Welcome to Candace Rose!

Welcome to Candace Rose!

Hi, and welcome to Candace Rose! At the age of 10 I decided I wanted to be a journalist, and have been preparing ever since. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communication from California State University Sacramento and interned at two of the top television stations in Sacramento (KCRA 3 and News 10) where I honed my skills interviewing and logging Sacramento Kings and River Cats games.

In 2009 I decided to create *this* blog where I could not only feature my interview skills, but my photography, love of fashion, sports, decor, various passions, and the rest you could say is history.

I’ve had the opportunity of interviewing the biggest stars of Hollywood like Giuliana Rancic, Bill Rancic, Rev Run, Jane Seymour, Olivia Palermo, Soleil Moon Frye, Camila Alves McConaughey, Audrina Patridge, and Karina Smirnoff (to name a few); Hall of Fame athletes such as the late Deacon Jones, Mike Haynes, Summer Sanders, Dara Torres, Brandi Chastain, Jamie Anderson, my favorite band Alabama, and that’s just the beginning.  *Please scroll down for an entire list of Candace’s interviewees.

When I’m not interviewing celebrities or trusted experts for Candace Rose, or featuring the must have fashion trends, home decor items and more, you can find me caring for my grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s*, playing with my dogs (Weimaraner, Lab, Yorkie, and rescue pup), rescuing animals, rooting for my San Francisco Giants, and photographing my mom’s renowned English rose garden. *RIP Grandma, I miss you so much.

I’ve been featured on HuffPost Live, Univision and was an Aveeno brand ambassador from 2014 – 2016.


Candace Rose Anderson is not responsible in any way for the views, opinions and statements made by those interviewed and/or featured on Candace Rose Anderson.




For more information, to work with Candace Rose or to book an interview, please submit all inquiries to candacerose@mac.com.


Candace Rose’s notable interviewees (in alphabetical order)

Lee Abbamonte, Travel expert

Dr. William Abraham, Physician (Cardiologist)

Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, Physician

Yinka Adegoke, Billboard Deputy Editor

Jen Adkins, Cosmetologist

Dr. Priya Agrawal, Obstetrician

Dr. Matthew Ajluni, Physician

Alabama band

Brooke Alpert, Registered dietitian

Chris Altchek, Mic co-founder and CEO

Camila Alves, Model

Toby Amidor, MS, RD

Jamie Anderson, Olympic gold medalist

Jeff Anderson, Chef

Arin Andrews, Author

Melissa Andresko, Lutron

Jonathan Antoine, Britain’s Got Talent

Meri-K Appy, Home safety expert

Mario Armstrong, Technology expert

Jan Arnold, CND Co-founder

Tara Aronson, Parenting expert

Nick Arrojo, Celebrity hairdresser

Dr. Phoenyx Austin, Fitness specialist/author

Sara Austin, Self magazine

Dr. Jonathan Aviv, Physician

Sarah Babbitt, Interior design expert

Bryan Baeumler, HGTV host

Dylan Baker, Actor and director

Jay Baker, DIY Network host

Dr. Lana Balvin, Nutritionist

Chris Barrett, Celebrity interior designer

T.A. Barron, Author

Cindy Barshop, Real Housewives of NYC star

Mary Bauer, Celebrity nursery designer

Dr. Wendy Bazilian, RD

Dr. Alan Beck, Veterinarian

Ted Beck, Financial expert

Katie Becker, Beauty editor

Dr. Marty Becker, Veterinarian

Jordan Belfort, The Real Wolf of Wall Street

James Bell, General Motors

Afiya Bennett, “The Face” finalist and model

Lauren Berger, Author

Susanne Veder Berger, Author

Lauren Berlingeri, Fitness expert

Dr. Laura Berman, TV personality and relationship expert

Michelle Bernstein, Celebrity chef

Deb Geigis Berry, Family planning expert

Dr. Diane Berson, Physician

Michele Beschen, TV personality

Sissy Biggers, Lifestyle expert

Cathy Bishop, OnStar

Perea Blackmon, DC Teacher of the year

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, Talk show host and author

Richard Blais, Top Chef All Stars winner

Dawn Jackson Blatner, Registered dietitian and Chicago Cubs nutrition consultant

Polly Blitzer, Beauty expert

Phillip Bloch, Celebrity stylist. *The first celebrity interview ever featured on Candace Rose in 2009!

