Fashion: Fancy Christmas Holiday Dresses for Baby Girl’s 2013 Style!

There was nothing I loved more as a kid than shopping with my mom and grandma for the perfect Christmas dress! I preferred mine as girly as possible with bows, ruffles and velvet! We’d head to the now defunct Weinstock’s and spend the entire day shopping for the dress, and usually get an extra gift from grandma. 😉 While I may not have a little girl of my own, browsing the net for adorable dresses for babies in my family and those of my friends is always fun…and often leaves me wondering ‘why don’t they make that in my size?’ LOL

Well, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas (or holiday) dress for your baby or loved one…I’ve scoured the net and found quite a few I think you’ll enjoy. Happy shopping!!! 🙂

Love this for Christmas, but it will also be cute for Valentine’s Day too!


Love this sparkly gold number for Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve!




Love the color plum, and it doesn’t hurt that this dress is currently 50% off!


As glam as it gets!



If you’re celebrating Christmas in sunny California, this crushed velvet short sleeved dress is perfect!



If you’re headed somewhere warm this holiday…..



Love brocade!










How Cord Blood Banking Can Save Your Baby’s Life with Dr. Rallie McAllister and Shelly Connelly

Over five years ago, Shelly Connelly gave birth to a healthy baby daughter, Peyton. Unfortunately at the age of one, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and two weeks after the brain tumor was removed, Peyton suffered a  stroke which left her paralyzed on her right side and unable to stand up. It was devastating for her parents, but fortunately when she was born her parents made the decision to have her umbilical cord banked and it was reinfused. Today, Peyton is a normal child, and has full function of her right side.

Shelly Connelly and Dr. Rallie McAllister, a family practice physician (who is working with the Cord blood Registry) joined me on Friday to discuss the importance of cord blood banking, and why every parent-to-be should consider it.

Candace Rose: Dr. McAllister, what is cord blood banking and how is it collected?

Dr. McAllister: “Cord blood banking is the collection and storage of a baby’s cord blood. You only have one opportunity to do that, and that’s in the moments following a baby’s birth. So a doctor, nurse, midwife or whoever is delivering the baby will insert a needle and syringe to withdraw the cord blood from the baby’s umbilical cord and then it is sent to the bank and stored indefinitely. The important thing to know about cord blood is that it’s a very rich source of stem cells, and stem cells are very powerful master cells of the human body that can be used to treat 80+ different diseases. FDA clinical trials are showing promise in the treatment of autism, traumatic brain injury, pediatric stroke and things like that. The sad thing is, in spite of all this advancement in medical technology and potential for great use that know that stem cells have…right now about 90% of all cord blood is simply disposed of as medical waste after birth, after the baby is born. Only 10% of a baby’s cord blood is banked and stored.”


Candace Rose: Is cord blood banking something that all families should consider? Or is it something that all certain families should consider?

Dr. McAllister: “I would definitely say that some families might need it more than others. There’s good education at– parents can go to this website and learn what those 80 conditions are that cord blood can treat right now. Some families are at a greater risk. But in Shelly’s case, there was no red flag ‘oh my goodness we really need to bank our baby’s cord blood’, and Shelly had a wonderful outcome (thank goodness she banked her baby’s cord blood). Without it, her life and her child’s life would have been devastating.”


Candace Rose: Shelly, can you tell us why you needed to use your daughter’s blood banked umbilical cord stem cells, and how the stem cell infusion helped improve her life?

Shelly Connelly: “Like Dr. McAllister said, we had no reason to bank our baby’s cord blood…but we ended up banking it at time of birth. Right around the time she was about a year old she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and they were able to take the tumor out but unfortunately about two weeks afterward she suffered a massive stroke. It left the entire right side of her body paralyzed.

We were devastated as parents, we went straight into recovery mode, therapy mode…’what are our options and what can we do for our baby’. That’s when the light bulb went off in our heads – we banked her cord blood. We were able to reinfuse her with her own stem cells. The recovery that she has made is just tremendous. She has gained complete function back in her leg on her right hand side, she has regained hand function, her speech, her language is just impeccable and we are so grateful and so relieved that we had banked her cord blood.”


Candace Rose: Shelly, what factors went into your decision to bank your daughter’s stem cells when she was a newborn?

