Celebrity Interview: Bongo Girl & Dancing With The Stars Audrina Patridge

I recently had the fabulous opportunity of interviewing Audrina Patridge, most famously of MTV The Hills, to discuss her role as the newest Bongo girl, favorite trends for back to school and what it’s like being a contestant on this seasons Dancing With The Stars!

Audrina Patridge is the latest Bongo Girl! It was such an honor to interview her.

Audrina Patridge is the latest Bongo Girl! It was such an honor to interview her.

Audrina Patridge Photo courtesy of Gossip Center


Candace Rose: What is it like being the newest Bongo girl?

Audrina Patridge: “It’s great, Bongo is such an iconic brand, so to be the Bongo girl; I’m very honored and I’m very excited about it!”

Candace Rose: What are your favorite trends for fall?

Audrina Patridge: “I just teamed up with Bongo, we just did the first ad campaign which I’m excited about. I love that Bongo is very affordable, yet it’s very stylish and up to date. It’s available at Kmart or Sears. The three looks I’m going to show you today are actually from head to toe under $100.

This is our first look:


Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom Video

It’s a pair of black mary jane shoes (not shown), with dark wash jeggings, which are jeans and leggings. They’re very cute, and the plaid button-up top which is not going anywhere, it’s still in style and as you know fall and winter is all about layering, so we added this vest with it.”

Candace Rose: Leggings and skinny jeans have been very popular in recent years, will they still be trendy this season?

Audrina Patridge: “They are definitely trendy this season, they’re not going anywhere.”

Candace Rose: Neon colors were really big last fall, will they be just as big this year or are there certain colors you see being trendy?

Audrina Patridge: “This fall it’s not about neon colors, it’s more about earth tones and greens. For example our second look:

Audrina Patridge dishes on the top fashion must haves from Bongo!

Audrina Patridge dishes on the top fashion must haves from Bongo!


This green flowy top, the greens and the browns are in, everywhere, all over the Runways this season. This look is definitely more edgy, more rock & roll, black ankle boots (not shown), with leggings, with this flowy green top, with this acid washed denim jacket. Acid wash is making a comeback.”

CR: How about accessories?

AP: “Accessories, anything that is kind of funky and fun. Here’s an example-


Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom Video

This on our third model, this wraparound bracelet watch is amazing, it’s super stylish and you know it’s fun. As for the rest of the outfit, the shoes are just plain, black pumps (not shown). These Bongo jeans are great, they have lots of detail. The placement of the pockets make your butt look awesome, so I know all the girls out there, that’s very important! These jeans look good on everyone and this graphic t-shirt is just simple but with a little bit of detail, with studs to give it that extra edge, with this great purse.”

Audrina Patridge shows the latest fashion must haves from Bongo

Audrina Patridge shows the latest fashion must haves from Bongo

Candace Rose: Is Bongo available online?

Audrina Patridge : “Yes, Bongo is available online. You can get more information or check everything out at Bongo.com, or Sears.com or Kmart.com.”

Audrina Patridge leaving DWTS rehearsal

Audrina Patridge leaving DWTS rehearsal

Audrina Patridge leaving DWTS rehearsal – image courtesy of American Superstar Magazine

Candace Rose: Many congratulations on being selected for Dancing With The Stars, how did you find out you had been chosen?

Audrina Patridge: “Well, actually I’ve known since the end of May! Yes, I’ve kept my mouth closed. I haven’t said anything, so it was really hard but I did it and now we finally got to announce it a couple days ago. So now it’s not a secret anymore, I can talk about it and I’m super excited about it.”

CR: That’s really exciting! Have they told you who you’ll be dancing with this season? (Interview took place September 1)

AP: “You know I think they just announced it, so I’m very excited. We just got in rehearsal and it’s actually more challenging than I thought, but I’m having a great time so far!”

Audrina and DWTS Season 11 partner, Tony Dovolani rehearsing

Audrina and DWTS Season 11 partner, Tony Dovolani rehearsing

Audrina and DWTS Season 11 partner, Tony Dovolani rehearsing. – Image Courtesy of Extra TV


CR: You always look great, how has it been practicing and dancing every day?