Holly Bohn-Weiss, See Jane Work creator

Leslie Bonci, Pittsburgh Steelers dietitian

Lorenzo Boni, Barilla executive chef

Danny Boome, Recipe Rehab

Greg Borrud, Video game industry

Jen Boulden, Environmentalist

Lisa Bradshaw, Radio host and author

George Brescia, Celebrity stylist

Dr. Michael Breus, Physician

Nicole Brewer, Celebrity style expert

Dr. Rebecca Brightman, Physician

Dawn Brinkley, Mrs. North Carolina

Daphne Brogdon, Cool Mom mom and TV host

David Bromstad, HGTV host

Ali Brown, Small business expert

James “JB” Brown, Legendary sportscaster

Samantha Brown, AARP Travel Ambassador

Wendell Brown, Style expert

Jane Buckingham, Author and TV host

Julie Bulloch, The Bulloch Family Ranch TV star

Rusty Bulloch, The Bulloch Family Ranch TV star

Dr. Cheryl Burgess, Dermatologist

Geoff Burkart, Guardian Centers founder

Colleen Burns, Parenting expert

Jennifer Bushman, Lifestyle expert

Dr. Jeffrey Bytomski, Physician

Joe Cahn, Commissioner of Tailgating

Kelli Calabrese, Fitness expert

Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds

Mary Carlomagno, Parenting expert

Ceci Carmichael, Chef

Patrick Carone, Maxim magazine

Dr. Chris Carpenter, Veterinarian

Dr. Christine Carter, Happiness expert

Dr. J. Blake Casher, Physician

George Castineiras, Prudential Retirement

Marysol Castro, Weather forecaster

Jill Cataldo, Coupon Queen

Dr. Jennifer Caudle, Physician

Dr. Thomas Cavalieri, Physician

Leah Cecil, Miss California

Lisa Cerone, Actress

Dr. Chris Cerveny, Miracle-Gro scientist

Soman, Chainani, Author

Brandi Chastain, Soccer legend

Ning Chao, Beauty expert

Austin Chapman, Filmmaker

Jean Chatzky, Financial expert, AARP financial ambassador and Today show contributor

Dr. Antoinette Cheney, Physician

Fawn Cheng, Stylist

Jocelyn Chew, The Face, Model

Dr. Annie Chiu, Dermatologist

Linda Ciampa, Nurse

Dr. Walter Clair, Physician

Ray Clanton, “The Face” finalist and model

Dr. Shannon Clark, Physician (OB/GYN)

Susie Coelho, Entertaining expert

Dr. Scott Cohen, Pediatrician

Suzy Cohen, Pharmacist

Danielle Colding, HGTV “Design Star” winner

Eoin Colfer, Author

Valerie Combs, Ask.com

Jeff Cook, Alabama

Dr. Cynara Coomer, Physician

Sheryl Connolly, Ford Motor Company Futurist

Misty Copeland, Ballerina

Stacy Cox, Beauty expert

Dr. Timothy Culbert, Physician

Kristan Cunningham, DIY expert

Ann Czaja, Lindt master chocolatier

Steve Dale, Pet expert

Gaby Dalkin, Chef

Melissa D’Arabian, Celebrity chef

Jamie Dailey, Dailey & Vincent

Chris Daughtry, Singer

Luciana “Uchi” Davidzon, Chef

Linda Davis-Alldritt, President of the National Association of School Nurses

Dr. Doris Day, Physician (Dermatologist)

