Interview: Fox Radio’s Chris Leary Shares Top Eco-Friendly Tech Products & Tips

Tech Guru, Chris Leary of Fox Radio was kind enough to join me recently from Grand Central Station to chat about the latest and greatest tech products that will not only save you money but energy as well. From laptops that are capable of charging multiple gadgets while in sleep mode to eco-friendly cell phones, Chris has all that and much more! 


6a01127964c54a28a40147e3b94495970b-500wiChris Leary – Fox All Access


Candace Rose: What are some simple steps we can take to be eco-friendly?

Chris Leary: "Well, I'll tell you what, it's to become aware. Know where to recycle, know what to buy, know what your energy is outputting and I'm getting aware right now surrounded by a lot of companies who are actually making me more aware. In fact Toshiba is one of those companies, they have their new full-performance ultraportable laptop, it's called the Portege R835. It's equipped with Intel second generation core processors which makes it very powerful but it also has a unique airflow cooling technology which uses less energy. It's an EPEAT gold winner, it's also energy star qualified, so that's kind of neat. It's got an 11 hour battery life and it also charges multiple devices while it's in sleep mode. Again using power without using power. I love how things are getting like that.


41oXpzMGSdL._SL500_AA300_Toshiba Portege R835 13.3 Inch LED Laptop – Amazon


    As far as your lighting at home, this is really important, a lot of people have the incandescent lightbulbs, I do, I'm guilty of that as well. Well, it's time to start thinking about making a transition to the better bulb. In fact Toshiba's there as well. They have the A19 LED bulb. It reaches full brightness instantly. It gives off a nice glow, it only uses 7 watts of energy. If you see how bright that is, 7 watts that's not a lot of energy but boy it gets a lot of power out of it. It's mercury free and lasts up to 40 times longer than your basic incandescents. That's the future right there. We're all I'm sure going to be making that transition sooner or later. 


A19_led-17.8 Watt A19 LED BULB – TopBulb


    Of course we all have cell phones, right? You wonder, is my cell phone green? Well, Sprint has more green devices and accessories than pretty much any other U.S. carrier. In fact we have the first eco-friendly Android smartphone from Sprint and Samsung. It's called the Samsung Replenish, it comes with Sprint ID, also has the new green id pack which I love. It's got a lot of eco-friendly apps on it like,, and also Green America. They even have eco-friendly phones (prepaid) with no contract through Virgin Mobile USA and they also have the Samsung Restore. Both of these phones are great, they use recycled material to build them but it's not at the sacrifice of performance. 


SPH-M570ZKASPR_1_3Eco-friendly Samsung Restore Phone (Sprint Carrier) – Samsung


    A lot of people were asking me what do I do with my rechargeable batteries, I want to recycle, I don't know where to do that? I have the answer – They have a nationwide battery, cell phone recycling program and they have more than 60 million pounds of rechargeable batteries and cellphones from local landfills since 1994. They've saved that, that's fantastic. They've got over 30,000 locations and if you want to know where one is close to you go to, that's a big answer to the question I've been getting a lot. You can also give back today or any day, (everyday is Earth Day as far as I'm concerned) with making your own soda. With SodaStream you can stop over 2,000 cans a year from entering landfills. It turns water into sodas in seconds with a limited edition world without bottles fountain jet. SodaStream's actually going to donate a portion of the proceeds to the water project and that will help out build water wells in Africa and communities that are in need. That's available exclusively on HSN. So there's a lot of help out there and again awareness is really important. Figure out how green your stuff is and where you can get more green stuff and of course recycle."


  Sodastream-fountain-jet-complete-soda-maker-kit~119712SodaStream Fountain Jet Complete Soda Maker Kit –


CR: Is it becoming more cost effective to be green?

CL: "It is. The prices used to be a little lopsided but now it's even, so you can e green and they don't have to charge you that much more money, if at all to be green."

CR: Where can we go for more information?

CL: "Glad you asked, you can go to

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