AP: “So far it’s been my second day, it’s six hours a day and I’m feeling muscles that I never knew existed, so it’s definitely a workout and it’s a lot of work. You don’t realize, it looks so fun and glamorous but there’s a lot that goes into it, behind all that stuff so I’m having a great time.”

The Hills cast Audrina Patrdige, Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Pratt

The Hills cast Audrina Patrdige, Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Pratt

MTV’s The Hills original cast – image courtesy of MTV


Audrina Patridge Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars, Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge: DWTS – image courtesy of TV Grapevine

CR: Most of us twenty-somethings were addicted to The Hills, will we be seeing you on any other reality shows or on the big screen?

AP: “After The Hills I shot a new movie called “Honey 2.” I played one of the judges in the movie, which is great. It’s a dance movie and now Dancing With The Stars! And the other reality show with Mark Burnett is still on the table, we’re just waiting for confirmation on the network.”

Many thanks to Audrina! Be sure and get your fashion fix with Bongo and root for Ms. Patridge this season on Dancing With The Stars which will premiere on Monday, September 20th!




Celebrity Interview: Entertainment Reporter, Dayna Devon talks skincare and milestone birthdays!


Dayna Devon photo courtesy of djyimg.com


On Wednesday, May 12th I had the pleasure of interviewing Entertainment Reporter, Dayna Devon on skin care, celebrating milestone birthday's and discussing how 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20!

Candace Rose: You look fantastic, do you have any tips for keeping a youthful appearance?

Dayna Devon: "I started seeing some really kind of deep lines right from the corner of my nose to the tip of my mouth. As we get older we lose facial volume which is one of the reasons we start looking older, and so I got Juvederm in that crease. It's funny because when I did it, I did the one side first and then I was looking in the mirror before I did the other side and it had done such a good job of replacing that facial volume and it was this smooth, natural look and I was just so excited, it was just immediate gratification, you know it's like shopping. It's like you get something right then. I was so excited about it that I was literally telling everybody about it. The irony is you don't have to tell anybody if you don't want to because nobody could tell that you did it. It was just so exciting to me that, I know you're probably like me and have a ton of creams and all these different things that you buy, but it was one of the only things that really, really worked just like it said it did."


Dayna Devon Juvederm – Facebook Juvederm

Candace Rose: Is it painful?

Dayna Devon: "Here's the thing, the regular Juvederm can be painful when you get it. I've used a topical anesthetic before so it wasn't as painful but it can be painful. Now they have Juvederm XC which has Lidocaine  in it, it's the same Juvederm formulation (but it has Lidocaine in it.) The anesthetic kicks it in like seconds, it's so much better. All the people that always wanted to get Juvederm but were a little bit worried about the pain, it makes it such a more comfortable experience than before."

Candace Rose: Can it be done in one office visit?

Dayna Devon: YES! You can got in and have a consultation, you can mostly like get it right then and by the way, I highly encourage that you go to a a doctor, have a conversation, have a consultation, tell him what your concerns are. Juvederm is not for everybody, but I certainly love it. It certainly worked for me, but do definitely go to a really good doctor and have that conversation with him.


Dayna Devon – Medical, Marketing & Media

Candace Rose:  What about say for fine lines, crows feet, age spots? Can it fill "stuff" like that in?

Dayna Devon: It's mainly for the nasal labial fold, those deep lines. I didn't even realize how much the mid-face area is even involved in the aging process. It's funny, now I'm obsessed with that, like every person I see I look at those lines but that's where the aging happened on me, and that's why this was so effective.

Candace Rose: How much does it cost?

Dayna Devon: That's a really good question, it's going to depend. On average for the first time it's between $600 and $800 for a treatment, but here's the thing, it lasts for a full year, so if you look at how much it would be divided by 12, it's actually not so bad and it really does last a whole year. I did this in March and I won't have to go go back until next March, it lasts that long. It's kind of one of those great things, you do it and don't have to think about it again for a long time. It's really good for working women like yourself, me, busy moms, that kind of thing.


Dayna Devon with daughter Emmi – Celebrity Babies People

Candace Rose: What advice do you have for women turning/approaching milestone birthdays? 