Amy L. Dean, Physician

Laura DeAngelis, Fitness expert

Stacy Debroff, Mom Central

Dr. Teresa DeFrancesco, Veterinarian

Sasha De Gerosdorf, Women’s Health magazine

Carmen De La Paz, HGTV host

Laura Dellutri, Lifestyle expert

Paolo Del Vecchio, SAMHSA

Jessica Denay, Hot Moms Club founder

Jody Denton, Chef

Brendon DeSimone, Real estate expert

Jody Devere, Auto expert

Dayna Devon, TV personality

Elaine D’Farley, Self magazine beauty director

Bobby DiFulgentiz, Energy expert

Sarah DiFrancesco, Barnes & Noble

Dr. Vivian Diller, Psychologist

Meital Dohan, Singer

Linda Dominguez, Nurse practitioner

Elisa Donovan, Actress

Dr. Jeanine Downie, Dermatologist

Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, Food Network host

Napoleon D’umo, Choreographer

Tabitha D’umo, Choreographer

Julie Dubois, Dietitian

Dr. Joy Dubost, Physician

Michelle Dudash, Registered dietitian

Dr. Christine Dumas, Wellness expert

Jennifer Dunyon, Travel expert

Nicole Duritz, AARP Vice president, (Health &Family, Education and Outreach)

Julie Edelman, Lifestyle expert

Kelly Edwards, HGTV host

Colum Egan, Master Distiller of Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Cristina Ehrlich, Celebrity stylist

Shannon Eis, Toy expert

Jeni Elizabeth, Celebrity stylist

Chris Elliot, Travel expert

Graham Elliot, “MasterChef” judge and “Craziest Restaurants in America” host

Steve Ellsworth, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. barber

Dr. Dendy Engelman, Dermatologist

Will England, Drivescribe

Sarah Evans, Travel expert

Jenn Fadal, Pet expert

Jenn Falik, Beauty/lifestyle expert

Daina Falk, Food blogger

Wendy Fairchild, Diabetes specialist

Jennifer Farrell, Interior design expert

Rob Feeney, Station Nightclub fire survivor

Nicole Feliciano, Parenting expert

Nina Ferrer, Design expert

Dr. David Ferry, Cardiologist

Paul Fisher, Modeling agent

Robyn Flipse, Registered dietitian

Marc Forgione, Iron chef

Dr. Gary Foster, Psychologist

Julie Foudy, Soccer legend, World Cup champion

Elle Fowler, Pet expert

Michael Franzese, Former mafia boss

Rochelle Gores Fredston, Fashion entrepreneur

Austin Freeman, Childhood cancer survivor and advocate

Travis Freeman, Author

Marc Friedland, Oscar envelope designer

Judah Friedlander, Actor and Comedian

Pauline Frommer, Travel expert

Jo Frost, TV personality and Supernanny

Soleil Moon Frye, “Punky Brewster” childhood star, actress and TV personality

Lana Fuchs, Author

Dr. Ashley Gallagher, Veterinarian

Dr. Oz Garcia, Celebrity nutritionist

Lucy Garner, Elite cyclist

Sarah Gavin, Travel expert

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Physician (Oncologist)

Kate Geagan, Registered dietitian

Molly Gee, Diabetes expert

Dr. Jordan Geller, Physician (Endocrinologist)

Teddy Gentry, Alabama

Rebekah George, Beauty expert

Melissa Gerstein, The Moms co-founder

Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, Physician

Eric Gewirtz, Video Game industry

Dr. Adam Geyer, Physician

Leeza Gibbons, Journalist and caregiver advocate

Vera Gibbons, Financial expert

Tara Gidus, Registered dietitian and Orlando Magic team dietitian

Dr. Erin Gilbert, Physician (Dermatologist)

