Beach Cruiser ‘Sessed

Lisa Kudrow Phoebe Buffay Friends Bicycle, Bike Rider, Beach CruiserPhoebe Buffay – Season 7 Episode 9 "The One With All The Candy" <—I'm in the episode? 😉



Chanel Bike & Yorkie Puppy!

If I'm "going all out" this birthday week, I must add this Chanel beach cruiser bicycle with the black quilted seat, and briefcase. Even though, I don't consider myself a "little dog" kind of person, I have always loved Yorkies. Lucy Goosie would totally kill me if I brought another dog into her territory. Isn't this little dog, just the cutest? The photo was taken at Moscow's first ever Fashion week for dogs and cats. Knowing me, I'd probably adopt them all! See you tomorrow, when I will officially be a year older, and hopefully wiser! 😉
Chanel bike bicycleChanel Bike– guess the price!
Yorkie FashionistaI want this extravagant puppy! Yorkshire Terrier- Russian Catwalk

Birthday Dress

Call me crazy, I insist on having a new dress on my birthday, but don't wear it the rest of the year. This b-day I'm not investing…I still have last years dress, but it's still fun to look. Did that just really come out of my mouth? That my friends is what you call willpower, coming from a recovering shopaholic.


Summer DressBellatrix Floral Print Strapless Chiffon Dress- Nordstrom

Summer Dress NordstromEighty Six Faux Two Piece Dress- Nordstrom

Yellow White Summer Dress NordstromHaven Azalea Printed Voile Strapless Dress- Nordstrom

Tie Dye Dress Maxi ShopBopDaughters of the Revolution Mermaid Dress- Shopbop