Dayna Devon: One thing I did was, as embarrassing as this is, I stood naked in a mirror and asked what needs to happen here and the answer was a lot, but especially in the buttocks area. I just decided to take an honest look at myself. I didn't want 40 to be be as good as it gets, I really wanted to grow from here and be better as I got older. I hate exercising, I decided I had to do it and not just minimal exercise, I'm talking about vigorous challenging exercise about 4 to 5 hours a week. I decided I had to really be good about sunscreen, I haven't been in the past and I'm really good about it with my kids. I even on top of that wear a hat. That's one of the primary reasons for aging. I use Retin-A a lot at night and I make sure I get sleep. I know sometimes that's not the sexiest tip but it really works for me and I really try to up the levels of vegetables and fruits in my diet. I wanted to not only live longer, I want to live better and I want to increase the quality. So far those are really working for me.


Dayna Devon – Fan Pix

Candace Rose: What SPF do you recommend?

Dayna Devon: "Many women think that their sunscreen is in their makeup and that's not necessarily true. Some maybe, but for the most part, you probably need a separate sunscreen that has UVA and UVB protection. I would say a 30 or above, now they have up to SPF 100, but I use the highest number I can get. I try to get a 50. I have Melanoma that runs in my family, I have to be particularly careful, but you know sunscreen is so important. I was the same was as everyone, I was really young, they'll have a cure for wrinkles when I get older. I have a lot of sun damage I wish I hadn't done and nobody could tell me when I was that young. I hope somebody out there listens because it could absolutely make a difference in your skin as you get older."

Candace Rose: How do you feel lifestyle and skincare play a role in ones age and appearance?

Dayna Devon: "Oh so much! I mean so much! It's funny because I have an entire huge vanity full of creams, potions and all that kind of stuff and very few of them I think honestly work. I don't think a lot of them work. I have found that Retin-A and Renova (a gentler version) are a very important part of my routine and that's why I love Juvederm, because it really, really works like it says it does. It's one of the few things to me in this world that actually says what it says it's going to do. You can actually see it go in, see the difference, to me it actually delivers. 


Dayna and her lovely family! – Celebrity Babies People

Candace Rose: My Readers and I would love to hear what's going on in your busy career!

Dayna Devon: What I'm doing right now is, I've been traveling the country with Juvederm for this campaign we've teamed up and also for the first time I'm actually kind of a full-time mom which is great and I'm training for a triathlon and I'm working on a book proposal and I'm working on some different tv opportunities. Oprah Winfrey's leaving, Tyra's leaving, there's a whole bunch of areas that are opening in the television world. Oprah's starting her own network, so there's a whole lot of new opportunities out there that I'm hoping that one will be right for me.


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Celebrity Interview: New Beauty Innovations with In Style Contributor, Katrina Szish

katrina szish
Katrina Szish at the Golden Globes- Katrinaszish.com   

    Earlier in the week, I had the amazing opportunity of interviewing In Style Contributor, Katrina Szish on new beauty innovations. If you’re an early riser, you’ve most likely seen the “it girl” of entertainment, celebrity, beauty and fashion on NBC’s Today Show, Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America, The Early Show, among other high profile news programs.

Latisse Image courtesy of Derm Texas

    The first product we talked about was prescription Latisse. Latisse has been in the news as of late for its ability to grow lashes thicker and longer. Szish stated “it’s a product scientists stumbled on by mistake. It was used as a medication for Glaucoma and they realized that something in it actually made patients eyelashes grow a lot longer and then simply they did all sorts of experiments as they should do, and they realized that this prescription only product really makes your natural lashes grow longer while you’re using it. Now if you stop using it, your lashes will go back to normal. But this is something that really makes them grow thicker, longer, fuller and really does an amazing job. You have to keep renewing that prescription in order to keep up that amazing full lash look. You can use it on the top and bottom lashes. You have to be able not to get it in your eyes, there are a lot for warnings. You want to go to our dermatologist and get a prescription for it specifically.”