Shelly Connelly: “Actually, a family member was pregnant at the same time that I was pregnant. They brought it to our attention, and asked if we were going to bank our baby’s. We hadn’t really thought about it, and then we just thought ‘Well, why not?’ Because basically it’s an extra insurance and we have so many insurances nowadays- we have health and dental and vision and car insurance…why not have this extra bit of insurance for your baby just in case you have this ‘what if’ moment just like we had the ‘what if’ moment.”


Candace Rose: What advice do you have for parents who are considering cord blood banking?

Shelly Connelly: “My advice is just to inform yourself- ask questions, ask friends and family members and your doctor. Get all the information that you can and if you need to, go to the website: and look on that website and see all the information that you need and just be really informed to make that decision.”

Candace Rose: Dr. McAllister, what is the cost of cord blood banking? Are there any free cord blood banking options?

Dr. McAllister: “That’s an excellent question. When you talk about the cost and think about the value- ask Shelly-  ‘What was that worth to you?’ It was priceless. The cost that new parents can expect to pay is about $2,000 for the collection and storage initially of the baby’s cord blood. The value is immeasurable.

Who would qualify for a free program? Actually company Cord Blood Registry has a program called Newborn Possibilities. In this program, parents who have at-risk children who might likely benefit from cord blood can have their baby’s cord blood collected and stored for free.

Cord Blood Registry is the company that is participating in all these FDA regulated clinical trials. It’s a wonderful opportunity not only to have your baby’s cord blood banked and stored…if you’re an at-risk family. But also the potential to be involved in one of these groundbreaking clinical trials that are benefiting or stand to benefit kids with autism, pediatric stroke, traumatic brain injury and even hearing loss and conditions like this.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you both so much. Where can viewers go for more information on cord blood banking?

Dr. McAllister: “Viewers can go to for more information, or to my website: where we have tips from mothers who are also doctors, and also their thoughts on banking their baby’s cord blood.”

Baby Must Haves Every New Mom Needs with Baby Safety Expert To the Stars, Brad Mattarocci

Are you a new mom or mom-to-be? If so, you’re in luck! Baby safety expert to the stars, Brad Mattarocci joined me for an interview this week to dish on the must have baby products every new mom needs!


Baby safety expert to the stars Brad Mattarocci shares the top baby products for new moms and moms-to-be.

Baby safety expert to the stars Brad Mattarocci shares the top baby products for new moms and moms-to-be.






Candace Rose: Do you have any advice for first time moms, or women who find themselves pregnant after several years?

Brad Mattarocci: “Absolutely. The best advice would be when you’re getting ready to buy baby products or gear and what not that you think about your lifestyle- if it’s going to remain active, if you have two children or are going to have two children, if you’re going to be doing any traveling to see relatives. And also the climate that you’re living in right now- it’s a cold weather climate or has the seasons like out here in California.”


Candace Rose: What are some popular baby products that could be considered dangerous when used incorrectly?

Brad Mattarocci: “Well, most baby products could be considered dangerous if you’re not using them as they’re designed. You should really pay attention to the warning labels and make sure that you read and understand the products manual as well as the vehicle owners manual, if you’re talking about a car seat.”

Candace Rose: Can you tell us about the newest products on the market that have the latest technology?

Brad Mattarocci: “Well, the newest products on the market as far as car seats go is our Baby Trend Inertia Infant car seat, it has rigid latch anchors that actually snap into the 2002 or newer vehicles that have built-in latch anchors. And it has a controlled motioned base that actually moves in the event of an accident and cradles the baby, and catches them in decelerates the crash energy, keeping the baby super safe. It also has a movable head rest that actually moves so you don’t have to re-thread the harness. It’s super convenient for the family.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Brad Mattarocci: “Well, the main thing that I’d like on safety tips as I mentioned before is always read the manuals, understand the warning labels- they’re there for a reason and never leave your children unattended.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Brad Mattarocci: “For more information it’s for all of our full line of products, as well as more safety tips.”

Easter Dress Favorites for Baby!

