Trendy Baby Girls Dresses Under $50 For Summer 2017

If there’s one thing my mom always taught me to have on hand, it’s definitely cute baby girls dresses (and onesies) because you never know who might be having a baby! People always wonder how she finds the cutest clothes at baby showers, and this is why! This summer, friends are having babies right and left (one even had one today!). If there’s ever been a time I’m happy to have followed her advice, now is definitely the time!

With summer 2017 upon us, and many of you heading to baby showers or just shopping for trendy baby girls dresses for your daughter, niece, friend’s baby or family member, today I’m excited to share a few beautiful, trendy and affordable dresses under $50! PS: Some are well under $50 (I’m talking $25 or less).



Trendy Baby Girls Dresses Under $50 for Summer 2017!



Here are a few baby girls dresses that are on deep discount during the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happening for two more days:


We just ordered this pretty rosette dress for our friend’s baby who was born this morning! Can you believe it’s only $20.90? I can’t either!













Here are a few additional gorgeous and super affordable baby girls dresses under $50!












This floral print dress is so cute! Not only is it perfect for summer, but it comes with an adorable long sleeve shirt so it can be worn during the chilly fall and winter months with tights or leggings.





















































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