    I was curious to know if the product can be used by contact lens users, and Katrina mentioned that “there are very few restrictions, but again before you go, you want to check your specific situation with your doctor.”

vaseline sheer infusionVaseline Sheer Infusion Stratys 3- Image courtesy of Vaseline

     Next up were body lotions and moisturizers, since our skin typically suffers the most through the freezing winter temps.  Ms. Szish was kind enough to share her favorite drugstore favorites by Vaseline and Dove. “There’s one in particular that I think is really fantastic for moisturizing the body, because a lot of people realize, yes of course you want to moisture the skin but they don’t realize how important it is to have healthy skin. One of the products is a breakthrough in body lotions in ten years, and it’s called Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys 3. It gives your skin a remarkable silky skin feel. It’s not greasy, it’s not heavy and it moisturizes all layers of your skin- the top, the core and deep down. That’s really how you’re going to have truly healthy, moisturized skin. Of course you can find more about the science behind this one at http://vaselinesheerinfusion.com. It’s a breakthrough “must have” product that is at the drugstore and affordable.”

    Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body WashDove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture- image courtesy of Real Simple

    Did you know most body washes strip moisture from your skin? I don’t know about you, but I sure didn’t. Katrina informed me that “there’s a a body wash on the market that doesn’t do that to your skin, Dove Body Wash with Nutrium moisture and it actually replaces your body’s natural moisture as you use it. If you use that in conjunction with the Vaseline Sheer Infusion, you’re going to be completely safe, protected and healthy throughout the winter months, so come summer your skin is going to be in amazing shape. It’s important to maintain your skin all year long. A lot of people think just slap on some moisture in the winter, that’s not true. You want to take care of it year round. “

Temptu Airbrush System SephoraTemptu Airbrush System- Product available at Sephora

    I’ve always been envious of celebrities who are fortunate enough to have makeup artists do their makeup, and make their skin flawless, so they’re picture perfect when leaving the house. Did you know, by taking a trip to Sephora, you too can have flawless, silky skin? Szish stated “The Temptu system is actually something that everybody can use at home. You can actually do the airbrushed makeup yourself, which seems difficult, but it really isn’t. You just snap in a little pod, you can even use it with blush and really easily, you just spray it on your face. Once you do it once or twice, it’s incredibly easy. You don’t need any brushes, no blending and you will have a flawless complexion, even if your skin isn’t that great to start, and this does work for all skin types. It covers all sorts of imperfections without looking heavy or cakey, and that’s ultimately the most important thing.”

Tanda Acne Light Therapy SephoraTanda Acne Light Therapy- Available for purchase at Sephora

    She went on to say “there are all these amazing gadgets that were previously only available in your dermatologists office or in doctors offices in general. One in particular I love is actually a little light device, and you just basically run it over your face, and it actually emits different types of rays at different frequencies, and what those rays do is they actually kill the bacteria in and on your skin that creates and keeps acne going, so you can have this amazing light therapy that you could usually only get in the dermos office, but instead you can do it at home.”

    I was curious to know if those on prescription medications such as Retin A, or over the counter benzoyl peroxide are able to use this product, as these meds typically make your skin red, dry and irritated. Katrina stated “specifically many dermatologists and experts do recommend that the light therapy be used in conjunction with a product that contains retinol, whether it’s over the counter or whether it’s by prescription. If you are taking anything that is prescription based, you do want to check with your health care professional before using any of these things, but the results have been remarkable.”

Tanda Regenerate Anti Aging Starter KitSephoraTanda Regenerate Anti Aging Starter Kit- Available for purchase at Sephora

    And last on agenda, the dreaded WRINKLES! Little did I know there’s another light therapy product on the market to reduce wrinkles. “This product stimulates collagen. You put the light over your face, and again that was usually something you could only get in your dermatologists office, but now there’s a hand held device, and you can do it yourself at home. Stimulating the growth of collagen, certainly helps reduce the look of wrinkles. It’s not for any age group, many people use it as a preventative measure for aging”

Katrina Szish, John Travolta, Kelly Preston Red CarpetKatrina Szish with actors John Travolta, and Kelly Preston, courtesy of Katrinaszish.com

    Many thanks to Katrina Szish for sharing her amazing beauty innovations for Fall and Winter. For more on Ms. Szish please check out her website. She’s currently editing new episodes of “Your Two Minutes”, which should be airing in the next few weeks, and can be found on KatrinaSzish.com.

