometimes we beat ourselves up and there’s no reason to. Just get back on your program!

Another great tip is peppermint. Peppermint is the number one flavor and scent for extinguishing food cravings. So a peppermint breath strip, mint gum or mint can really help you cut some calories. The peppermint can really work, especially when you have a sweet craving.

And lastly, so many dieters, particularly women, we do so much of our mood eating in the evenings in our own kitchens so closing your kitchen earlier, and I mean physically leaving your kitchen and turning off the lights can literally save you hundreds of calories so if you pay attention to some of these eating tips and tricks, it really is possible to can eat a lot better so you can look and feel your best.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you Lyssa for all the great tips. Where can we go for more information on everything you mentioned?

Lyssa Weiss: Sure, well my Facebook page is Skinny Jeans Diet. I give about three or four tips a week there, so just go check it out, or go And again for some of these great recipes you can go to”




Interview: Fall Home Interior Trends with NYC Interior Designer Marlaina Teich

Are you looking to update your home for fall, but unsure what colors and styles are in this season, or would you like to maximize living space while sticking to a budget? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our good friend, acclaimed New York Interior Designer, Marlaina Teich of (Marlaina Teich Designs) who has been featured in high profile publications such as Better Homes and GardensHouse BeautifulRomantic Homes and Newsday as well as Better TV joined us once again, this time to dish on the hottest design trends of 2012, talk about the role fashion has played in interior design this year, share tips for maximizing space, and much more!

Acclaimed New York Interior Designer Marlaina Teich. Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich.


Candace Rose: What have been some of your favorite design trends of 2012?

Marlaina Teich: “Wallpaper is my favorite trend. Its an amazingly easy way to add another dimension to a space. With so many patterns and colors available, its an almost foolproof way to inject your style into the room.  For 2012 I also love patterns! Chevron patterns are everywhere. I would love to see a chevron as the perfect statement wall with wallpaper or paint or as an accent in pillows or even an area rug.”


Candace Rose: Bright color has been everywhere from fashion to interior design this year! Do you see this continuing into fall and winter?

Marlaina Teich: “I see saturated color for fall and winter but a less bright, fuller bodied color instead. A more sophisticated approach to color with warmth and depth. Burnt sienna is a earthier play on 2012’s “it” color Tangerine Tango. Paired with aged plums or rich mahogany, deep, gunmetal grays… These are the colors that will bring instant warmth and appeal to a room.”

Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich Designs


Candace Rose: What advice do you have for those looking to update their homes while sticking to a budget?

Marlaina Teich: “Invest in quality pieces that are meant to last- but intersperse these items with wallet friendly items that will be easy to switch out when styles or tastes change. Buy neutral furnishings so that you can easily switch out the rooms look with bold accessories and art.”


Stunning room adorned with neutral furnishings! Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich Designs

Candace Rose: What can we do to maximize a small space?

Marlaina Teich: “Think about how the space will be used and create a plan before you run out to buy everything. In small spaces, each item really needs to fulfill a purpose. Select items that are multifunctional and provide hidden storage if possible.”


Candace Rose: How can we use the latest fashion trends as design inspiration?

Marlaina Teich: “Fashion magazines are great inspiration for new color schemes and textures that can transition to home. I just last week saw a magazine in the Atlanta airport- Gardens and Guns of all things! On the cover was a woman in a gorgeous dusty orange dress against a steel blue background. Stunning. I didn’t buy the magazine- I have no use for guns- but I used the dress color and the background color to create a stunning color scheme for my client’s Manhattan apartment.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any advice for decorating a home or room around a statement piece, and what’s the key to finding a statement piece (we won’t tire of) to decorate around?

Marlaina Teich: “The key is to find a piece that really speaks to you on some level. Having an emotional or mental connection to a piece will mean that you will enjoy that piece for a very long time.”


Gorgeous statement pieces adorn this stunning room. Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich Designs


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Marlaina Teich: “There are so many quality sites available online to do research and to find design inspiration. From Pinterest to for look books to One Kings Lane and Gilt for sales on quality furnishings it is really a buyer’s paradise out there. Design should be fun- pleasurable- do your planning and enjoy the space that you create for yourself. Or call me and I will do it for you!”


Stunning living space. Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich Designs


For more information please visit Marlaina Teich Designs at

Follow her on Twitter @MarlainaTeich

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