Peter Ginaitt, Former first responder, Station nightclub survivor

Dr. Edwin Ginns, Physician

Mary Giuliani, Celebrity caterer and entertaining expert

Jim Glassman, Financial expert

Keri Glassman, Dietitian

Didi Gluck, More Magazine

Gaby Goddard, AARP Viva Editor-in-Chief and Vice President

Keith Gockenbach, Author and professional golfer

Grace Gold, Beauty expert

Tammy Gold, Parenting expert

Jeremy Golden, Retirement expert

Dr. Alvaro Gomez, Physician

Amy Goodman, Style expert

Brad Goreski, Celebrity stylist

Carin Gorrell, Self magazine

Jessica Gottlieb, Speaker and blogger

Amy Goyer, AARP Caregiving expert

Dr. Jeannette Graf, Dermatologist

Steve Greenberg, Technology expert

Valerie Greenberg, Lifestyle expert

Dan Greenshields, ShareBuilder

Kelly Greysen, Actress

Michael Grimm, America’s Got Talent winner

Eden Grinshpan, Cooking Channel host

Dr. Jennifer Gruenenfelder, Physician

Chris Grundy, DIY Network TV host

Annabelle Gurwitch, Actress

Mariel Haenn, Celebrity stylist (Jennifer Lopez stylist)

Jennifer Hakes, Paypal

Dr. Yael Halaas, Physician

Elisabeth Halfpapp, Core Fusion

Carla Hall, Chef, “The Chew” host

Kristin Hannah, Author

Kerry Hannon, Author

Georgia Hardstark, Cooking Channel host

Hal Hardy, Clean Break star

Hill Harper, Actor

Jillian Harris, Former Bachelorette and Interior designer

Dr. Ron Harrison, Entomologist

Rachel Hayes, Beauty expert

Mike Haynes, NFL Hall of Fame Cornerback

Lydia Hearst, Supermodel “The Face”

Samantha Heller, Clinical nutritionist

Emily Henderson, TV host

Jason Henderson, University of Connecticut Associate Professor of Turfgrass

Jeff Henderson, Chef

Doug Herbert, NHRA Drag Racer

Stan Herd, Crop Artist

Dr. Dyan Hes, Physician (Pediatrician)

Julieanna Hever, Dietitian

Katie Rain Hill, Author

Dana Hilmer, Lifestyle expert

Cathy Hobbs, Interior designer

Brett Hoebel, Celebrity fitness trainer

Ingrid Hoffmann, Celebrity chef

Rich Hollenberg, Sportscaster

Dana Holmes, Gift expert

Dr. Debra Horowitz, Veterinarian

Joyce K. House, Coupon diva

Desmond Howard, NFL legend and Super Bowl MVP

Dr. Jennifer Howse, March of Dimes President

Jimmy Im, Travel journalist

Leah Ingram, Lifestyle expert

Brenda Isaac, The Butterfly Bakery

Carlin Isles, USA Rugby star

Charlotte Jaconelli, Britain’s Got Talent

Jessica James, Chef

Nicole Janowicz, Celebrity/wedding stylist

Dr. Jenny Jaque, OB/GYN

Oliver Jeffers, Author

Mar Jennings, Figure skating champion and lifestyle expert

Micah Jesse, Celebrity gossip columnist

Johnny Jett, Travel expert

Pati Jinich, Chef

Kristen Johnson, Registered dietitian

Jennifer Jolly, TechNow host

Deacon Jones, NFL Hall of Fame Defensive End

Dr. Scott T. Josephs, Physician

Obaid Kadwani, Actor

Dr. Julie Karen, Dermatologist

Dr. Harold Katz, Dentist

Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom

Cheryl Kramer Kaye, Star magazine

Julianne Kaye, Celebrity makeup artist

Clinton Kelly, “The Chew”