Celebrity Interview: Celebrity Stylist Phillip Bloch Shares the Top Trends, his Favorite Tips & Fabulous Red Carpet Contest!

"As a stylist, I always want my client to look like themselves, but even better".- Phillip Bloch

    This past week I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing World Acclaimed celebrity stylist to the Stars, Phillip Bloch, to go over trends we'll be seeing on the red Carpet at The 61st Emmys this coming Sunday, September 20th, and to announce his fab Red Carpet contest with Star Magazine and Maidenform Flexee's for the chance to meet him, be made over, and walk the red carpet in LA!

Phillip Bloch Interview Candace Rose
Sweetheart Celebrity Stylist Phillip Bloch- Photo courtesy of Monsters And Critics

    "The people with Flexee's Fat Free Dressings got together with Star Magazine and myself and we put this whole package together because I wanted people to have the full Hollywood Experience!" Phillip Bloch

    When asked about trends we'll be seeing on the Red Carpet, Phillip stated "We're seeing a lot of neon, pop colors. During Fashion week there was a lot of hot pink, citrusy yellow, almost day glow colors. They look great in gowns, but when people try to translate them into everyday wear- I don't want to see anyone looking like a hot mess in hot pink from head to toe- use it as an accessory color, that punch, a blast of color, use it as a great hot pink shoe in patent leather or something. A great pink bag, a yellow bag. I think they are great pop colors when you're wearing all brown, all navy, or all dark green. When you're wearing these deep all fall colors, it's really fun to throw that splash of color in there."

Here are a few of Candi's pink choices- Oh and I might add, please don't wear these together 🙂

Black2009711411_p1_v1_m56577569831771755_347x683  Black Halo- One Shoulder Mini Jackie Dress- Shopbop

41947_in_dl Christian Louboutin- New Decoltissimo 85 Pointed Pumps- Net- A- Porter

If you aren't ready to fully take the pink plunge, a cute hot pink pedicure is always fun. In fact this is the color I'm sporting on my toes at this very second. I bought the color as I think I'll be using it into Winter!


Zoya Polish- Layla- Zoya


    White was seen everywhere at this years Oscars but Phillip doesn't see any one color making that big of an impact on the red carpet. He states "We're definitely seeing a lot of nudes and creams and champagnes. I think that's coming in for Spring 2010. I don't know if it'll actually make it to the red carpet. I think we're going to see a lot of these pops of neon. I think more importantly we're seeing a lot of embellishment. A lot of statement necklaces are going to be very in, big opulent necklaces or a lot of bangles. It's going to be one thing or the other. It's not about over excessive jewelry, it's not about tiny jewelry, but it's about the statement pieces that make an outfit."


I just love this statement necklace by BCBG, it's gorgeous and would add to any outfit.

PBCBG1-6415732dt Bubble Neclace- BCBGMAXAZRIA

My personal favorite statement piece-


Picture 1 Intricate Geometric bracelet with round brilliant diamonds in platinum- Tiffany & Co.


    I've always been curious to know what a stylist chooses first, the gown or the accessories when styling for a big event. Little did I know that the stylist chooses the shape wear prior to picking either one. The ever-so-sweet Bloch informed me that "You've got to put the shape wear on! We put the Flexees perfect shapewear on for Fat Free Dressing. No lumps, No bumps! It's you but better. I think as a stylist, I always want my client to look like themselves, but even better. You want to keep them smooth. A lot of metallics are very in, asymmetrics are very in, the silvers are very in. I think it's very important to separate the best from the hips, from the waist and keep everything looking flat, and toned. I'm not saying not curvy, because I love a size 10, size 12, curvy girl. I love me Chandra Wilson, Beyonce. I like a curvy girl, but you want no lumps, no bumps!"


6868_z Sarong Instant Slimmer Long Torso Waistnipper- Maidenform Flexees


3356_z Minimizer Strapless Body Briefer- Maidenform Flexees


    It was interesting to hear who he has styled, and who his favorites are. "I love Beyonce, I just love Beyonce, she's such a class act. She's so sweet. She's so sincere." Phillip went on to say.

