Mom’s Day – Name Your Own Rose

I love my mom more than life itself, but I'll admit she is the hardest person to shop for! I've been struggling with what to buy her for Mother's day and her birthday the following week. She loves her garden, but has almost every rose known to man, except for her own. I fell in love with this "Name a rose" tin which is available at Fred Flare and "is outfitted with a pouch of unique rose seeds to name & grow, easy-to-follow growing details plus you can submit your unique name and it will be cataloged in the International Rose Naming Registry that is submitted to the British Library." How special is this?! Don't tell my mom but I have a feeling, Rose is going to get to create and name her very own rose this May 9th! 🙂




Name A Rose Gift Tin – Fred Flare

Merry Christmas!

    I hope you're enjoying your holidays! My mom, grandma and I are pretty thankful to have my brother this year, he was in a bad car accident on Monday evening. The car is totaled but he is doing okay (despite hurting his back.) We all know it could have been a lot worse.

    I hope your holidays are full of love, happiness, peace, gratitude, laughter and possibly a cocktail or two 😉

BTW….this is my 200th post! Thank you!!!!!


Lucy Goosie wanted to send holiday wishes to everyone as well, especially her favorite Aunt


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night 🙂


Life of Freddy & Lucy

Many of you have asked how Lucy is getting along with her new brother, and I thought you should see for yourself……

Weimaraner Puppy Labrador Retriever Freddy and Lucy
What's funny about this picture is Lucy hates playing with toys. She has never played with a toy in her life, but now that the puppy is around, just to terrorize him, she plays with his tennis balls!


Weimaraner Puppy Labrador Retriever
That blue thing behind the dogs, is a puppy potty training pad. Too bad Freddy prefers to chew on them, and carry them around in his mouth.


Freddy Lucy Weimaraner Puppy Labrador Retriever

Is it just me or does he look like a circus monkey?





Animal Monkey Dog- Image courtesy of  Synagogue Media



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and I might add…watching The Yankee Parade on My Fox NY  I love technology!!!


I'm happy to introduce you to the newest member of my family, Freddy boy! He's a little over 8 weeks, and weighs 13 pounds!!!

Weimaraner Puppy, Freddy, Candace Rose,

Meeting Freddy boy jr for the first time in Auburn, California (8 weeks old and 13 pounds)


Weimaraner Puppy Candace Rose

Sleeping on my arm on the way home


Weimaraner Puppy Candace Rose Pet
How can this be comfortable?

Weimaraner Puppy Pet Candace Rose Photography
HOME! If you only knew how many times we tried to wake him up, while he was in this position, but wouldn't budge…you wouldn't believe me!!!


Weimaraner Puppy Candace Rose Freddy

I'm not biased or anything, but my boy is so cute it's pitiful!!!




4036073133_aee3fca8e0Hands down, my favorite picture of him so far!!!

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Loving Credenzas

I've always been a big fan of buffets and credenzas. Could it be that they remind me of my childhood and my grandma? Probably so. She stored everything in hers  from family photos, her brazilian embroidery, loteria games (Mexican bingo), and momentos. I've always been a busy body, finding new things and information has always been my thing…hence my lifelong dream of being a reporter. In the words of my grandma, * "esculce, esculce".

While hers was not as extravagant as these, I could totally see myself digging into either one!

Credenza Buffet Sultan Chic Spectacular long renzo rutiliSpectacular Long Renzo Rutili Credenza: Sultanchic


Credenza, Buffet, Stunning black white greekkStunning Black & White Greek Key Buffet: Sultanchic

All photos courtesy of Sultan chic– Couture Home Furnishings


*Esculcar- translated in english as to spy, search.