Laura Kenney, YouBeauty Lifestyle expert

Merilee Kern, Lifestyle expert

Dr. Ian Kerner, Author

Lynette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach

Dr. Hafiza Khan, Physician

Elena Kiam, Lia Sophia Owner

Dr Paula Klein, Oncologist

Chris Klug, Olympic bronze medalist

Jeff Knapper, Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales GM

Danielle Knox, Lifestyle expert

Dr. Kathleen Kobashi, Urologist

Ashley Koff, Registered dietitian

Ted Koppy, Financial advisor

Greg Kostello, Technology expert

Tom Kraeutler, The Money Pit host

Tara Kraft, Shape magazine editor-in-chief

Dr. Richard Krasuski, Physician

Drew Krasny, Technology expert

Jamie Krell, Lifestyle expert

Candice Kumai, Chef and TV host

David LaHuta, Travel journalist

Amy Keller Laird, Women’s Health magazine

Dr. Steven Lamm, Physician

Joe Lamp’l, Master gardener

Brett Larson, Tech expert

Ali Larter, Actress “Legends” star

Dr. Carl Lavie, Cardiologist

Johnny Lavoy, Celebrity hairstylist

Kate Law, Floral expert

Nancy Leamond, AARP Vice President

Chris Leary, Tech expert

Katie Lee, Food Network host

Michelle Lee, Pregnancy magazine

Sandra Lee, Food Network host

Beth Le Manach, DECA

Phil Lempert, Supermarket guru

Kevin Lennox, Style expert

Kelly Lester, Founder

Brittney Levine, Style expert

Dr. Jody Levine, NYC dermatologist

Julia Pimsleur Levine, Founder

Jeff Lewis, Bravo “Flipping Out” star and interior designer

Kim Lewis, Designer

Sharon Liao, Registered nurse

Debi Lilly, Celebrity event planner

Katie Linendoll, Technology expert

Danny Lipford, Today’s Homeowner host

Dr. Susan Little, Veterinarian

Dr. Eric Liu, Oncologist

Trudie Lobban, STARS Patient Advocacy founder

Julie, Loffredi, Travel expert

Emily Loftiss, TV host

Claudia Lombana, Journalist

Dr. Alan London, Physician

Faizon Love, Comedian

Tim Love, Chef

AnnMarie Luca, Pet expert, Animal Planet star

Jene Luciani, Stylist

Dr. Holly Lucille, Physician

Joe Lupo, Celebrity stylist

Andrea Lustig, Author

Dr. Ruth MacPete, Veterinarian

Michelle Madhok, SheFinds CEO

Amber Madison, Author

Jeannie Mai, Lifestyle expert and TV personality

Mike Maloney, Financial expert

Lou Manfredini, Home improvement expert

Jenelle Manzi, Ballerina

Albie Manzo, “Manzo’d With Children” star

Dianne Maroney, Author

Bruno Massel, Auto expert

Karri-Leigh Mastrangelo, TV producer and blogger

Monica Matocha, Fashion designer and singer

Brad Mattarocci, Baby safety expert to the stars

Elizabeth Mayhew, Lifestyle expert and Today show contributor

Dr. Rallie McAllister, Physician

Audrey McClelland, Parenting expert

Amy McCready, Parenting expert

Martha McCully, Lifestyle expert

Karl McDonnell, Strayer University

Lisa McElroy, Entertaining expert

Chris McGinnis, Travel expert

Laura McKeeman, Miss Florida

Emily McKhann, The Motherhood

Ali McLennan, Animal Planet host

Seth McMahill, Nintendo

Anitra Mecadon, DIY “Mega Dens” and “Blog Cabins” host

Dr. Meg Meeker, Physician

Barry Meguiar, “Car Crazy” host

Anthony Melikhov, Bright Future International founder

Dr. Robert Melillo, Physician

David Mellor, Boston Red Sox groundskeeper

Dr. Joan Merrill, Lupus expert

Marian Merritt, Internet Safety Advocate

Tracy Metro, Lifestyle expert

Dr. Seth Meyers, Relationship expert

Chris Miller, Video game industry

Ellen Miller, Shape magazine

Josey Miller, Travel expert

Heather Mitts, Olympic gold medalist, former soccer pro

Taryn Mohrman, Parents Magazine

Aida Mollenkamp, Cooking expert

Liam Monaghan, Swell Investing

Rick Moonen, Chef

Dr. Donnica Moore, Physician

Justin Moore, Country singer

Kelley L. Moore, Lifestyle expert

Jim Morelli, Pharmacist

Julie Morgenstern, Author

Brit Morin, DIY expert and Brit + Co. founder

Jeannine Morris, Beauty expert

Sally Morrison, World Gold Council

Dr. Lori Mosca, Cardiologist

William Moss, Gardening expert

Alan Mruvka, E! Entertainment founder