3ad64f0a_0 Beyonce Knowles. Official Beyonce Website

   Bloch listed Jessica Simpson as another favorite. "I just love Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry is one of my favorites. Forest Whitaker's wife, Keisha (Nash) is a real "it" girl, fashion girl, she's one of my best, best friends. The big stars that are clients- I'd really like to say Beyonce, Halle, Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz. I just love too many girls! Lady Gaga's really fun, and she actually wears Flexee's to perform in. For $30, she pus on a Flexee's tank or a Flexees tummy tucker, and she wears it to perform in. Nowadays the technology that we have in fashion makes fashion not only fashionable, but functional. People don't want to spend a lot of money to look good nowadays. Now more than ever all us "recessionistas" want to look good and not spend a lot of money."

For the Full Phillip Bloch Red Carpet experience, Log onto Star Magazine and enter to WIN for your chance to fly to L.A., meet Phillip Bloch, get a star worthy makeover, and walk the RED CARPET! Hurry and enter- contest ends 9/30/09

Make sure and watch The Emmys, this Sunday!


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Before you go on vacation…..

With Labor day fast approaching, many folks will be traveling by air and on the highway for their last escape before fall and school starts. Vacation planning can be a struggle, from deciding where to go, which airline to take, and where to stay. How many of you take it for granted that your hotel room will resemble the photo in the publication you saw or the amenities featured will be readily available and at your service? Oyster Hotel Reviews has taken it upon themselves to do extensive research for vacationers. They've hired journalists to take undoctored photos, list amenities, and give unbiased reviews based on their finds- both good and bad. 

Let's say I'm planning a trip to Miami for my best friends birthday party. All I have to do is type in Miami, and it lists in categories, the best hotels, best value, best luxury, family friendly, most romantic, pet friendly, etc.  The next set of categories is based on areas, from downtown city life, to cool, calm, collected and working on my tan on the beach! There are a multitude of slide shows based on the best gyms, bathrooms, pools and other amenities of interest in the final category.

Well, I've narrowed it down and I've decided I want a pet friendly hotel since I plan on taking my dog, Lucy Goosie. After viewing a few photos, I love the look of The Westin Colonnade. It's breathtakingly gorgeous, and only $200 a night.

Amenities-the-westin-colonnade-coral-gables-v180028-800The Westin ColonnadeOyster Hotel Reviews

Unfortunately after doing a bit of research, we will not be able to stay here, as the review states that contrary to what the hotel website says (dogs 45 lbs and under are permitted) dogs can only be 25 pounds or under. What would I have done had I gotten to Miami with my dog who weighs more than 25 pounds?


The journalist I interviewed from Oyster Hotel Reviews gave me a bit of background on the reviewers, what they review and whether changes have been made since creating this website.

Kelsey Blodgett whom I interviewed stated- "Our reporters all have impressive journalism backgrounds, and have worked at publications like the Village Voice, Forbes, and Money Magazine. They investigate every aspect of a property, including the architecture and interior design, and can assess how it compares to other similar hotels in the area. Although reporters take their own photos, we also have an experienced photo team that contributes to our photo coverage."

At this point and time, only hotels are reviewed, "but timeshares are covered, when the property is also a hotel." Changes have not been made based on their reviews, "but if If a hotel we say has worn rooms renovates them, we will note that change once we confirm it. We want our reviews to always be fresh and up to date, and to give properties credit for improving themselves" Blodgett states.

Based on my research, and the gorgeous photos- I am in love with and can't wait to visit Half Moon, Montego Bay, in Jamaica

Beach-half-moon-v215198-800Half Moon Bay Jamaica- Oyster


Hibiscus-pool-half-moon-v251469-800Hibiscus Pool at Half Moon Bay- Oyster




Restaurants-bars-half-moon-v214735-800Seagrape Terrace at the Half Moon Bay- Oyster

Oh and don't worry, I've already mentioned I'd love to see reviews of you guessed it…my favorite hotel, The Viceroy!