One of my favorite posts to work on every year has always been my “Easter dresses for the little ladies” post. Growing up searching for the perfect Easter dress was a big deal in my house. My mom and I would scour Weinstocks in Sacramento from top to bottom for the right dress to wear to mass on Easter Sunday and on multiple Easter egg hunts with my extended family and friends later that day. Since I tend to run out of space on this uber fun post, I’ve decided to make it a five part series this week. Today I’ll be featuring the top dresses for babies; Tuesday, March 5th we’ll be sharing toddler dresses; Wednesday, March 6th will be all about the “little girls“; Thursday, March 7th will be the “big girls“;  and on Friday I’ll be dishing on some of my favorites for us adults because we deserve a nice Easter dress too! 🙂

Without further adieu here are a few of our favorite Easter dresses just in time for Easter Sunday which is early this year (March 31st)!








Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley told me last fall that mint would be the “it” color for spring. Love this Easter/spring dress in the top color of the season!










Ralph Lauren Stripe Dress & Bloomers (Infant). Nordstrom Easter

Ralph Lauren Stripe Dress & Bloomers (Infant) in sizes 3 months to 24 months in color: Hammond Blue Multi. Nordstrom






Love these “classic” Burberry dresses:



































Love this chic little cardigan for Easter morning:

Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Cardigan (Infant) Easter

Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Cardigan (Infant) in Camel Pink or Classic White. Sizes: 3 months to 24 months. Nordstrom




5 New Mom Must Haves with Pregnancy Magazine’s Michelle Lee

Are you a new mom or mom-to-be in search of the latest and greatest products? If so, you’re in luck! Pregnancy magazine’s products editor, Michelle Lee joined me recently to dish on the must have 3-in-1 stroller every new mom needs, products that will help your baby sleep better, eat well and prevent colic.


Pregnancy magazine's products editor Michelle Lee dishes her top five products for new moms.

Pregnancy magazine’s products editor Michelle Lee dishes her top five products for new moms.



Candace Rose: What are the must haves every new mom needs and where do we start?

Michelle Lee: “Let’s go ahead and start with strollers. When you’re choosing a stroller it’s important to find something that’s lightweight and easy to use, and it’s a huge bonus if it’s also multipurpose. The 3-in-1 stroller from Graco called the Graco Modes Click Connect stroller is excellent in that it is a lightweight stroller frame that you can dock your car seat into as well as providing you with the actual stroller seat that can recline all the way for a sleeping infant as well as being pulled upright for a toddler. And you can remove the snack tray so that your child (when they reach toddler age) can actually climb in and out of the stroller by themselves and exercise some of that independence. In all of these modes the seats can either face you or you can turn them around so they face outward- great options for the baby. They have a lot of great storage space, they’re easy to maneuver and you can fold them up with one hand, which is so key. And they automatically lock into place so they stay folded. You can find out about the stroller at


In addition, I have some feeding and sleep products to show you and these are also great for keeping the baby calm. First off Born Free is a company that pioneered the first BPA chemical free bottle, and this is highly important to me as a mom. In addition these bottles have a special active flow venting technology to reduce gas pain symptoms as well as spit up and crying and fussing, all of these signs that are usually associated with colic. It also lets baby control milk flow and it mimics the natural flow of the mom. So if you happen to be breastfeeding at the same time, this helps reduce any kind of nipple confusion. March is colic awareness month and 80% of moms really swear by the bottle being a huge difference in how fussy their baby is, so this is an important decision to make.


We also know that babies use sucking as a method of calming themselves, so having a good pacifier is also great. Born Free makes the Bliss pacifiers which have two handle options as well as a natural shape nipple that matches the nipple on the bottle, so the consistency between those two products is great. It also comes in really cute colors and patterns.


Another feeding pattern from Born Free is the Bliss Feeding Pillow, and this helps raise your child to a comfortable level for both mom and baby, as well as providing a nice level of incline which helps with digestion.


Baby wrapped up in Summer Infant Swaddle Me wraps.

Baby wrapped up in Summer Infant Swaddle Me wraps.


And then to cover a sleep product, the Summer Infant Swaddle Me wraps are excellent for keeping your baby really cozy. It again helps with calmness, keeps the baby warm and reduces any danger of having loose blankets around your crib, and so much easier for mom and dad to be able to swaddle baby, it’s much easier than the blanket. Find out about the sleep products and feeding products at Also if you’d like any tips about pregnancy and getting through that first year with baby, is a great resource for you.”