Colleen Mullaney, Lifestyle expert

Dr. Howard Murad, Dermatologist

Maggie Murphy, Parade magazine’s editor-in-chief

Dr. Ted Myatt, Physician

Kim Myles, Designer

Michelle Myers, Brides magazine vice president and publisher

Taniya Nayak, HGTV host

Hallie Neill, NY Opera singer

Dr. Brook Niemiec, Veterinary dentist

Dr. Karen Noblett, Physician

Bill Nye The Science Guy, TV host

Summer Rayne Oakes, Eco model

Pam O’Brien, Fitness Magazine

Michael O’Connor, Celebrity stylist

Nancy O’Dell, Entertainment reporter

Margaret O’Gorman, Wildlife Habitat Council

Dr. Joseph Ojile, Sleep expert

George Oliphant, “George to the Rescue” host

David Olson, Blogger

Anne Marie O’Neill, Mom.Me

Amy Oresman Celebrity makeup artist

Kim Orlando, Travel expert

Valerie Orsoni, Fitness expert

Ana Ortiz, Actress “Devious Maids”

Amy Oselkin, Lifestyle expert

Stephanie Oswald, Travel expert

Randy Owen, Alabama

Daphne Oz, “The Chew”

Kelly Packard, Actress

Jennifer Page, Max Page’s mother and heart ambassador

Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom

Olivia Palermo, Socialite and style expert

Erin Palinski-Wade, Nutrition/Fitness expert

Christine Palumbo, Registered dietitian

Renee Parenteau, Celebrity makeup artist

Harley Pasternak, Celebrity fitness trainer

Tara Paterson, Parenting expert

Audrina Patridge, Reality TV star

Nicole Pearl, Beauty expert

Monica Pederson, HGTV host

Nicole Pearl, Beauty expert

Victoria Pericon, Savvy Mommy

Brooke Peterson, Lifestyle expert

Randy Petersen, Frequent Flyer Guru

Maureen Petrosky, Entertaining expert

Kinga Philipps, Discovery Channel host

Matt Phillips, AARP

Jeremy Poincenot, National Blind Golf Champion and inspirational speaker

Adelaide Polk-Bauman, Fashion/jewelry expert

Howard Polskin, President Polskin Media

Holly Robinson Peete, Actress

Dr. Keri Peterson, Women’s Health contributor

Dr. Holly Phillips, Physician and CBS Health contributor

Jill Pollack, Organizational expert

Lindsey Pollak, Career expert

Rosie Pope, TV star and fashion designer

Anna Post, Etiquette expert

Chassie Post, Lifestyle expert

Lizzie Post, Etiquette expert

Duncan Potter, Technology expert

Laura Powell, Travel expert

Katie Pratt, Farmer

Dr. Patricia Quinn, Physician

Dr. Herbert A. Raffaele, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Conservation, Chief

Graham Rahal, IndyCar driver

Dr. Roshini Raj, Physician (Gastroenterologist)

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Actress

Dr. Diana Ramos, Physician

Bill Rancic, Reality TV star

Giuliana Rancic, Reality TV star, and TV host

Jessica Rask, Hot Yoga expert

Gabi Redford, AARP

Dr. Susan J. Rehm, Physician

Jake Reid, Travel expert

Tonya Reiman, Body language expert

Doug Reinhardt, Celebrity, former reality TV star

Nilda Rendino, Benign Essential Blepharospasm

Victoria Shanta Retelny, Registered dietitian

Chase Rice, Country music star

Reyne Rice, Toy expert

Dr. Stephen Richardson, Urologist

Steve Richert, Rock climber

Lori Richmond, The Bump

Mary Jo Ricketson, Yoga expert and author

Dr. Darrell Rigel, NY Dermatologist

Rick Riordan, Author

Cathy Riva, Celebrity event planner

Dr. Ro, Physician and TV personality

Damone Roberts, Hollywood Eyebrow King

Jason Roberts, “The Chew” chef

Lindsay Roberts, Gift expert

Jep Robertson, Duck Dynasty

Jessica Robertson, Duck Dynasty

John Luke Robertson, Duck Dynasty

Miss Kay Robertson, Duck Dynasty

Manoush Robin, Technology expert

Janna Robinson, DIY Network tech expert

Shaun Robinson, Access Hollywood co-host

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, Dermatologist

Luke Rodgers, Clean Break star

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, Physician

Louise Roe, TV host and fashion expert

Trevor Romain, USO Tour veteran and motivational speaker

Rob Romasco, AARP President

James Roosevelt, Jr., President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s grandson

Dr. Laura M. Rosch, Physician

Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, Physician

Kailen Rosenberg, Author

Greg Rosica, Tax expert

Gretchen Rossi, The Real Housewives of Orange Couty

Dr. Deborah Rouse-Raines, Wellness expert

Cynthia Rowley, Fashion designer

Dr. Adam Rubinstein, Physician

Amanda K. Ruisi, AKR PR President and Founder

Sara Rue, Actress

Ja Rule, Rapper/Actor

Chuck Runyon, Anytime Fitness CEO

Dr. Delaney Ruston, Physician

Antonio Sabato, Jr., Actor and “Fix It & Finish It” host

Amy Salinger, Style expert

Dr. Gail Saltz, Psychiatrist

Joanna Saltz, Seventeen magazine

Summer Sanders, Olympic gold medal winning swimmer

Justine Santaniello, Beauty and lifestyle expert

Dr. Andrea Sanchez, Veterinarian

Kate Sandoval, Self magazine beauty editor

Roberta Scherf, MeMoves founder

Laura Scherler, United Way

Dr. Bill Sears, Pediatrician and author

Scott Sehnert, Sports dietitian

Jane Seymour, Actress

Dr. David Shern, Physician

Ginny Snook Scott, California Closet

Raina Seitel, Lifestyle expert

Taiye Selasi, Poet and novelist

Amy Sewell, Lifestyle expert

Christina Sherry, Registered dietitian

Dave Shoffner, Advertising expert

Dr. Karent Sierra, The Real Housewives of Miami

Dr. Richard Sigmon, Gastroenterologist

Marc Silverstein, Lifestyle expert

Gail Simmons, Top Chef

Rev Run Simmons, Founding member of Run-D.M.C.

Vanessa Simmons, TV personality

Britany Simon, Interior designer

Pat Simpson, DIY expert

Meredith Sinclair, Toy expert

Jen Singer, Entrepreneur

Dave Skena, PepsiCo

Cindy Slansky, Green expert

Karin Slaughter, Author

Dr. Gary Small, Physician

Donna Smallin, Organizing expert

Karina Smirnoff, Dancing With The Stars

Andrea Smith, Technology journalist

J. Walker Smith, Mid-life expert

Michael W. Smith, Christian singer

Sara Snow, Natural living expert

Susan Solovic, Small business expert

Sabrina Soto, HGTV designer

Dr. David Spigel, Lung Cancer Specialist

Jacqui Stafford, Shape magazine

Chris Staudinger, Travel expert

Scott Steinberg, Technology expert

Mary Alice Stephenson, Celebrity stylist

Dr. Karen Stolman, Dermatologist

Diana Stoneberg, Technology expert

Dr. Travis Stork, “The Doctors” TV personality and ER physician

Neil Strauss, Author

Dr. Lauren Streicher, Physician (gynecologist)

Sydne Summer, Style expert

Marc Summers, TV personality

Dr. Hema Sundaram, Physician

John Sweeney, Fidelity Investments

Melissa Sweet, Celebrity bridal designer

Buffy Swinehart, Aflac

Rene Syler, Journalist

Michael Symon, Chef, TV Host “The Chew”

Jeremy Symons, National Wildlife Federation

Andrea Syrtash, Relationship expert

Katrina Szish, Celebrity stylist

Dr. Melissa Tabor, Physician

Jeana Lee Tahnk, Technology expert

Sam Talbot, Top Chef finalist

Bakar Takhtehchian, Shape magazine

Dr. Benjamin Tanner, Microbiologist

Dr. Janet Taylor, NYC psychiatrist

Nancy Tedeschi, the SnapIt Screw founder

Marlaina Teich, NYC interior designer

Heather Terhune, Top Chef Texas

TheUrbanDecay Youtube Sensations: Angela and Lindsay

Andrea Thomas, Walmart SVP Sustainability

Bobbie Thomas, Celebrity stylist and TV personality

Gary Thomas, National Association of Realtors President

Jack Thomasson, HGTV host

Robert Thome, Artist

Morgan Thompson, Redbook magazine

Tipman Tim Thompson, Home improvement expert

Kendra Thornton, Travel expert

Tiffany Thornton, Actress

Farnoosh Torabi, Financial expert

Dara Torres, 12 time Olympic swimming medalist

Dan Tower, Gift guru

Todd Townsend, Technology expert

Khanh T. Tran, Pacific Life President

Steve Truitt, Technology expert

Dr. Nicholas Tullo, Physician

David Tutera, Celebrity wedding planner

Sophie Uliano, Gorgeously Green Eco-expert

Kristina Vanni, Cooking expert

Lilliana Vazquez, Beauty expert

Robert Verdi, Celebrity stylist

Ereka Vetrini, Lifestyle expert

Alison Victoria DIY Network “Kitchen Crashers” host

Eric Villency, Media personality

Darrin Vincent, Dailey & Vincent

Dr. Leigh Vinocur, Physician

Fabio Viviani, Celebrity chef and TV personality

Anne Vyalitsyna, Supermodel “The Face”

Clay Walker, Country music singer

Parker Wallace, CBS Atlanta host

Alie Ward, Cooking Channel host

Dr. Ernie Ward, Veterinarian

Jackie Warner, Celebrity fitness trainer

Patrice Washington, Personal finance expert

Jodie Watson, TV host

Cathy Weatherford, Retirement expert

Kristina, Webb, Artist

Bob Weir, The Grateful Dead

Alexander Weiss, MasterChef Junior winner

Julie Weiss, Celebrity stylist

Lyssa Weiss, Author

Mindy Weiss, Celebrity event planner

Terra Wellington, Lifestyle expert

Dr. Alvin Wells, Physician (Rheumatologist)

Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue editor

Elizabeth Werner, Toy expert

Jerry West, NBA Hall of Famer

Kim West, The Sleep Lady

Dr. Sapna Westley, Dermatologist

Dr. Claire Wheeler, Physician

Cindy Whitehead, Sports stylist and former professional skateboarder

Debra Whitman, AARP

Dr. John Whyte, Author

Joe Wiesenfelder, Cars.com

Meredith Wild, Author

Don Wildman, Monumental Mysteries host

Kristen Wiles, Early childhood expert

Mickey Williams, Celebrity makeup artist

Tia Williams, Beauty expert

Anja Winnikka, The Knot

Chelsea Lipford Wolf, Today’s Homeowner

Roger Wolfson, Writer and producer

Katie Workman, Cookbook author

Andrea Woroch, Consumer expert

Yanni, Composer

Dr. Denise Yardley, Physician (Oncologist)

Bart Yasso, Running expert, Runner’s World magazine

Jeff Yeager, AARP

Bernard Yee, Video game production

James Young, DIY Network “I Hate My Kitchen” host

Rob Zangardi, Celebrity stylist (Jennifer Lopez stylist)

Dr. Zak Zarbock, Physician

Tiana Zarlin, “The Face” winner and model

Brian Zehetner, Anytime Fitness CSO

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Physician

Elisa Zied, Nutritionist

Ian Ziering, Actor

Daphna Ziman, Author

Alexandra Zissu, Eco expert and author

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  1. Christina Parron
    January 23, 2014 / 7:18 pm

    What is the color of the turquoise on the accent wall?


    • January 23, 2014 / 9:58 pm

      Hi Christina, thanks for the message. I’m sorry, which accent wall would you like information about? If it’s a wall that was featured in an interview, I won’t have information about that as they are done via satellite. Thank you.

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